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Internet woes.

For Some reason my net recently has gone bad.

Well at least my net when it comes to Wow today, is around 1000ms odd  at best 2000-3000 at worst  ALL the time. I’ve disabled the downloading of the patch during play and after play, and while doing Bg’s I would keep getting booted off.

I stopped browing news pages with their annoying new flash banners,  disabled anything that could be sucking resources,  reduced my settings, disabled some add ons did a spybot check,  Virus scan, Unkinked my ethernet did some googling on ethernet cables and packet loss – wishing my It geeky friends werent in bed

ahh its gone down to 500 odd now.. and i didnt do anything.

back to 700 odd.  Now I know aussies dont get the best ping,  but ho w much better could we do if we had better connections..  but the only way to do that would be to have servers in oz and that would mean that no aussies would play on american servers, and we would lose contact with so many other people – but thats all been debated before..  and I dont know enough of the technical side to add my 2cents

but I think I have problems.  I know there is a ping test command,  but am still looking for that and apparently there is a registry fix I can try, but I dont want to play with anything untill I actually understand it – so will consult google and some friends.

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