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The 3 P’s


The patch has really thrown me off kilter. My toons are strangers.   I have 5 80’s on 3 different realms, two  are priests so it’s was a little easier sorting the 2nd one out, but I am happy with my Shadow and 2 holy specs between them.  I reforged 2 pieces on my Shadow Priest, lost some hit for Haste, and I am at 17.8 hit now.  I only need 17%

Hunter and Mage I just went duhhhhhhhhhh  smacked around a test dummy, and went this is is too complicated.

I use Vuhdu as my Raid Frames,  all my healers click to heal, I tend to look at health bars anyway so I have ingeniously set up my mend pet on my hunter as a click on the  pet bar raid frame, I will expand on this idea of other things I can stick on there like some more pet commands. I am a bad hunter in that I don’t care about my pet’s health as often as I should. This should make more aware.

Warrior is still sitting there waiting to be logged into. She scares me the most.  The tanks I have been healing have lost their smoothness, the confidence, the control – I am sure it will all come back,  but I didn’t so much have those qualities before the world got turned upside down. So I am not ready for her again. Yet.

There were so many things missing from my bars.  Food, pots, flasks, hearth stone. Like. WHY! * hunts rounds bags to find them all again. I am still missing spaces on all my toons, and I am thinking crap – what am I missing.

I don’t like Bging at this moment. I feel weak, and even wearing 1.2 resil – getting cut down way too quickly.  I am dispelling more in BG’s for now, there seems to be more to dispel, and people are dying to easily to dispellable things. I am liking healing holy for now though as I am able to pump out heals pretty quickly,  ( as long as I am resilenced up )  mana regen seems ok  or maybe I am just dying more before I get OOM.

Yeah for saving 5k on already having 310 flying – I had my Ulduar and ICC drakes on my main,

I am working on getting my 4k justice points,  1k to go and I dragged a poor friend through Heroics last night who was confused why I would be needing so many ‘badges’. I am hoping it will give me some advantage come Cata since they will still be rewarding JP points for the normal 80-85 runs.


It burns. I am hurting.  I am tired of my soul being separated from my body after dying from the most stupidest things. I haven’t finished a TOC on Proudmoore yet.  ( insert random things pugs do to fail ) I think most issues could have been resolved with better communication and a little more patience. I would rather 2 extra min highlighting important parts of a fight,  then a wipe. I don’t care if you have your achievement.  It probably means you got it dead on the floor anyway.  Though vent as a communication channel in a bad pug is as bad as no vent in a bad pug.  Very hard to take a RL in ICC serious when he is stoned.  Though he did offer to let me take over RL  if I ” kept talking”  This was kind of funny because the girl who told the raid  that she was ” Blonde – hot – with a great butt” got less attention then me who congratulated someone on getting Trauma.  Next time I take it over. I swear if it means we actually get further I will raid lead. No more interjecting with small suggestions like kill the spikes – or waiting for the RL to finish slurring his so-called strat.  Lets see who I can pee off by being a pushy bossy chick because at this rate I don’t think I could  make it any worse.

I have a baby resto druid I am leveling through LFG. Lobie LFG’s are a bit like a DND dungeon – it doesn’t matter what your role is,  if you rolled a higher initiative then the tank you go first. I offered to stop healing a pesky tanking mage  – tank said to let him pull, so I worked twice as hard keeping the mage and the tank up. Thankfully the mage had to stop occasionally for mana. Another tank in stockades asked for a little patience because this was new to him.  He got it, and he learned from the experience.

A rogue critiqued my healing ” Why did I die”  he asked ‘ Maybe it was the 6 mobs you agro’d running ahead.”  I said ” Maybe it was cause I got no heals”  he said. So I told him ” I can’t heal through stupidit”  ” You can’t spell”

/sigh ( I was typing too fast!) It doesn’t matter what you say or even if you are right, it’s how you spell it!

