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My Scrub Mage’s Refreshment Ritual Macros.

If you are ever anywhere and see these two Macros – They belong to my scrub mage..

So these are my current active Ritual of Refreshement portal macros
They are lame I know.

cast/ Ritual of Refreshment
/s My mama used to say “Life is like a box of Mage Biscuits; you never know what your gonna get”

cast/ Ritual of Refreshment
/s I got Rhythm, I got Biccys, Chocolate Chippys – Who could ask for anything more?


They have the advantage of telling everyone who is providing their free food, and sometimes getting a laugh.

Though I do often get a Heh? or Lame. Or Fail. Or other various insults. But my little Mage wiggles her tail and says ” You don’t have to eat them.. ”

Other ones not implemented are

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? – Here have a cookie.”
Mage Biccys: Twice as tasty as Soylent Green

Oh – I have a Warlock Macro quote idea for bringing out one of your pets..
“Say hello to my little friend!”

Yeah I raided a Movie quote list… Here

My scrub mage has got 160 odd resilence now, and I can really ‘feel’ the difference in Pvp now, I’m not dieing as often, and I still make it a policy to put down a table in a BG, but, if the cost of the table increases then, It is unlikely that I would do it all the time, but we will see how the value of gold is affected. However It looks like I’m staying fire spec. I like fire. Must have flllaaaaammmmmmeees.

Looking For Guild for Alt

For someone who  Gquit only twice on any toon in just 12 months I’ve sure been doing it alot lately.

I removed my Alt  Zoph now a 48 Level  Fire Mage from the random guild that signed me up when they were looking for signatures and offering gold. They were never on,  I couldn’t recruit – didnt have invite access, and anyone else who wanted to join had to be refered to the officers.  However the officers where never on and neither where any members. Their approach is fair enough if your in an established guild, and officers are on regularily   but unless your guild has an endgame purpose if you want to survive the start up – Be a bit less picky as to who comes.   Keep your bank controls tight, and promotion ability tight – and remember you can boot people from the guild if they cause issues,  but I believe that if you want member ‘padding’ don’t be picky about recruitment to start with or established people like me will gquit.  I seriously would rather be solo.

Besides the name of the Guild was silly –

What I want for Zoph my Alchemist is a Fun friendly guild that wants to Level – gradually – and may aim for end game content but they are a fair way off.  I’m hoping that she will be able to skip Kara completly, and get decent enough gear from BG’s – Herorics and Level  70-80 and the tailoring sets I will make after the Expansion comes out.  I’m looking for I guess a Leveling Guild – I’m not after a Nanna guild where their 70’s run lobies through ( that would be hypercrital..  ) But Im after a guild where I can go about my business,   do some Guild quest/instance runs with like leveled characters – Have some friendly competition as to who got to outlands 1st and plently of inane non serious chat in the Guild chat. ( I can deal with some kiddies – but not a whole guild full )

Thats effectively the definition of Z ( my Mains)  1st Guild, Im still in contact with the GM from that guild,  but I worry that I would be called upon to use my main ( like I was when I was in there when things got too hard) – and when i play my Alt I do it because I want to play her – level her up abit – She might reach a leveling slump when she hits level 50 as I can max out her Alchemy further past 300.

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