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Caster Officer Postion is Open.

We have a DPS caster officer position open,  and they are after people from the guild who would like the position to come forward.

What would it involve? 

Attending officer meetings before raids,
Distributing Flasks/Pots
Managing of Guild bank
Interviewing applicants
Reviewing /providing feedback for Raiders
Knowing the caster classes strengths and weakness’ and strat application.

It wouldn’t be a cakewalk, It would involve having discussions with headstrong people about guild directions, being at the beck and call of people wanting stuff from the bank, telling people bad news about applications, or their spec, or play style. I would have to learn more about each of the caster classes. Besides ” Don’t shammys have a tremor totem?” I would need to be able to organise them, know what was needed for a fight, defend or critique them when wipes are called and blame is being directed at Dps,

It would be an interesting learning experience. Could I do it?
I’ve managed a team of people with a variety of skills and experience, of different age groups, I was great according to some, and terrible according to others.

What’s in it for me?
A say in the guild?
Change to some of the things I didn’t like?

Can I translate anything I learn to real life? Not really. It doesn’t improve my employment chances, I can’t make money from it, and it would be extra time that I would need to spend organising people, so that  I am not playing.

I’m outspoken enough to not be afraid to speak up, I’ve done the management course and learnt about the benefits and disadvantages of change, If I treated it as management of a team then I am capable. However Is it something I want to do?

I don’t know – hence the musing over the idea here, It would be another way of further involving myself with the game extending my experience even more. However the last 2 weeks I have been making more of an effort to actually do a lot more other stuff.   To add more time  doing game related stuff thats not ‘fun’ or self servering ontop of raiding, and blogging, adding officer on top of that, and real life in which I see real people and go to work,  I am heading down the thought path that its too much.

And who knows they might even laugh at me for even considering applying.

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