I like my druid. Maybe because she’s a lobie, I get to learn her slowly.  I think too much time has passed between playing my mage and hunter regularly, so I don’t know them at all. Losing most of my buttons off my bars  didn’t help.  Since when do mages have mana gems? ( Jokes. Kinda. I sorta did forget.)

I did a  couple of gnomer  runs and taught the first group where to jump.   2nd party didn’t need instruction they just did it, and of course, mage and hunter pets were not dismissed and we wiped.

Releasing before combat ends in some instances means for what ever reason, intended or not that you  rez at the graveyard with hardly any health.  This seems like a lot of potential fun   nuisance on a pvp realm.


I might be going holy in Cata.  I love shadow, and I will always have an offspec, but I always feel more wanted as holy. I know I should play what  I have the most fun playing,  but fun is  also seeing content, it’s killing things, it’s not dying, and half my problems and stress as a dps disappear when stuff like killing adds is no longer my problem at all, and if the DPS don’t get the healers out of things like spikes then they die, and being just another dps isn’t special. Especially when dps now seems so much more just that  they are damage dealers.  They just damage with different pictures on different buttons, where as a healer you enable people to do damage no matter what picture is on their buttons.

It’s not as often a healer links their metres to boast. Mostly because less people care about healer epeen,  ( though I know healers do also have egos) and stuff like overheals, and dispels can be linked as counterarguments anyway. Everyone else is being distracted by their DPS epeen.

I have been playing Shadow ever since I left my first kara guild, and I learned that the Shadow /Disc spec I was in was bad for my dps, and I upset them by saying – “I’m not spec’d right – I don’t want to be your spirit buff ho anymore” I have casually raided as holy, but I haven’t changed my mains as people do,  but I love the priest class.   It’s under my skin.  Maybe it is time to change to heals.

Patch – Night one.

When I got on I fixed my main first. Of course. With the help of Bible of Dreams “My Shadow Priest’s Planned Patch Day Build and Glyphs”  and at the moment I agree  with her that  picking a Shadow Word: Death  Gylph as a Prime for now might upset your healers, and or kill yourself, much like I  was watching a Shadow Priest get awfully close to doing on the Training Dummies.  The type of healing we will need when we are chaining Shadow Word Deaths when the cool down resets is going to get stupidly dangerous and we risk becoming the newest glass cannons.

I think current dungeon content,  the healer would be ok  to keep up a shadow priest with a death wish ( plus our VE healing) however warlocks lifetapping at the most inappropriate times, and not draining life upsets me as a healer – imagine what a suicidal shadow priest is going to do.

“Do you HAVE to use that spell…” was down when I went looking last night 😦 well it was for me so I haven’t looked at reforging yet, and I wanted a little more feedback and thinking  before I started cutting up/replacing gear and stats.  has the top specs/glyphs being picked by people for quick reference if you want a one stop shop.

New stuff:

Shadow Orbs: I got balls – but they circle my ankles, and I feel like I am going to trip over them. I guess they couldn’t put them in the same place as a Shammys, but ankles? Head would have been better I think. I’ll set up a power aura so I know when I get 3 stacks.

I also have these Shadow Apparitions that walk slowly towards my target, and disappear in my targets hit box. They are slow versions of me, sauntering rather than strutting.  I half expect them to turn around and giggle at me.

I’ll never be lonely again.  between my Haunted momento, my Fiend, and my Shadow apparitions I will always have friends.

I also sold my stock pile of raw red gems  ( only for about 120 gold each though)  and have purchased some Dragon’s Tears on Shiva’s advise ( +10 all stats)  I’m already rocking  +10  Intell  & +10 Spirit Gems – but the Tears seem to be weighed better than the single +20 Spirit one I now have. However I am guessing that the plus all stats are Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Spirit?  and 10 points of Stam is not that hot, and Strength and Agil is useless for my Shadow Priest.

