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Monopoly City Streets.

Non Wow related. Warning!

I’ve been playing Monopoly City Streets lately


The Ultimate Goal is ” Become the richest property magnate in the world”

It’s free to play, and is a tie in game with Google, and Monopoly City game, and is based on Google Maps.  You start out with 3,000,000 Monopoly dollars and you buy streets and build property, and get chance cards as you play, you get rent based on your streets, and property you own.  People can build hazards on your street to stop you getting rent, and you can demolish or protect your street with chance cards.

You get accountant chance cards too. I’ve spent over 500,000 on Stupid accountant fees already.

I started with a  mix of Strategic and emotional investing – not having found out what would give me the best return,  I bought 2 major cross streets near where I used to live, and started filling in the streets,  buying my old street,  others near it,  then my friends old street,  the street I live in now,  another friends street,  the street where my 1st major crush lived and so on.

Then I started working out what would give me the best return,  the last few days I have tried buying up as many streets as I can, owning my entire suburb,   but the rent return on street ownership basis works out to only be aprox 9.6% of the  street value, so I wasn’t maximizing my rent, and therefore my next day buying power.

The real rent seems to be in the property market, not the street value.

The money earned from property varies, and depends on what street you buy on. I have a Street where the Buildings give me an 87% return on the value of the building ( the street originally cost me 1,000,000)  and others that give me 23-27% return on the cost of the Building on a street that was only worth 225, 000 Monopololy dollers.

So the strategy ( for me) going forward is A – buy as many of the big streets as possible so that when I build my houses I get more rent return from them – and with the spare money build as many houses on the big streets as possible, and keep a demolish building card free for when someone tries to build a hazard in my street.

I had never compared the building value  on different streets before,   I was ’emotionally’ building houses too.  “That can be my mum’s house,  I’ll make mine a castle, and that will be my friends old house, but no more, after reading their blog  It seems that they are restarting the entire game.  My property and houses will be ALL GONE.

So now that I have a strategy, the restart will be good, I just need to get those main streets before those other people who decided to try and buy out my suburb do.

There is nothing stopping you from creating multiple accounts and selling yourself property cheaply from your other log ins,    I can’t explain why the leaderboards are so high already for an original launch on Sep 09th unless some people had done so. You can send offers for street purchases to other players. I don’t intend on creating multiple accounts, I don’t have the lofty goal of becoming the richest property magnate in the world, but its been an amusing little time waster so far.

Doesn’t mean I will buy the game though.

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