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My First Instance in Northrend: The Nexus

I ran Nexus for the first time last night, and replaced my 1st piece of gear.
There have been quest rewards that are almost an upgrade, but were either missing an enchant/item enchancement – and it would have been too costley to have gotten the item enhancment for a piece of gear I will probably replace in a few levels anyway. So most things have ended up De’d.
So at 72 I got a new piece of Gear: The Wand of Shimmering Scales from Grand Mangus Telestra – It replaced my badge wand I had gemmed with a haste Gem anyway.

It was a Pug group, the other 4 were guildies though, so I technically was the only pug. The first two bosses were easy and got through them without a wipe, we had a deathknight as a tank who was learning, and doing a good job.
The first boss we did in the Nexus Ormorok the Tree-Shaper – for which the only trick I had to look for was the Crystal Spikes, and the spell Reflection of some of my dots which I just dispelled.

Anomalus required us to kill the portals, our Dps was awesome so we got them , and him down quick enough.

Grand Magus Telestra was tricky. We wiped on her a few times trying to work out the best way of killing/ ccing the three split aspects of herself. We tried me fearing, and we then had Line of site issues when blue ran out of the room and wouldn’t come back. So we canned the fear. We did kill Blue first, then red, and purple. There was only three of us left standing on the final stage where she becomes one aspect again, and inbetween me casting Praying of mending to help keep the tank, healer and myself up, and being thrown around the room, we managed to get her down, and I got the wand! – It was a very messy fight, and I would hate to see that on heroric.

Keristrasza was also a little tricky – very hard as a Shadow Priest to jump every time I got a frost tick because it would interrupt my casting. In addition, I was helping on on the deshackling of people and myself. Jump – Cast – Dispell, She also was hurting the tank too much when she enraged, so we decided that all healing able classes would throw some heals at the tank. Eventually after several wipes and a repair we did it.

It was a very enjoyable instance – challanging but not stupidly so – and very pretty..

The distance between the graveyard and the dying points were not that great, and it can make a big difference to the morale of a party when its not so far to go, so we worked out it untill we did it, and I got all the quests in there done.

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