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The Oculus Conspiracy

So frequent are my trips to this instance  – I now have had three Reins of the Blue Drake drop  including from the single LFG I did before logging off last night , of course I can’t prove it because I never SS the ” received item” and the party going ohh Grats!”  and then their disappointment when I say I already have it, and then their continued disapointment when I can’t trade it to them.

So you will have to take my word for it

So not only is this so called RNG for what intances you get –   torturing me with Oculus – they are taunting me with a drake I already have,   and would have been better off going to anyone else in the party but me.

My Stats say I’ve killed Ley-Guardian Eregos 37 times –  this  doesn’t include a period of me going  – Uh uh..    /screams in terror and then promptly leaving party – and thus avoiding Occulus,  or my kill count would have been at least 5 higher.

Aparently I have killed the The Prophet Tharon’ja kills (Heroic Drak’Tharon Keep) 97 times  ( really?) I’ve a few 5 man dungeon bosses at the 40 odd kills but then some at 15 & 17 so it’s still not an even distribution of dungeons –  not by a long shot, and considering I had avoided Heroic Oculus untill 08/08/09  yes..  that is an 09. (Heroic Gundrak was done 19/12/08 )- Blizz may be retroactively punishing me for not touching Oculus for almost 8 odd months.

I’m not the only one to notice the frequency that Oculus pops as the random – when LFG’s came out in  3.3 there were cries about it – to the extent that they had to put a pretty blue drake in, as well as a extra loot bag to get people to stay.

Infact a blue reply on a  post explains that the frequency of Oculus popping could be caused by the frequency that people are refusing to d0 it, and dropping group

So great is this Hate – there is even an add on called NoRandomOculus  that extends your raid ID for that instance so your less likely to get it  –  I have not tested this – but I will – it hasn’t been updated in a while so there may be issues,  but I will you know how it goes.

I will admit though –  running Oculus is getting easier – and not just because of the nerfs.  I suspect that other people are getting it a lot more frequent then normal and so then are getting better skilled at it.  So it’s less painful. 

People know what drake to pick for their party role ( unless they call dibs on one) they know to move when he goes into a planar shift.  Usually someone picks up that not all the amber drakes should be  channeling temporal rifts,  and at least one person starts hitting it with the Shocklance,  and the green drake riders know now to get your 3 stacks of leeching poison up  up before you try and heal someone with dream funnel – or you shall be healing them to your death.

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