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Naxx Quarter Clear and some crazy Casting.

4 Quarter Naxx clear last night.  We didn’t get to do Saff and Kel as time ran out, and we had died more times then we would have liked as we got adjusted to circle of healing not rescuing us in tight situations as often.

I love Heroism,  I also hate it.

Not only do I need to worry about shadow weaving stacks
Dpsing the Boss
Killing the adds
Rescuing people from webs
making sure all my dots are up.
that I don’t cut my mindflays off..

I need to worry about crazy casting times  too- Its like Mash mash mash mash buttons..  its great for DPS though!

This is a screenie from the Patchwerk fight – Where it’s  a Dps race.  I suspect I am cutting off my Mindflays in my enthusiasm,   I did get caned by one of the other shadow priests on this fight, but I still got Dps over 4000 which I understand is still decent!


Edit:  On closer examination of the wws  I’m about equal with the other shadow priest for amount of Dot ticks. However their average  spell cast values are alot higher hence the higher dps – they have a damage stacking trinket which I need to get my hands on!

  ( The 3rd  Shadow P  didn’t even cast VE shame! – and looking through the entire wws they barely cast it in any of the fights…  thats really bad)


Overall for all 4 Quarters  I got 6th on the full report


and for the Thaddius fight has stacking damage buffs – so a Dps of over 7000 for me is not  that special considering, but I’ve included a screenie because its still pretty awesome.



Now I know being the top DPS is not the most important thing,   So after I stretched my Epeen a little,  I did look at the individual bosses, and I lose my standing on the charts when there are bosses with adds.  Why? Because I am doing what I should be doing, and killing the adds / freeing people from webs. The two other shadow Priests lose a little standing on the charts because they were mindcontrolling, so less DPS time.

I had a chuckle because in the Deathknight wing you fight deathknights on Chargers, and they can cast a bone armor which means you can be pounding them with dps and it all means squat because their armor resists it.  It takes a few micro seconds to realise that your not actually hitting anything.

This armor can be dispelled by druids, and by priests mass dispel. A couple of times someone had to yell out to dispel it.  What I chuckled over was who dispelled it.    I checked the abilities log in WWS and  found that  of the 7 priests in the raid,  3 being shadow, I was second on that list for the amount of mass dispels.  One shadow priest didn’t even make the list for casting the spell at all in the entire raid.

Who’s job is it to mass dispells – Healer or DPS? –  Both.  However depending on fight I’d say that DPS should be more responsible because healers are healing.  If they stop healing someone dies.  If we stop dpsing in most circumstances for one cast, the world doesn’t end.

The Raid leader brought up the idea of banning Damage metres because we had too many DPS dying in the fight to take agro off the tank for packs of mobs.  Seeing whos top of the damage metres doesn’t make them the best raider, or best DPS.

I’d like to think that I’m a proficient raider,  I follow instructions,  am aware of priorities eg killing adds. I love being able to seriously compete with other dps classes on the damage metres, but the survival of the raid depends on people doing their jobs, and that means that sometimes you need to stop dpsing the boss.

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