Mods – some will still work,  others won’t – has a list of mods that have been updated for the patch so I was able to pull the essentials out – recount, DBM, Vuhudu, Quartz and powa Auras,  there’s a couple more that I am missing, but didn’t load correctly as an out of date add on


I went holy first on my main in halls of stone, and my Deathknight tank I was healing ‘felt’ squishy, but he could have just not been spec/gemmed correctly.  I dc’d once, and got vote kicked because stupid me hadn’t extended my tunnel subscription and I was dcing every half hour because I had been moved back to trial, but I did a VH has dps and threat was a massive problem – again it just could have been the tank. I can ‘feel’ a haste difference. Casting doesnt seem as smooth.

Than I fixed my holy priest back on BR, and ran an instance with her – healing numbers were fine,  but again it felt like people were taking more damage then normal. No mana issues at this stage though.

I hate lightwell.   Nuff said. Chakras is interesting.  It makes pretty patterns.  

I need to do some more challenging content in both specs to really test them out. 

I then tried a BG in my Pve/Pvp gear as healer which has about 700 resil.  I was being cut through like butter. So I tried to heal in my PVP Dps set while still in holy spec, and still with 1.2 resil It didn’t make a difference.I am also getting stunned a heck of a lot more. 

I guess this is where I might be forced to use my two priests. Keep my main as Shadow, with a Shadow Pvp as offspec, and  have my Holy Priest as heals main, and gear her up for Pvp healing. Because from what I can see. Pve talents in a BG now is not going to cut it.

My repair bills seem exceptionally high.  Like 100 gold for dying a lot in a BG.

If I am not doing stuff tonite ( real life interference)  I shall do some more playing around.

I want my Ball back!

My Dispersion ball has disappeared.  I am no longer a ball.  It took me a while to use it,  as during trash pulls, my mana regen was ok and we were moving pretty fast so I was just throwing my fiend out when I was getting low, so it took a while for me to decide to disperse.   I thought it didn’t work then a little circle like buff appeared around my waist area,  and my shadow form got more shadow like –  then it was over. 

I want my ball back.    It was bouncy, and blackish purplish, and it was special.  I would use it to disappear – Bang  – I’m gone,  and it was fun to bug out my passengers in my mount if I dispersed while I had a passenger,  the side cart would close up, and my passenger would look like their head was being dragged along the ground.

I miss being bouncy  /sob

I ran the new 5 mans in sequence last night with a mix of   – “I have no idea what I am doing / going / what special abilities these boss have“.  I am glad I updated my DBM – Get thee behind the rock!  What rock? – Oh that one. We lost two party members to purple stuff on the first boss – yeah if it’s on the ground – it’s normally bad for you. I saved the day and healed the tank!

We wiped once in the Halls of reflection – I got to use my shackle again to try and help control the mobs, they all have a decent amount of health on heroic .  Best target seemed to be the range dwarf that shoots people and freezes them for a couple of sec’s.  Made it a little easier to kill everything else when you weren’t being iceblocked.

And when we finished the sequence, and Jaina had entombed the lich King we all were dc’d and dropped from party as soon as we stepped on the boat.   When we got back I levitated group ( a work around someone advised?)  and we managed to get on the boat but were teleported before we could open the captains chest.

So I patched,  load,  updated mods,  played with gear sets  – regemed some healing legs with Haste,  bashed dummys,  talked to other shadow priests  

”  Hi!  Just want to know if your replacing your Shadow Word Pain Glyph?”  I mean do we really need base mana back?

“Hows your AOE going in your 10 man?”   

“How much haste do you have, and hows your damage going in comparison ” 

I’ve managed to  get 625 Haste,  I have also chanted my Weapon with Black Magic for the haste proc.  My two trinkets have a + sp proc –  It seems that we do need the Mana regen from Glyph of Shadow Word Pain.  It’s no longer


The Glyph now is : Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain: The periodic damage ticks of Shadow Word: Pain now restore 1% of the priest’s base mana with this glyph.

and our Mindflay Glyph for extra 10 yards  has been changed to…

Glyph of Mind Flay: This glyph now increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10% when the target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain

I had been hoping to use another Glyph – any really.. but now,  It seems we need the mana, which I find stupid considering that we already have a 2 min Dispersion, and a Fiend, and replenishment – We were the mana battery’s, and now we need a glyph.  HA! How the shadow priest has fallen.

