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My Scrub Mage’s Refreshment Ritual Macros.

If you are ever anywhere and see these two Macros – They belong to my scrub mage..

So these are my current active Ritual of Refreshement portal macros
They are lame I know.

cast/ Ritual of Refreshment
/s My mama used to say “Life is like a box of Mage Biscuits; you never know what your gonna get”

cast/ Ritual of Refreshment
/s I got Rhythm, I got Biccys, Chocolate Chippys – Who could ask for anything more?


They have the advantage of telling everyone who is providing their free food, and sometimes getting a laugh.

Though I do often get a Heh? or Lame. Or Fail. Or other various insults. But my little Mage wiggles her tail and says ” You don’t have to eat them.. ”

Other ones not implemented are

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? – Here have a cookie.”
Mage Biccys: Twice as tasty as Soylent Green

Oh – I have a Warlock Macro quote idea for bringing out one of your pets..
“Say hello to my little friend!”

Yeah I raided a Movie quote list… Here

My scrub mage has got 160 odd resilence now, and I can really ‘feel’ the difference in Pvp now, I’m not dieing as often, and I still make it a policy to put down a table in a BG, but, if the cost of the table increases then, It is unlikely that I would do it all the time, but we will see how the value of gold is affected. However It looks like I’m staying fire spec. I like fire. Must have flllaaaaammmmmmeees.

/targetfriendplayer and /targetenemyplayer Macros & BG’s

I’ve been playing with a couple of macro variations using the new commands bliz gave us in the latest patch

The only useful macro So far has been
/cast Power Word: Sheild(Rank 12)

this targets the closest friendly player and sheilds them. Because sheild has a Weakened soul debuff if you cast that macro again, it will target the closest friend again, but it then goes – “Spell not ready yet” and you will need to click it again to make it skip to another nearby friend who doesn’t have the debuff.
I find this useful because in bgs throwing a shield up on someone is useful when they are under attack. Especially good for a healer who is busy trying to heal you. It also doesn’t stop you from Dpsing your own target.

A Priest healer could use it to cast Prayer of mending but they seem to cast it at their current healing target which may not be the closest.

I tried the /targetenemyplayer one with a
/cast Shadow Word: Pain

but it kept casting SWP on the same target, I couldn’t get it to skip to another player .

I’ve also just discovered uses for the /castsequence Command the Beauty of that one is you just keep pressing the same button and it casts a whole sequence of actions 1 after the other. If it gets interrupted though it starts again.


/castsequence Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 10),Vampiric Embrace
as general 1st time casting on a enemy player in a BG. SWP is 1st in case I get interrupted, at least the dot will stick tick.

However because Vampiric embrace has a different cooldown then SWP its not useful for tab targeting.

It could be useful for self buffing when you have alot of self buffs eg I wrote this one for when 1st rezing in a BG, you want to buff yourself as quickly and as efficiently as possible to make use of the ‘free mana’ Buff you get when you 1st rez. The following macro is for a Shadow Priest using the most mana expensive buffs 1st.
It makes sence to use the ones that ‘cost’ the most 1st. However. Do not press the button too many times, or the macro starts again I tried doing /target self and that didn’t work. I also tried holding down the Shift Key when pressing the macro, but the only thing that worked was
inserting /target and my Characters name.

/target (insert name)
/castsequence Shadowform, Power Word: Fortitude(Rank 7),Shadow Protection(Rank 4),Inner Fire(Rank 7)

that will put you in shadowform, give you fort shad and inner fire. You could also add fear ward and probably even your mount.

Military Comand in Bg’s – and a reluctant leader

I have a very simple Arathi Basin ( AB) Macro

/bg G1 GM – G2 BS one cap St on way – G3 LM and then all go Farm – One person behind to call INC
 I ran several PUG AB’s today and the ones that we had 2 min to prepare,  that we had a full 15  or close as we ran out the gate,  That the horde didnt cheat on and Cap BS before the game started  ( so All reasonable and fair / equal starting grounds) WE  WON   ( most of the time)  –  My Magic Macro.

Now there are all sorts of tactics/opinions on how to win various BG’s,   I think it would be awesom to actually have a miliary tactician look at the battle layout and the objections and see what they come up with, 

I think the 1st and biggest challange is getting people to listen to instructions.  I spam the macro as soon as I pop up ( and the gate is still closed  – if not its already started and we have lost an edge)  Most don’t comment –  some people say ‘K’   or “Ill get stables” -but ive never seen anyone else with a macro ( when not a premade) no one asks for a plan – no one offers even a typed plan.  For the most people just want directions to follow.

