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Would you Employ someone with WOW on their resume

I read the Realm forums.. I always have thoughts and often I will type a reply..  but then never post it because then you need to filter out the forum trolls and rubbish to get to the real issue..  and in a completely non relevant forum discussion about who is the most famous on our server, someone commented “It’s not really something you can put on your resume now is it?”

and that started a discussion ( but not a new thread) about ” Would you employ someone who has they played wow? – Or was a GM or Officer in a Guild in Warcraft”

I think it slightly odd that they would put it on their resume.  But I have in the past when I had ‘hobbies’ on my resume,  put Kungfu, Writing and Singing on there, and when I did a year of Chinese Sword I had that on my resume too.   Those activitys showed I was creative, active,  the martial arts shows discipline ect ect..  But even though I used to play chess  ( not necessarily well- but I was in the chess club at school  ( shhhhhhhh ) ) Or Play trivial pursuit and  monopoly, and Mech Warrior and Sims and Tomb Raider or even Dnd, I would never consider putting them on my resume but, if your in a management position WOW does have alot of real life skills which can cross over, but is it enough to be recognised as ‘real’ experience.

It would depend on how they sold their ingame learning skills to me as to whether they are useable.
Knowing about Gaming would give you additional questions to ask in the interview.

So your a Guild Master now..
How Big is your guild?
Whats your chain of command like?
Whats the aim/type of guild?
Show how an ingame experience can be used as a real life example?
Explain a difficult situation you have been in where you have had to performance manage someone.

You of course would have to talk about time management. ( I am writing this at lunch.. i am.. )

I think the job  they do that some Gm’s that actually GM,  or a raid leader are amazing..  the thought,  planning,  mothering, fathering,  manageing, planning, ect ect eg like you can see that goes into it through a Guild master and BloggerChickgm.
Even though its game you are still dealing with real people, from all cultures and backgrounds, the sheer exposure to multitudes of people, and having to learn to work together. Or ignore.. ( silently curses the Battleground Leader that split an EOS into 4 groups and put the two priests – a shadow and holy – in the same group rendering my VE and VT useless. and yes I use VT in Bgs sometimes – more for the dot then the mana to stick on warriors with 16k health that are beating me up. ) Breath.

But yes. I think being a GM gives you transferable skills you can use in the real life. As long as you time manage and prioritise.

but having said that because unless I was applying to a ‘gamer’ friendly role or company.. then its not something I would put on my resume. Most people just wouldn’t understand, or know what questions to ask.

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