I ran a plethora of random dungeons with a guildy using the new LFG – only ran into the same person once – most groups were pretty op, and we were running 12 min Heroics – easy gold, badges,  and enchanting mats. Wait times were only seconds long,  and only extended if a DPS refused the invite – not sure how popular it will be  in a months time,  now its a novelty,  and the ease of running a random  dungeon just takes so much less time, and fuss to organise. 

Well thats my first impressions of 3.3 – might be more later…

3.2 day one.

What did I do on day one of the patch?

Played in The Isle of conquest- which is  as laggy as can be, but there are a lot of things to do.   I think people were more concerned about  “Whats down this path”  then winning – but a couple of achievements were had.


I Killed the last boss in 5 man Trial of the Champion – not too exciting.

Did the 25 man normal Trial of the Champion and we killed him getting our first 3 Emblem’s of Triumph ( no achievement for them though – and  learned that  you can’t mindflay  a Snowbold  when its grabbing onto your head .

Did a couple of Ulduar Achievements – now the Scrapbots one was not intentional,  XT is bugged.   He killed us, too many bots were spawning, and we were drowning in them. We gave it a good shot. We killed enough scrap bots that we got an accidental achievement.WoWScrnShot_080509_224104

I also finally got a better love Truncheon  Weapon off Razorscale.  The Guiding star.  It looks like a giant baby’s rattle, and if it weren’t for a healer who was waiting for some more fragments and a fellow Shadow priest passing on it,  I’m not sure I would have gotten it.  So I am grateful for them for passing  however its dropping brought to my attention, an interesting loot rule that’s never affected me before. That Mp5 =  healers priority.  The extra spellpower and the intellect over my previous weapon, well and truly makes up for any gain I would have gotten by keeping a weapon with Spirit  – so regardless that it was a significant upgrade ( 60 odd spellpower and some crit because of more intellect )  if a healer wanted it it was theirs.  Which seems to me more a healer loot priority rather then a stat priority, and that can be a rule on its own.   I’ve been in guilds where tanks and healers  get gear 1st.  They then get bored, because there are no more upgrades ect ect ect…   We get new healers/tanks who take the dps’s loot all over again….   Loot rules are loot rules, and for the most they are fair, but  I am a little annoyed by it –   Gaining 19mp5  – while losing 34 spirit only increases my mana regen  per 5 secs  while not casting by 3 – and regen while casting by  11  – its not a big difference,  and mana is not an issue for now ( I am using dispersion more though)   Could I change the rule? probably not,   Do I care about the rule enough to present a class by class break down on mana regen v spirit for DPS and healers to show the flaw in the generalisation  – Nope.  So I leave it at that. I got it. I was lucky. I’ve been hanging out for a better weapon.


Pre Patch Maddness.

I logged in, and had 20 mins to grab what I think I will need,  read the GMOTD  for Day 1 instructions  ( Need to read up on boss 1 )

Crash in Dalaran 3 times.  Give up.  Hearth to my non Dalaran Inn.  Log into my bank alt and grab enough stuff to chant/gem  my off spec gear that I just never got round to – Grab some flasks spare food – send them to my main.  Log into Main to put in bags ( just in case there be mail box bug or something  (taking precautions… )  Chat to two people who wanted to say hello.  Assure the Guild I wasn’t being hacked ( with all my crashing)

Log back to my bank alt come level 70 mage I never bothered leveling to 80 – Grab some Gylphs that I think I might use for the offspec I don’t really want to be.  – send them to my main.

and 3.5 min spare.

/breath. Blog. 

