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A real Life Raid, and a Pally called Dili

We had a real life Raid on my local City Sat night, and so a few people have flown in for the weekend so we weren’t online as much. We had an awesome dinner.. and lots of silliness and they are a great bunch of people, I feel sorry for the guild officer who was with us till after 3am listening to our concerns.. but everyone had a great time – Still trying to sort out the feelings of meeting relative strangers – that aren’t strangers- Spent more time in their company then I have with family and RL friends… and 17 other guildies to meet at once was overwelming I know their voices.. and we all kept calling each other by our toons names.. but I did learn alot of their real names, and Dinner and drinking with them was so much fun! – I recommend having a real meet up ….. and we have the pictures and memories to laugh about for a long time..

I’m a little bored playing my shadow priest besides farming and Raiding- I log in, and run around Shatt for a while, I even deliberatly dismounted in flight outside the scryer bank to add to the pile of two bodys already outside. I am over dailys.. and will only do the ‘fun’ ones

So I’ve been leveling a Pally on another server. An old flatmate has just rolled a toon on Aman’thal and her Hubby to be has been playing since December, so He already has a 70. I broke my tradition in playing with friends because I needed a challange. My Mage Alt is level 55 and Stuck in Winterspring and EPL – am finding her a little soft to play but when she fire crits its a 2 shot on any mob near her level with her +203 fire damage. ( Its amazing howmany greens have +firedamge if you look, and I think I’ve collected everything. I will list it sometime.) So I rolled a pally, and needed a name that was Pally like, so after a few tries to see what was available I got Diligence. This was all good untill I got invited into my friends guild – ( and I accepted – Im not sure I want to be guilded.. and If I really like Diligence her I will server transfer her to my home if she levels high.. ) but then they abbreviate my name.. and its welcome dili! and Welcome Dil.. I’m thinking do I really want to be a dili? or a Dil?
Must remember.. Names get abbrieviated….

She’s level 17 now, and Im really enjoying playing the pally – I’m leveling as Holy with the idea of probably being a healer. Its interesting to have the mix of Strength and holy damage.
The challange was to level her without financial assistance.. just like i did Zah – but this time with the knowledge I learnt the hardway.

She has also earned upwards of 25 gold already. How? Skinning and Mining.
Skin everything, Mine and Smelt everything.. they are selling well , I am also in good greens for my level – Some people will tell you to avoid the AH when buying when u start, but there are always pieces on there cheaper then a white, and better then what you will get questing, you just need to buy smart. I figure by being reasonably geared my toon will survive better.
So I’m saving and bargin shoping on the Ah.
I want to be able to afford my mount at 40 – I don’t have a 70 on this server to be my sugar mummy – I’m also leveling up her cooking – fishing – Firstaid as close to her level as possible, with the idea of being as self sufficient as possible to reduce costs.

Zah leveled all of those after 70 – and its easier at a lower level and cheaper to do bits and pieces here and there.

I am finding that I have difficulty handling more then 1 mob at a time if they are higher then me and It takes longer to kill – I’m using a sheild and a one-handed mace for survivability but I will be trying a 2handed for the dps.. it certainly takes a bit to get used to the getting up close in them mobs face..

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