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Here mousey

Mice have come a long way since  the days of stealing the ball from the mice in the computer labs in highschool, prompting our IT people to glue the mouse holes shut, making cleaning impossible.  Highschool computing taught me to love keyboard shortcuts.

My mouse at home has 5 buttons, it also has marks where my fingers have worn away the silver coating, as does my work mouse.  anthropologists of the future shall know how we used our technology by the wear marks of our finger placements.

   At the time I got my 5 button mouse that came with its own software, I thought I was being very brave in breaking away from the standard mouse – It sat in my draw unused for months while I worked up the courage to plug it in.  I was eventually forced to when my old mouse died,   and now I think I am ready to upgrade again – I have gotten comfortable with 5 clicky things,  and using Alt  and mouse clicks but  I need more buttons.

I blame druid healing,

I also need to be able to reach those new buttons with as much speed as I can the right click / left click so the button placement is important

 In the Pic above the mouse on the left is how it’s currently set up and on the right  – what I think I would like.

I am not sure my thumb is flexible enough to get to three buttons quickly,  but where my ring finger sits on a mouse I could comfortably ‘squeeze/press the mouse on the side, and my little finger sits there doing nothing, and it has enough strength to press a button

( reminds me of ” Hi my name is Joe,  I have a wife and three kids and work in a button factory”  how many buttons can you push at once?

So at some point in the near future I shall be going somewhere with a gaming mouse display, and holding each of the mice to see what I like

I am sure I  would adapt to any mouse placement changes, but some of them look like you would get serious hand crampage, and I would rather a functional mouse then one all gussied up.

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