I’ve conceded if I want to keep my Raid Spot I best pick a healing offspec.  ( none of us have been given any guidance as to what sort of offspecs they expect us to be..  so well I will pick what I feel like, based on my knowledge,  ect ect..  and hope for the best.)   Ahhh I have no idea what Shadow Spec I’m gonna pick! – *runs off to

Awe crap.  *stops running. .   I am going to need to get some healer mods too .  Noooooooooooo

This is where it gets tricky.  I don’t want to learn to be the best healer I can be.  I’ve said that  before.  I know there are some  Healy priestys out there thinking the opposite – ” I don’t wan’t to learn shadow priest  spell rotations.. ”     But whats the point in playing if  I don’t at least attempt to be good.  ( not too good or they won’t let me back to shadow. )  PEEE VEEEE PEEEE spec ..   Its calling..   PEEE VEEEE PEEEE Spec..  /cry

 Darn it!  I don’t play with my real life friends because basically our goals in the game aren’t the same.    I want to raid.  I want the content.  I want to be great. I….   I’ve run out of things to want.  If I want all those things I need a guild capable of doing so,  and here I am.  In the right spot.   a Raider  in a raiding guild.   ( seriously..  we have 31 raiders signed up for tomorrow night and  and 4 hours untill sign up closes )where were these people last week..    really..   )

It won’t kill me to heal.  I Probably won’t even need to , but I think I am not going to have much spare time with a  4 day a week raiding schedule, and a 75% attendance rate.  So I won’t get time to do what I want to do anyways outside of raid. So I will give it a week and see how I feel/what happens.

More Patch Observations… An actual post about priests.

I finally got to get into a Bg without getting stuck in a loading screen, add to that that we had server shutdowns on a Saturday night ( sadley I was home..  Had a REALLY big friday night involving Beer. Chinese Food and Glacier Ice* (we call it Windex) so I was most upset to lose an hour of play during peak, and so was most of oceania.

So getting past a very bad weekend of people not being able to log into instances, or BGs – thus prompting massive raids on opposition towns causing additional lag – between struggling to do anything of note on my main due to these massive issues, and questing and leveling on my second priest who has been holy since since this patch.   I have had some more thoughts!

My Shadow priest build is 10/0/51 – I don’t have meditation but in a boss encounter I have a Fiend on a 3 min cool down – dispersion on a 3 min cool down, and the use of a single Pot. – I think  my current build  will do for all the nerfed bosses in current content – I may need to readdress this once I hit Northrend, but  I will have more points to play with as I level to 80.

I’ve taken up in the shadow tree, – all the essentials.. Form, Ve, ( not improved)  Vt, dispersion, as well as anything that adds + damage or crit

In the Disc tree only Twin disciples, inner fire and  Improved word fort.

My Almost level 57 Holy Priest
is 16/28/3
My Dis tree has as many of the surviability talents as I can fit, in my holy tree I wasn’t interested in healing so points have gone into things that increase holy spells generally, and for leveling I’m staying away from the healing only talents, and of course Spirit Tap. ( only the 3 point one)

In Bg’s:
The Single Buff for raid is awesome. However people are still being stingy and not using the Raid Buffs ( I wish I could take it back off them as the pally mounts up without dispensing not even a Gheto buff)
If reagents were even cheaper, then there is nothing to stop you from reapplying your Fort buff to the raid again at various intervals to help keep them topped up, but no – I don’t want to spend that much silver on ingrates.
Shadow Priests now have a better chance against Rogues in Bg’s – The loss of Starshards hurt.  To replace a Mana free spell with Devouring Plaugue @ 615 mana hurts a little, but If you have doted and Vampiric embraced up you target, as well as added Devouring plague which heals back %15 of your damage AND have a Glyph of Powerword: Sheild which heals back 20% of your absorbed damage AND throw a dispersion in at %90 damage reduction for 6 secs you have a decent chance now.
while your getting kidney jabbed and stunned, your dots/shield are healing you. Meaning that they have to poke you a little longer and hopefully reinforcements come by then

Leveling / Questing as holy on my 2nd priest, is awesome. Not only do we have access to all the Shadow Spells ( bar the talent tree ones) we can also Heal, and use the holy spells which have greatly improved in their damage output. I will not need to go shadow to level her up. DPS holy priest here I come. Why should I have to heal 😛
Do you think I could get away with not having a Healing Holy priest?

