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Music in Class Rotations

Read the post from Kelpsacovic the Trollshaman on Musical Rhythm in class rotations

Because I am so in love with his concept – that each class has a rhythm, it’s own song.  Soooo much in love  I found some blank music paper,  and had a crack at composing a Shadow Priest song by spell rotation

My Musical notation is a little rusty.  but its in F major  4/4   the bass line is the F major chord  which would be our dots,  SWP DP and VT   ( forget the note lengths which would translate into 12 secs / beats of real time which is not correct for the dot lengths, 

I think I would need a percussion line for our VE – I think Ve -being healing  would have a different sound to damage dealing ( so thats not included in this)

The top line, the melody is Mindflay,  Mindblast , trinket procs and then it changes when heroism is hit.   It’s only a short piece and I don’t have garage band to plug it into to see how it sounds, I don’t think I have any nasty sounding clashes in there, and I could probably make the melody a little more complicated and it’s not quite the pipe organ sound I first envisaged.    Apologies for how messy it is.

I play flute  – and  very very basic keyboard  so I could possibly play it,

Im sure Kelpsacovic has some other ideas and I would be very much interested to see what he comes up with!  Go Go ! 

The Anti Bully Song.

I went back through some old music of mine, and I remembered Allison Crowe.  ( Not Sheryl)

She is amazing. I really wish she would come to Oz.
She has a Song called Skeletons and Spirits which I think is very much a Anti Bully/ Stand up for yourself song, and I think it covers where I want my headspace to be right now.

You can find the full Lyrics here

Some Choice lines I like are
I’ll eat your words
I’ll devour your soul
I will laugh like a lemur
as you crawl back into your hole

…you think you’re unique but I’ve seen you before

you can keep on striking
but you can’t keep me down..

If your after some new music, I think she is awesome, there are full mp3’s on her site, with lyrics and news, and if your’re lucky a tour near you.

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