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Musings on Blogging / Writing

No Wow.   This be about blogging.

I’m edging closer and closer to 500 posts.  Think there is about 14 more to go.  Maybe 13 after this one. 

I’m a paid and published writer ya know –  When I was writing more back at Uni  – I remember sending out some work to places for publishing – and as part of the submission you sent a self-addressed envelope so they could send you back rejection letters and your submitted work.

I kept a pile of those rejection letters  on a spike.  The spike filled up. 

I threw the spike out when 3 of my poems got accepted on a radio show, and they paid me $80 – which at the time,  and for a Uni student was a nice little bonus. Over the years I have had small pieces published in random places, poems, stories for various sums, entered some competitions that required writing something for a prize and won them.

I write mainly short stories now, Sci fic, Spec fic, fantasy, I got in a local small press book published last year of short stories  – and even attended the semi swanky book launch.    Poetry  was mainly about feeling, and I’ve not been feeling much lately so haven’t written poetry lately, and of course I blog.

But the best thing anyone said to me was ” I want to know what happens next”

You also don’t get rejection letters when you blog. 

I do have a personal journal – It’s not worth sharing the link – Mostly  loads of dribble –  It’s not meant to entertain/inform.  It’s more of a brain dump then a brain sorter.  For example todays entry was

Feb. 25th, 2010

She unplugs herself to listen for her coffee order. Plugs herself back in, and walks off papercup warm in her hands.

Doesn’t remember when her middle part in her hair become a side part, falling slightly over the eyes

It’s a little droll .

I started Pugnacious priest because  I had found something I loved and wanted to write about it. Never expected people to read it.

I am still surprised people read me – some of you I have forced my link upon you –  others found me – and It’s awesome to get random people and people I didn’t know  – knew I blogged say  in game saying ‘ Hi.. by the way I read you’


I really appreciate that you read me – and keep reading me.

I’m the only one of my real life friends thats writes.  I used to go to writers meetings for motivation but never connected with anyone enough to ever become friends.   The meetings were either too ” lets destroy each other”  or lets just pat  each other on the back”  Dating a writer didn’t work out either,  but I get a lot out of reading other bloggers – makes me feel like the need to communicate as I do – is not so strange and lonely.

My gaming is very much tied up into this blog.  I write therefore I play – I play therefore I blog. If one where to stop then so would the other.  No this isn’t a goodbye I guess just brain drivel and me formulating where my head is at. 

 I NEED to write.   Some people who know me might get that –   some don’t – that I have a respectable job – and have been grown up enough to get a mortgage  still doesn’t negate that I won’t let go of something like my writing – and that I hope one day to make a living off it.

I don’t think I am a particularly good writer but It’s like how I feel about music. I breath because I sing,  because I write.  Writing to me is as essential as breathing.

I don’t leave home without a notebook, and if I find myself without one,  I end up buying one at a news agency and a black felt tipped pen – because I love the feel of that type of pen on paper.  Some of my best stories have been written standing up on  a packed train notebook in hand scribbling furiously.

But I am  proud of this blog – and it’s almost been 500 entries – hence this sentimental drivel that has been slopped onto the white space above.

So yeah – I might forget to mark my 500th – but it doesn’t matter cause it matters to me now – and its been slow, two years of blogging but I’ve stayed motivated, think I only skipped a week once. Wish I could apply the same motivation to other things.

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