Conversation would go
Will you heal?
I’m Holy DPS

All the + healing enchants are altered.

Enchant Weapon – Major healing for the same mats as before gives you +40 spell power. 8x large Prs, 8 x primal water 8 x primal Life

for the same effect for 40 spellpower
Enchant weapon – Major Spellpower for 8x large pris and 8 x greater Planar.

and For Hands – for 19 spellpower
Enchant gloves Major Healing = 6 x Greater Planar 6 x Large Pris 6 x Primal Life
Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower + 20 spell power
6 x greater planar 6 x large pris 6 x Primal Mana

and for Bracer
Enchant Bracer – Superior healing for +15 Spell power
x4 greater planar x4 primal life
Enchant bracer -Spell power for 15 Spell power x6 large Prismatic x6 primal Fire x6 primal water

basically same enchants, different mats, and they could be cheaper but at least in the case of a healers/spellcasters bracer enchant, its MUCH cheaper to get what was the healing enchant.


*  None related wow stuff. Skip if you want 😛

Because I like sharing things.  Glacier Ice / Gletscher Eis  ( Windex) is a rather sweet Scnapps found in German Bars. ( like we have one in The Rocks in Sydney which alot of Guilds seem to use as a meet up place, and by chance as I was already out in city after work with some other friends, when another friend ( who plays wow) called me and  wanted me to meet him at said German Bar I went, and introduced the people I was with and him to this little devil.

Disclaimer: While it may have been nick named windex by us – It does not taste like windex. It is however a bright blue drink.  It also caused all my friends to screw their faces up like they were drinking windex. Its not a drink for the fient hearted, and probably contributed to my hang over

But I likes it. ( if anything for the novelty and the interesting taste. )

So Maybe I Get to use my Shattered Sun Pendant after all.

So the patch is up – and Patch notes available for your Perusal…PatchNotes

It seems my complaint ( and lots of other peoples about the Procing ability of The Shattered Sun Pendant of Acument) Shattered Sun Pendants has been addressed.

The Patch notes advise that the “Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen: The triggered effect from this Item can now occur on periodic damage ticks” So theoretically that means it will work for a shadow Priests Shadow Word Death as well as the Damage ticks from Vampiric Touch, but from the sounds of it, I’m not sure our channeled spells, Mindflay and Star Shards ( if your a Night Elf) will proc on it.
What the patch notes don’t say, but I read somewhere else some time ago when this was was that the Damage done on Procing has been nerfed, and that makes sense. Warlocks would probably like this change as well due to their Dots

I’m also happy about the rogue nerf. I dont think its going to stop them from kidney jabbing me as often as they can, but if I see them 1st… watch out!

The funny thing about patch notes as you read them through, that they fix things that you didn’t even know about, and are going to make me look a little closer at some of the vendor Items.
– Several items sold by the Consortium reputation vendor Paulsta’ats are now bind on pick-up: Formula: Enchant Weapon- Major Striking, Design: Delicate Blood Garnet, Design: Shifting Shadow Draenite, Design: Lustrous Azure Moonstone, Design: Thick Golden Draenite

I guess that means that you used to be able to buy and sell on the AH….

And the new Macro Commands /targetenemyplayer, /targetfriendplayer ” I am guessing that means it will target the closest Enemy/Friend ? from a useability aspect, It could be useful for dotting the closest enemy player, or casting any offensive spell at them, and the opposite for healers, but given most healers use an add on for healing I’m not sure how this would be of use to them..

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