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Patch Week one.

I was lucky to get a Battered Hilt  for Quel’Delar in the very first ICC 5 man instance I hit on Patch night,  and after discovering they were selling for 4k on the AH  I figured – I have 12k ( at the time)   I’d rather the small upgrade it was then 4k.   So over the weekend I did the quest chain and got

I then found out they were going for 18K gold because the drop rate was nerfed , and I’m like  ” Aweee but that would have  helped me get my Rein  in a GDKP! 

The quest chain was a little running around but I thought it was fun, and not bad gold as well. It doesn’t call for you to do anything beyond your abilities. You do have to go into the new 5 man ICC’s to make your weapon. 

I healed them.   Yes.  Me.   The Shadow Priest who rants and raves about not healing has discovered that I am not too bad,  and having fun too.   ( Instant Random group love!! )   I over use Prayer of mending,   do predictive renews ( silly boomkin standing in bad stuff the whole run) and flash.   Greater heals if I feel lazy and  need to regen a little mana.

I healed all three ICC 5 mans for my hilt quest,  without the support of a tanking friend that I could trust and not get upset with me if I failed.   Everyone else was doing their thing, and I was looking at the chain,  thinking,  I can do this..  and donned my healing set and went into group.  I actually like healing Halls of reflection.  It’s a little crazy – but fun.

The chain also sends you to  the Isle,   You also get to go into the Sunwell  and then you get shackled for your efforts and accused of being a traitor.  It all gets sorted out, and  you continue on.

I don’t have my Perky Pug yet,   I need 11 more people to be random with!  I do like the Random Dungeons,  it’s making getting emblems of frost easier for heroics,  there is always something to do,  and as a healer  I get instant love,  sure I have let a few people die,  but I am running recount so am waiting for someone to tell me I fail,  then I can link the damage they just took  and tell them to GTFOTF –  ( thats only if they try to tell me I fail – it’s called forward planning)

My best Random Dungeon experience was in Occulus – a mage as we zoned in said ” I have never done this before”  and we were like  awesome!  Follow instructions  – we will help and you will be fine.  We did, they did,  and we one shotted it. Happy warm feeling.  I thanked them for their honesty.  It made the experience better for everyone.

  Worse Random Dungeon experience was also in Occulus  – Someone wanted to do an achievement  so we wiped 5 times,  they were the first to die on their drake every time  because he never ran from the explosion.

There was also someone who was Afk for all three bosses  in a run,  a undergeared tank who rage dc’d ( didn’t even leave group) when he died after  pulling too many packs  – the dps died first and I couldn’t continue to keep him up.   Two DPS that left after the 2nd boss in a run – people missing basic chants and gems,  low and lazy dpsers ( HOLY DPS FTW) ect.  But yeah.  Have been happy with it so far.

,Between a ICC 10 man clear, and two bosses on ICC 25  I now have 31 Emblems of frost badges,  so by this time next week I am planning on buying the 60 Badge cloth shoulders,  because I am not guaranteed a spot in any raid as I am only casual,    I did some 10 man ICC farming to get halfway to friendly with the Ashen Deathsworn, and after the ICC 10 and half of  25 I got my friendly ring,  which isn’t an upgrade,  but the honoured will be.

Loot dealing and Wheeling.

Onyxia 25 was forming – I joined,  we were doing well untill the 2nd phase of whelps.   Raid wiped  – raid leader Dc’s  people start leaving,  someone starts to reform.  Thinking I might be able to salvage it, I stick around.  The raid leader of the reform then whispers me wanting  to know what loot I’m after – I tell him helm,  he says he wants the cloak.    

 He was checking to see if I was going to roll on the cloak before we had even got 25 people in the raid.  My brain ticks.  Guildless raidleader, with master looter wanting loot bad enough to check with a dps that they don’t want it before we even formed.  Ninja warning ! went off in my head.

