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Too many Add on’s or Au natural…

Im currently sitting at 1200 Shadow damage which is great ( Finally Gemmed my T4 Helm with the  +14 Spell Damage and 2% Intellect Meta. 

So how do I turn out more DPS?

I’ve been reading more  notably   How to Fix your DPS – Maximising DPS 101  and have some things to add to my NEED list.

I need more add ons.

I need more macros

I need less lag.

Add on’s

I didn’t have ANY add on’s untill about the 40’s – and when I did get add on’s it was stuff like Mob Info 2 – Cartographer, Auctioneer.  Then I hit Kara and added threat metres,  Shacklewatch , Calender, then when I started doing more raids, and got Deadly boss mods and so on..   Im starting to Pack on the add ons and now I need more…. 

I really don’t want to.

Arguably if you want to be the best you should be using all the tools you have at your disposal, and  I while I have been reluctant  to stack the add ons, I’ll be the first to say that they are VERY useful tools.

In early days Kara a healer once proclaimed ” I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for healbot – I wouldn’t know how to heal.. ”    Really?  I thought .

Wheres the line between playing a game or botting it?   Could I survive if I took all my add ons away?   When  2.4 came a place that offers a plethora of add on choices had so many downloading issues due to the demand for all the updates to our precious add ons, and how upset were we to find that some add on creators didn’t/hadn’t updated for 2.4 –  /cry Void reaver alarm.  /cry shacklewatch  

Theres even Wow Ace Updater  where you can have it automatically update your add ons when a new version is available though

Do you really need all these add ons? – Unfortunatly to be a leet Shadow Priest it seems I do.   So I’m in the market for a Dot timer, and a Cooldown timer. 

If anyone knows a Leet shadow priest that Doesn’t use any ability enhancement add ons or Macros someone restore my faith in gaming and let me know 😛

Macros –  &Key binding

I use them, am comfortable writting very basic ones,  but  they need to get more complicated, including, mouseover targets, using items and casting.  I agree that I am probably as per per says  ”   losing DPS to mouse movement:”

Early one morning I played around with my Key Bindings and  completely stuffed up my ‘Esc’ Command. I had to use the computer icon in the bottom tool bar of the UI to get back in and fix it.  I should start Planning and using keybindings more,  as long as when Im not work screaming in frustration  – Why won’t it do (……. ) when I shift click! – Keyboard habits die Hard.  People who never learned to touchtype the right way die harder!  ( i touchtype – just using the wrong fingers..  unconventionally at just about the same speed a touch typist does.. no looking at the keyboard for me.. )

Less Lag

and finally – My Intenet Speed.

Im currently on 512 – Its been wonderful but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and try 1024/256 for a month, just to see if I notice a difference.


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