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Rebel Mage offers free ports.

I like this person

So I mailed them 60 Runes of portals in support of their cause –   ( too little?  too much?)  it was dependent on my bag space at the time, and it was more a token gesture of support as opposed to a sponsorship.

I have been watching the trade chat in response to the mage daring to offer a free service when all the other mages are selling for exorbitant profit and its been funny

They have been called a communist,  they have been officially removed from the mages union  –  been accused to being so lonely they need to offer free ports for attention.   I can’t imagine what sort of whispers they have been getting, as trade chat has been very much against them.

I think mages should make a profit from this opportunity,  but then I can see the reasoning about making the price more reasonable than 20 or 30 gold, but one person charging nothing has forced others to be alot more reasonable.

I’ve not needed a port.  I’d be ok with paying 10g,  and at the moment with mages selling their services as opposed to having to whisper one to ask nicely.  I feel that the convenience of a portal is still  available if I need it and 10 gold is considered reasonable

I would have thought that competition would have kept their fee’s down, ( one person is offering a free ride on his rocket and a portal for 10 gold)

Mages can now offer ports as a money making service,  and are not necessarily being interrupted in their play for one.  They sit in trade looking for work much like a person selling their trade and they can bulk portal people,  just keep inviting them to a group untill the portal  expires.

I’m not going to put a price on someones time,  because forgetting the 18 silver cost for the reagent,  that’s the real cost.  The inconvenience of time, so really people can charge what they want, depending on the competition. I still have the choice of saying no,  too much.

What the free portal person is trying to do, I think is get people to rethink what is reasonable,  and I don’t think they can sustain it, unless they are actually enjoying  what seems to be the main result of their crusade, peeing  people off  in trade as they certainly spent a good deal of time there.

A few people seemed to come around to this idea of free ports, and maybe I wasn’t the only person to send them Runes in support.    Other mages went on ‘union breaks in support of the cause.

I think though I like them more for being different and standing up to the onslaught of a trade attack.  People seem to get really upset when someone cuts into their profits,  and who knows..  maybe they are getting enough tips through this free business to make more money then the people charging 10 gold, and that right there would make them the smarter business person.  Eliminate the competition through  this ‘ don’t get ripped off model’  but then reap rewards from the grateful people.

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