Maybe I was being overtly paranoid – I didn’t know this person from squat – it’s just purple pixels blah blah , what do you expect from pugs ect.    I was getting a clear impression that he wanted me to say ” I will not roll on that cloak”

We still see people in pugs though not wanting to stack the raid with more than one of their class/spec so as to get better loot chances,  what was going to stop him from kicking me if he thought I was a threat to his loot, even if he was a boomkin.  Didn’t want to risk it, and so I left the raid with a . ” “I don’t do loot deals sorry”  If I told him I didn’t want the cloak if it dropped and I rolled on it then he would loot it to himself because I said I didn’t want it, and if I said I wanted the cloak then he had the power to remove me – as I owed nothing to him,  he owed nothing to me

It’s early in the raid week – I don’t think I will have many issues picking up at least the base of the 10’s and 25’s – the TOGC’s because I haven’t fully cleared them look to be a problem  4/5 for TOGC 10 and  3/5 for TOGC 25  – the Pst achievements seem to be essential to get an invite.

Easy come – Easy go.

I might upset a friend if he reads this because its my take on his story, but I want to comment on it.

He became ‘sponsered’ by a guild before he had even hit 80, leveled elemental and  -they paid for his duel spec and gave him mats for enchants so he could learn to heal. Cakewalked through Naxx Runs,  and was taken to Ulduar 25 man almost from day one –   being given tier gear because they needed the healers that bad.

While I was wiping, and suffering through progression and competing with people who had also wiped and suffered in my own raids  for gear,  he was being handed shiny epics for free. 

Was I jealous ? No. I believe that the journey helps make the character, and has a lot to do with my learning to play.  It would also be contrary to my own personal motivations,  I want to be able to work for something.  I don’t like the price tags that come with free things.

So what happened?   They recuited a better healer and they no longer wanted him on raid, and he, so used to the next upgrade being handed to him  couldn’t justify  chanting his  gear even with the 2nd best Enchants, or working on his Hodir rep, or pugging any raid to improve his skills/ get some badges for additional gear. He logged off with no interest in the game and didn’t try and develop any further.

I am maybe being a little harsh to my friend.  Would any sane person say no to free lootz/Gold/Enchants?  What’s 1k gold to a guild when you need healers,  and that no one else will be missing out on gear when you don’t have the healers to give it to.

Had that guild not done what they did for my friend, the chances of him seeing Ulduar any time would have been slim. New 80,  unfamiliar talent tree, and learning to heal – no chance.

My friends guild did what it needed to do to survive, and a carried healer is still doing some healing .  It only prolonged their existence by a few weeks, as the guild has now  disbanded.

I am reminded by my friends story because we find ourselves in similar position, and like all the social theorists that like looking at the past for ways to understand the present.  Their method, free loot to an undergeared/underskilled player did not help them keep their guild.

 My guild are going to be trying to gear up some of our newer recruits  taken for skill over current gear level ( within reason) , as fast as possible so we get that decent shot at hardmodes. All the gold and shards in the guild bank are worth salt if we can’t raid like we want to.   The difference is, I hope between my friends guild , and our approach  is that the players have demonstrated their class understanding, and while they are getting loot, and killing bosses they haven’t seen before I hope that we are also building up a two way loyalty, and that they don’t expect constant handouts, ( they are still paying for their enchants)  and when it comes time to let them off their leashes that they will stay , and grow with us.

Bounty on your head: How much is your carcass worth in a BG?

While Bging on the weekend, I started ‘looting’ the corpses of the Horde in the BG – Its not something I normally do. I prefer to pew pew instead of pilfering coin from dead things in PVP – Its a pain and not worth alot of coin, especially when it gets shared with nearby group members.

I was trying to look at it by seeing if just by using the coin earned from dead bodies could you cover basic things like food and repairs – and hence how much silver you actually got.  Then I started noticing a difference in the amounts ‘tendered’

So in a 70 BG in Arathi Basin  (In Silver, Copper)

8,56 undead mage
8,94 Tauren warrior
8,39 Undead rogue
10,30 BE Holy priest
10,34 T warrior
9,17 T druid

and It got difficult recording it and fighting so I stopped,  but then later in a WSG

I got 11.30 off a Pally, and then a couple of minutes later 3.30 odd off a Mage.

so I can’t work out why some players are worth more money then others, it doesnt seem to be a race or a class thing,   Ranks don’t exists anymore so it shouldnt be by rank, even though Rank Titles still show when you kill something ( still after they were removed. – also refer to a 2006 WOW insider post More Honor Points Answers

The honor you get is still supposed to be tied up with dimishing returns for depending on how many times they die, Maybe my mage with its 3,30 Silver died alot, whereas the Pally hadn’t.