If we have the 2 min,  I’ll at least buff each group with a Stam buff ( yes it costs in mats.. but  if it helps win..  well its worth it )  this then encourages other people to buff – the mage to bring out a table and the warlocks to bring out health stones,  all these add up – brings about a positive  outlook already.. we are prepareing to win. Spam Macro again.

The the Gate opens, and you run and hope they listen  –

Battleground leading  is alot different to raid leading  your battle  is laid out  on a bigger distance then a boss /trash fight   and as the usurped BG Leader ( the Real leader is the person who leads, not the one who clicked enter BG 1st)  – you can’t see all the fight,  you can only  use your battle Map  ( Shift M )  to toggle on and off , and watch the yellow dots and see where they are, and where they are heading and correct where possible.

Team work and communication are the most important factors

Some Points about people and behaviour

Its important to Depower the QQ’ers the are the ones that drag peoples moral down.  Don’t be rude, or tell them to shut up,   but be firm and authoritarian.  In this sorta of game,  people will follow you if they belive in you – some people don’t belive in anyone or think they are the best – and so If someones ideas are better then yours = Let them lead. Im not the biggest expert – Im learning and I’m also more likely to step up.

Reassure the newbies  – everynow and then someone will question the logic of the Macro – while its hard to type and ‘pew pew ‘ let them question,  but again respond,  reassure, and appeal to logic.  ” Why don’t we send peple to take the farm?”  The hordes 1st Cap point –  my reply was  “Its their first cap – they are less likely to leave it undefended & it takes longer to get there ” – again don’t be rude – don’t go into too much detail but you need to reassure people that there is control.  Upset them and they won’t do Bgs again – or play their own way and not get involved in Team work.

Give Genuine praise –  If it was a hard fight to keep Gold Mine ( GM ) say  – Good Job – and mean it! – or ‘Awesome work”  remembering that this is a game, and there are people behind toons.   We don’t like losing,  but if you can keep peoples moral up, that goes a long way to a win.  They try harder, less likely to leave, and don’t give up.  All we want is a Fair  Chance –

 Objectives and order of objectives

There might be better tactics out there – ones that work and ones that don’t  but the following is some of my BG logic in AB.

Stables: Important Target to keep.   Its the closest flag to ‘home’  this itself has power of moral – your introuble if you lose your 1st flag. Its the 1st that gets capped,  and its the base of my ‘triangle’  I will explain as I go.  Next two targets are LM and GM – these are equally powerful.  They offer vantage and launch points for BS and  Farm –  LM and GM Must be capped ASAP. –  By taking these targets  you have control in effect of the inroads to the stables.  If people are communicating ( more LM then GM  they can call inc of horde movement.  It  is also the places the other team send people to.  If you overcome them and keep them you have an easy 3 cap to give you a lead.

Alot of people over stretch themselves – If you can’t defend what you take,  then you will lose more then you gain.

Im not a fan of a 5 cap – I think that should only be done when you have stable bases,  or up against a scrub team.  If your core three arent stable,   the effort you put into keeping Farm once capped can cost you 2 other bases.    Its easy to lose focus and have tunnel vision on a target thats not worth it, and have the other team Zerg your bases behind you  so as a leader,  you need to be able to know when to call off an attack –  and the BG needs to help you by calling incommings and listening, and looking for the bigger picture.

Caping and leaving a target can be a useful tactic –  It distracts the other team,   and makes them withdraw – and it stops their points from ticking for that base.  Letting your team get that extra bit ahead.  Leaving something you can’t defend. – Tactical decision –  1 person on anywhere but Farm is good so they can call incomings,  but  a Farm Guarder only works when the rest of the horde are at the other end of the map – Its like Stables to Allies – We don’t like losing it, and often if we are losing its the only flag we can keep.  Glosest to GY as well .

Other catch phrases – Zerging does not get you points – Keeping a base does. (  Same with EOS)

Its not about the Honour Kill Points  – ( espcially since you get crap all honour from them – unless you are laying bodies at your feet by the dozens in AV.

Cheer people on – when you’ve hit 1920 and the horde are 3 caps and 500 points behind,  you’ve won.   Thank the BG  and or offer praise again.   Good team work needs to be recognised.

Stay positive  – you don’t have to be too care bear – but people play for fun and recreation,  not to be stressed out by a random who insults them

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