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Yes I am a 2010 Nanowritmo Winner..   what do I win, well it’s not what you win that counts ( nothing really other than the knowledge that I am awesome)**  This also means more blogging, and just for your  torture enjoyment I have a post already written to post after this one so this can be skipped if you’re not interested.


I could cry.  It was hard, and easy. It’s the journey and I am tired, and I have icecream in the freezer as a reward,  but routine, and lots of little goals made it easy to obtain.   I have discovered I write best when I am not at home.   I tried it over the weekend.  First I needed a better chair because my ottoman was too low for the dining table, so I had to use a dinning table chair,  then I needed coffee, and had none,  so I had to use two chi latte sticks from a box I had bought for fussy guests, then I felt like chocolate,  then the cat tried to jump on the laptop,  then I wanted a glass of water… check my email..   laptop wanted to do a diagnostic,  then it wanted to update something,  then I had to  pick a song to listen to while writing.

I wrote most of this novel on the train, and at my desk at work with my earphones in, oh and in City Extra.  ❤ their raisin toast.  I like their booths, and I love that they left me alone to my coffee and raisin toast with real butter “WRITER AT WORK…”  and was able to type furiously away.  Taptaptaptaptap..  back space back space..  taptaptaptap

You can see from my graph that I kept on and just above my goal for most of the ride.   The flat bits are weekends where I needed to have a break, and not think about it.

The word count is strange.  Open office said it was 51097 as above, word says its 50,591 and nanowrimo’s verifier thinks its 50627 so I AM CONFUSED.  But three different word counts says I did it.!

I’d publish an extract,  but I don’t want it googleable, and really its a mess.  Needs mass amounts of cleaning up, and a very thorough spellcheck  because I typed too fast to fix those squiggly red lines.  ( and using a trackpad on a laptop is  a pain.)


** Awesome only for the purpose of meeting this goal.

Nanowrimo day 5 – New Guild – New Flat – and More writing..

I fell by the wayside on day 5 – I have a deficite of a couple of hundred for day 5  – Trying to do too much.

I have been busy.  This week I have

1. Changed my mains guild. AGAIN.  I am back with some of my old  raiders  differnt guild name, alot of familar faces. – I still don’t know all the reasons why my old raiding guild blew up as it did.  I left at the right time, and I feel a little bad for leaving the guild I went to after the big break up.  They are good – happy people,  just  I didn’t want to stay, and Ive been told I think too much, so I went with my Gut…    Being back in an active raiding guild means that i am playing my main more, and have been leveling my holy priest slower.  She is 66 now, and I really want to get her to 70 – So this weekend is my last quite weekend for ages So I will try my hardest.

I’ve already done a Kara clear with my new guild,  we had random Afks throughout so we were 8-9 manning alot of it, but when we came together everything died so quick.  Even though I had been doing Kara clears before nerf, it feels disapointing how easier some of the encounters have become even when were were sorta of gearing 1 or 2 people in the run.   

A question came across guild chat ” remember the crappy rogue such and such…” 

I reply “yes,  but he wasn’t crap.”


‘Yeah he was pretty good..  ”

It turns out it was the crappy rogue on an alt – fishing to see what i would say.   /slap  and I did mean what i said he was good, and a decent guy..  i did a couple of runs with him a while back, but he was one of those people i’ve keept on my flist for ages.

2.  have found a flat to buy! – It has city views ( not really – on a clear day with Binoculars maybe.. ) but I LOVE the kitchen, it has a cutout space which I could make into a breakfast bar, a seperate dining, two bedroom, the Strata is ok with 1 cat, so I am jumping to the moon!  Saw it available on Monday – inspected tuesday and am signing thursday to take it off market. Its the right time to buy! – I found a place I want to call home. It also means I can get ADSL. wootage!

3. Entered a Sci Ficcy writers comp for a sci Ficcy event thats happening on the weekend.  ( i have to attend to be elligible for prize money ) So I will see how that goes.

4. I have a a singing concert at the end of November I am practising for / have to attend extra rehersals closer to date for..

5. Am halfway through another writers comp piece ( only 500 words this one, so i’m happy where its going…  so theoretically I have written  my allocation of fictional words today,  just not all on the same thing.

6. I am now off to try and read some before bed.  Have finished Mike Shepards Series, and am now onto Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, I didn’t read them when they first came out because i had just finished reading a couple of young adult vampire books and I needed to read something else, but I’m enjoying it. Lamenting i will need to cut my book buying budjet with a mortgage..  Library here I come!

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Well its day two of NaNoWriMo and I have written my daily allocation for the two days and then some. If I can keep my motivation through being woken up by someone elses noisey aircon motor at 4am in the morning – meaning I had to sleep on the uncomfortable couch
*note to self. Get a comfier couch for sleeping on. My friends must have lied to me when they told me it was comfy…

and I know this post is not wow related.. and neither is my story. I went with writing a story that has been bouncing round the back of my head for some months. ( no – nothing was ever put to paper or screen ) though I did promise to name a character after a friend. It was going to be set in Sydney, but for now I have made it a generic setting as I would like to see if i could get it published after maybe – Its along the lines of a Supernatural thriller / to use a coined phrase Urban fantasy.

The Genre is not really a unique Genre anymore. I’ve read Anne Rices Vampire books to Laurell K Hamilton, to Kelly Armstrong and Kim Harrison, Lilith Saintcrow and every other series that comes up inbetween.. I think I’ve read all the good ones in the Genre, the reset seem to be more paranormal romances with hot strapping werewolves or Vampires with no unique themes. I worried that the genre its self has become to predictable, and I now I have read about Vampires, Vampire hunters, Demon Hunters, Demon Lovers, Witches, and Warlocks, and Pychics I’m hoping I have read enough to not do what they have all done, and yet still have space enough to carve out my own unique voice.

How does this tie back into wow… well its been less time to play wow. The only way I have stayed focused through this weekend for my allocated words is to make sure that I did not plug my net in. yep no email, no wordpress no rss no news no msn no wow…. untill I have written my allocated words.

It seems to be working. So Far.

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