Is there an add on that records trivial things like that?
EG a record of their name and how much was looted off them, then I could compare that with the # of deaths on the final scoreboard,

Much Ado about Ninja’s

Its a common thread on any Realm forum,  “insert random name  is a Ninja” It happens in Pugs, and in guild runs,   and usually with Tier items.

What can you do if it happens?  Nothing.  Not one thing that is going to change their behaviour or cause them grief, and Stressing about it only effects the enjoyment of your game.

No matter how many times you post it in trade, or on Forums.

Doesn’t sound very fair does it?

The sadder thing is that there is often easily obtainable evidence such as the “Monitoring and Logging”  of your chat conversations that Blizzard can do, that the ninja acted dishonourably,  Lied even, and did so with intent to permently deprive someone else of an item. But they can’t be prosecuted or their actions reversed because it happened in a virtual world.  Second Life seems to be crossing the border as to whats virtual and what is real in that they use real world currency to purchase virtual items, and that there are real world court cases on property disputes, and copyright infringements for items that are virtual, as it was determined to have real world value.

So I’ve had a look at Blizzards Warcraft EULA and the only thing close to a potential action against a ninja can be found in..

5. B part 9
Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute opinion of Blizzard, results or may result in an authorized user of the Program being “scammed” or defrauded out of gold, weapons, armor, or any other items that user has earned through authorized game play in the Program .

Arguablly: You could say that the Ninja has scammed you and potentially 23 others into running an instance for their own personal gain. You have been defrauded, as the fact that you killed the boss, you earned a shot at the loot through your ‘authorized game play’
Given that as per the following extract.

8. “You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content, including the virtual goods or currency appearing or originating in the Game, or any other attributes associated with the Account or stored on the Service. Blizzard does not recognize any virtual property transfers executed outside of the Game or the purported sale, gift or trade in the “real world” of anything related to the Game. Accordingly, you may not sell items for “real” money or otherwise exchange items for value outside of the Game.

No rights and No title – how can you be scammed on something if its not legally yours in the first place..

We really are playing on the whim of Blizzard. ( and for the most we love em..  )

But whats the alternative? A Warcraft Court? Where parties with greviences can put their case forward, imagine the resources required to resolve these issues?

Sorry – I can’t come to Hyjal I’m a witness in a case against Such and Such..   am Due in ‘court’ in an hour..

You can’t protect yourself..  even trusted people go gah gah when its something drops that they have been dying for. Loot councils while on the surface seem fair are often corrupt

Need/greed rolls can be manipulated in that some can greed,  but one need roll will discount all the greed rolls.

I’m a big supporter of Master Looter in a trusted run, meaning that I trust the person who is in control. But I’ve seen mistakes happen – items looted to people that shouldn’t have been..  and not even to a class that can use the item.  Bliz Gm’s responses have been for the most..  your mistake, its not up to them to fix it. I can see their point, imagine the requests they get for BOP item redirectors, Echanters who blow up the wrong item, or people who accidently vendor an essential piece of a Set.

So I propose..

Loot can’t be changed to Masterlooter unless all members of the ‘Group’  / Raid accept Yes.

You can only roll on items that you and your class can equip. ( it will reduce accidental looting and people who need on other items for fun.)

A dispute roll option to be enabled/disabled. Whereas a Vote for NO by a majority causes the item to trigger a re roll request.

Now these won’t stop all the ninja’s and can work against the honest person,  but if you earned the roll, and a majority of other people voted No against you then you have more problems then you first suspected.

Worse case senario – No one gets the item because everyone is arguing about it.

So avoiding pugs isn’t always the answer, its not practical and how else can you meet new people..  ( or be head hunted.. ) and even your own guildys can give you cause for mistrust.. ( everyone knows the toon in your guild that got the Tier piece and then /gquit) People are random.  There currently is no answer but to trust luck.. and as many people as you can afford.


