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Player Housing – My take on it.

Kudos – and Credit firstly to  Tobold at Tobold’s MMORPG Blog Post on Player Housing who asked
“What do you think? Would you like to see such guild housing in World of Warcraft”

Absoultely….. but. Where does it stop? – This could be HUGE>> I like most of Tolbolds ideas…

The things I would like from player housing/Guild Housing would need to consider the following things..

From a guild Point.
A house, or a guild hall should be a place to show off your accomplishments, achievements, I like Tobolds idea about the trophy room I have some further ideas..
Each completed raid with a 75% single guild make up could have a badge or a plarque to hang ( this would stay with the guild name and would not be transferable. Yeah we cleared Dead Mines!!
Having said that, the Guild Hall or Foyer could be made public access. The Hall would only be active if there was a guild member in residence, and people could select the Guild they wanted to vist from an active list and wander into their hall and check out the guild progression…. Player Portraits of the officers and GM could be on the wall
Kennels for Hunter Pets
From an individual Point
I like Tobolds idea about the armour sets on Mannequines it would save bankspace and you wouldnt have to delete your Items. ( however There would be a cost for each mannequine.)
A bed or a couch and ‘rest’ time could give you a minor buff like a spirit increase for 30 min – you could also display all your titles / achievements on the wall. Eg Instances cleared – earned titles, Arena teams / PVP ratings.
People would need to be allowed to walk into your room and have a look – The quaity of funishings would reflect on your prestige – A wardrobe facility ( bankspace saver.. ) would allow you to wear in the hall Items you brought /earned Eg Special Events Holiday outfits. An equivilent to outfitter would make changing out of your armour simple. It could also let you change your hair style..
Non combat Pets could stay in the room. Imagine your little white kitten curled asleep in a cat bed, while your Bird or Firefly is on a perch ( these pet assesories would come with a cost.. )

Calander/raid sceduling could be done ingame and displayed by the appropriate class. Raid annoucements, and news displayed on clickable boards.
A Noticeboard for Notes, or messages such as Afk’s ect ect.. Item requests,
It also could allow visitors to leave comments/ messages or guild applications.
The hall would have a mail box – and Bank,
A Library for reference materials or Warcraft Lore books – Or when you find a book eg in Scholomance you can bring back a copy and store it in the library.
Cooking facilities Food vendor – Armourer..

Bar /beer facilities in the hall.
Guild round table where the officers and GM could sit and discuss things
Couches and A fire.. a Place to meet before raid, rest/go afk..

Besides excluding alot of people just on what I will gather will be an affordabiliy point of any housing, Blizzard would need to find Enough reasons for people to want one.. Enough reasons for people to use one.. and Keep using it, and enough things to do while there…. Without removing the need for other vendors/trainers..
Eg – are we so entrenched with the Virtual world that we want our Virtual toons to be able to surf the Warcraft web and Buy what they need without leaving the couch in the guildhall.
It would be a trade off – as to what people want available.. and what would effect the game dynamics.. I like running into the auction house with everyone else and using it.

Just some ideas.. some probably aren’t orginal, but its a take.. not claiming copywrite..

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