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Want V Needing of Upgrades and Loot council..

We have been advised that we are moving over to a loot council, and it sounds fair –
Basically it looks like it will be the class leaders and GM/RL, , and in a round about way they will decide who gets the loot if its clear cut, or they will decide who gets to roll. Loot prioritys will be to the main Tanks. For the most things we have let our trials roll on items that Members want, this will probably stop – unless none of the members need them. A Trial is only 2 weeks so its not an unreasonable time to wait.

Because of this we have been asked to provide a list of bosses/items we need, to make it easier for the council, the reasoning for this change, is we had our 1st attempt at Supremous last night boss #2 in BT and we failed.. We got the phases right.. we just keep running into volcanos that would start spewing before they even fully formed.. and at 5k damage each.. OUCH! so we are seeing some progression and the loot is getting better.. and I’m fully supportive of giving it to the people who deserve it,
What I’m finding though is that the Quaility of most of the Cloth Gear for Shadow priests are not that much of an upgrade from the Crafted sets.
Yes there is more stam and intellect or Haste or hit/ Crit , but each of the crafted items have more +spell damage then what seems to be most of the drops, or are better off replaced with the new sunwell Isle Badge Loot.

and thus comes the age old question.. ( well maybe not.. ) Should a player who has not used the tools available eg Profession crafted items, Badge Loots get (eg tailoring/leatherworking/Blacksmith ) to get the Best easily available gear that can be learnt from a trainer.. get priority over someone who has?

theoretically at this point I am better off grinding for Badges to improve my gear then spending hours in raids because most of the upgrades to replace my shadowweave just cannot compare to the +damage – and realistically If I had the spellstrike hood and pants ( also crafted ) I would be even better off! My Belt is the Belt of Blasting.. and that would give me 6 crafted items that don’t have a suitably comparable upgrade via loot.

If I had to narrow down my list of Really Really Need. I think I would have three items. 2 new trinkets, and a ring, out of everything left in the game prior to Sunwell
The Items I want would let me do other things.. Eg Lose my Spell hit Talent points and put them into Crit. Improve my Haste ( I have 2% at the moment with a PVP haste ring and an Badge offhand ect ect… ) But this is where the loot council would come in. Do I NEED an item because of those reasons – probably not.

Lets see how we go…

On a happier note I get to meet a few of my guild this weekend for a semi large gathering in Sydney…. It will be interesting – I hope we have more then wow to talk about.

Gruls & the Loot council

We one shotted Grul last night for the 2nd week in a row.  We now have an awesome core of 25+ people who know what they are doing.  Does 2 weeks constitute a farm status? – I got 5th on Damage Metres which is not too bad, because I think we had 4 mages, a couple of warlocks and so on,  and Shadow Priests arent expected to top DPS,  but I need to be edging to the top t0 be worthy and besides More damge = More Mana for my group.

A belt dropped last night that I was very interested in , and at the moment rules are for loot tier4 only goes to Members/or Raiders.  Healers get 1st preferance on top of that, and another other non tier gets rolled on. Untill something I wanted dropped.

Ive cleared Grul with this guild 4 times / so for a month, but have only been a member for the last 2 weeks, so untill Today  I couldnt roll on T4   I agree with the Tier 4 rule, its fair, and I also think that giving some preference to people who have been raiding longer and need a particular item is also fair within reason.  Eg When the Mindblade drops in Karazhan It shouldnt go to me,  a) because ive only been there in a short time,  b) Ive spend a heck of alot of time/gold on Soulfrost for my Curator Staff and c) I dont have enough badges to buy a decent off hand to even use the Mindblade.   So Im prepared to wait a little.  And while I support the ideal of a loot council.  Again the same problem that happened to me in Kara happened.  I was not given a roll. ( no one rolled for it – it was given to a mage who had a blue belt.  So once again I was ‘punished’ for spending hours in BG’s for my plum belt – the drop would have been at least 15 more spell damage plus what ever Damage I could have gotten for the 2 sockets.. so at least 25 all up.  Now this may not seem to be a lot, but Im just under 900 +shadow damage now, and I want to top that 1 k – The council didnt look at the entire set the Mage was wearing ( rest was plums ) In all fairness to the council they are trying to be fair.  But I belive what would have been fairer.. was that at least the people who needed it had the chance to Roll on it.

and to quote someone elses blog ( no idea who sorry)   If the item was that much of an upgrade for them that it took priority over everyone elses then they didnt belong there

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