5/6 SSC and some self actualisation..

Having just come out of a 5/6 SSC run last night with some new Shoulders Illidari Sholders and Handguards of The Avatar T5 Gloves
Yeah for a Raid! No WWS for that yet, But I’m sure I will get cained by the other shadow priest again, he is also using Quagmirran’s Eye so that would explain why he does more damage, and he now has more + base damage then me, but I’m saving badges for the Badge dagger and that will be another +40 odd on the Mindblade.

So lastnights  Upgrades made me lose 11 Shadow Damage, ( and some money regeming/enchanting.. )  and I’m now on 1189 – But I can fix that if I want to Pay 80 odd gold for each +9 shadow damage Gem . ( Price in AH at the moment.) and replace some of my other gems in other gear.

I was happy with my 1200 +shadow Damage – so I waited for an Off Spec Role call to see if anyone needed it more then me before I rolled for the Shoulders. I had My Frozen Shadoweave equiped, I won the offset roll against a Druid Healer who would have have liked it for a DPS set, so I wasn’t competing with anyone who needed it really… I made the mistake of calling it a Vanity role – and almost my head bitten off when I explained that if the druid needed it more then me, I was happy to pass. I rolled because I had already seen too many plums blown up into voids, and Its a sideways upgrade, and that means I lose my Shadowweave +healing 2% set bonus which is pretty crap anyway and some shadow Damage, but its slighly more intell and stam and armour and its irking me that the more +shadow Damage I have the more puny and weak all my other stats are, thats the trade off I guess. 

We had 2 complete wipes,  one on trash and another on Fathom- Lord Karathress  when one of the Tanks had a critical Error on the pull and crashed – but otherwise a good run. It wasn’t too stressful on the Gm/Raid Leader  and I don’t think he had to show agro once – the Guild have had the 5 farmed for a couple of weeks now.   We also effectively 24 manned most of it as one of the healers kept crashing the entire run.

The Guild I was in before my current one had an awesome Raidleader/GM  He was never drunk,  never screamed,  was always firm and patient..   but he needed a  break and Gquit and left.  That was one of the contributing reasons why I left that guild, well he is back and has asked me to consider comming back as he is trying to rebuild.  All the advise on the forums where people ask “Should I gquit?” its always. Yes.  If you need to ask that question then you are already in that unhappy place. So I’m not asking that question. I am asking am I happy enough to stay, and Yes I am happy enough to stay.

Its not so much that I’m in an unhappy place, more that I’m not happy all of the time, and to be honest that probably  because this is probably the 1st guild where I’m not as important, and therefore not needed as much as I would like to be.  I guess its like a Little fish in a Big ocean/ Big Ocean little fish sort of analogy.  I’ve held an officer postion ( and that had its own frustrations.. )  I’ve been the highest level – and highest level of that class/spec in reasonable sized Guilds.

I like being the big fish in the little ocean –  but being the big fish can often mean that your not driven to improve, and I think since joining my current guild, my attitude to raiding, my spell damage the way I think in game has changed for the better. ( Raiding IS very Serious.. ) and while I don’t ever realistically think I will ever be known as the best Shadow Priest on a server – or in all game. ( LOL )  I do want to be as good as I can.

Sunwell Isle Loot.

Suprised to find World of Warcraft up when I got home last night – (  I normally get home Tuedays after rehersals and WOW is down for scheduled maintance) , and no scheduled raids to position myself for, incase I got an invite. I thought I’d get some dailys done at the least to further me along on this Funding of the Epic Flyer – and because it was late,  I didnt want to start any other farming, so I thought I’d make a concentrated effort to ‘farm’ the Blood Elves on Sunwell Isle.

Having already picked up that the local denzions seem to drop things at a slighly higher rate,  I got a blue Card  the day before,  I started killing the non quest  ( as yet ) blood elves, mainly the warlocks and the archers,

But out of about half an hour I got decent coin,  enough cloth for a Imbued Neatherweave bag, a couple of greens that De’d into arcane dust for the mana loom, 4 Scryer Tomes, and  also a fair few Sunfury rings,  plus some healing and mana pots.  No Greys.  I died once, because stupid me tried to help someone who foolishly rode through, and got stunned,they got knocked off their mount and died. – The attackers then turned on me.

One of the Elves actually fight from a horse, and heal – how fair is that  – at least I didnt get kicked in the chest by the horse- but obviously the game mechanics are there for it, how cool would a mounted battleground be – we could play polo – or have arial wars on our birds..  – wouldnt really be fair to melee though, and hunters would need flying pets – or tigers could grow wings – heheh  But I digress.


Tier 4 The Incarnate Regalia

I stuffed up my raid sign up last night, and  changed my note to say I was available,  but didnt uncheck a box so I still appeared in the cancelled sign up list – and I missed out on the Tempest Keep invite.    So as I was still on anyway I figured I’d farm in the area and be around if they needed.  They didnt.  BUT – I got the invite to Grul’s Lair where we one shotted the whole thing rather quickly – and because It was almost a Nana run – I got two pieces of Tier 4 The Mantle Soul Mantle of the Incarnateand the legs.  Leggings of the Incarnate The mantle once it was fully Chanted and Gemed up is only a +8extra damage untill I hunt down some better Gems, and the Leggings I won’t wear untill I Get the Runed Spell thread on it. and that means me farming 10 Primal Mana’s and hoping a Guildy that can make the thread has some spare nether I can pay for standard cost of – Or go on a Heroric run with them so they can get.
I love upgrades, but the cost in rechanting/Gemming them is silly sometimes.
Or – I can Level up my Tailoring ( 175 now) and Still farm the Mana’s and use 1 of the 3 Nethers I have in bank to make it. ( as its a Scyers reward! )

So this weekend was rather productive – I got my fishing past 230 – after fishing for half an hour and realising I didnt have the +225 Skill quest done, and so ran around the world completing that and then got bored so soon after. ( did you know you can fish while Levitating as a priest – It looks kool in Shadow, just hanging in middle of ocean.) I also speed leveled my tailoring to Mageweave. Now I just need to start farming cloth because the price is getting too high on AH –

UnderGearing on purpose for loot.

I did a guild run of ZG not too long ago with a severely undergeared player.  It took me a little while, but I couldn’t work out why a hunter kept dying. I had passed it off as just bad luck – and him not being able to control his agro

An inspect of their gear found that they were wearing severly underleveled gear for their current level.

As the person keep playing – and dying – I eventually asked.  Why is none of your gear near your level.

“this is just trash I had in the bank”


Of course some items were dropping in Zg that were upgrades of what he was wearing as he was just under 60, and most of us were 60+  and so untill the last boss the drops were rather useless, but the run wasn’t for him ( we were helping a mage for their turtle sheep quest)  So the loot he could use went him, but then I was wondering are they really upgrades. Is he wearing crap so he can need other items.

To be honest he didn’t score a lot of that run – so that wasn’t my main concern.   I was healing for some of this Run and my healers instinct was  see someone going down  – heal them. But after checking out his gear I felt annoyed.   He wasn’t in his ‘real’ gear and  therefore needed more attention – So I let him die more often.

Let is probably a bad word – More that my primary targets were my focus – and if healing him  back up to full health was going to take me from the people that would prevent a wipe ( yes a level 70 Tank can get overwelmed in ZG) – they got the heal not him. He , on purpose was not at his full strength – at no time did he say I can’t afford repairs at the moment.

Being deliberaly undergeared – to save on repairs  or just to be a pain – if it draws on the resources of the group than that is not on.

If it had been a serious raid – I would have kicked him guildy or not. As a fun run –  the level of stupidity allowed is slighly higher as is my patience.  


But it also got me thinking about loot distributions.


If you run with a pug – and something drops and everyone is looking at the upgrade of the Item – Its purple and then a person links in a bad green..  “this is what Ive got”  and you look at your blue – and think –  A plum would be nice but then guy needs it more.

You take the person on face value – but having this experience if im suss – I check their armory – which while it may not be current gear it can show what the plater ‘goes to bed in” for a better idea of what they really equip.



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