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Premade- X realm Av’s: Resistance is futile

While waiting for a friend to finish a fail Toc 25 Run I logged into the vent of the premade AV group that we are seeing being organised a fair bit in trade channel.  Getting people from our Battlegroup, Bloodlust into a vent, and organising a premade by all getting into the same AV Queue.

I had never done it before,  and I was getting a little confused.

“If it doesnt pop for you get into  vent chat”  ?  Huh ?  Why?  and I see some peoples  name change on vent to ( C) in front..    Oh 

“Afk Check – Change your note to   ”

“Que in 1, 2, 3”

I managed to follow them for one BG – and then failed by not understanding the bit about not entering untill we checked how many people didnt get it,  and  me  hitting enter BG when the wrong number popped for most people. So I left the vent, and  spent the next half hour in a fail AV.

I had another go later and it all made so much more sence.  I now knew what standing on the lamp post meant  ( to identify how many in the BG were pugs)  The strat was getting familiar and the premade raid leader shooting off commands like a machine gun.  The best leader was a Woman who I swear had the battle map engraved in her brain in real time.

These people were professionals.

    “Groups 1 & 2 go..   Recallers go now…   Get back on the choke point.  Don’t stand on fail hill  ( you know that hill outside drek that people always bounce around on while waiting to go into Drek – well that is fail hill and I will never stand on it again)   “Go left of Belinda its the fastest way Do not stop for anyone,  do not help anyone,  do not stand near the edge of a tower you will get pulled off and die ect.  ”

It wasn’t about achievements, it was about maximizing honor, and was still a lot of fun  ( it’s always fun to win)

Does the fun of a BG change when it’s organised? – It was awesome to be involved in such a well orchestrated premade of that scale, and yes by being ‘lead’  we succeeded in every BG we went into,  firstly because we had firm leadership or more so a ‘leader’  that didn’t just post a strat on start up, and then not maintain control and also  that everyone in that channel was there to win, and willing and open to being lead.   If you didn’t do what you were told,  there was the threat of being kicked, and rightly so.  You are doing this premade to take instructions and contribute to the success of the group.    Any  gung ho – I’m gonna do what I want thing is a threat to that sucess.

On the down side the premade was imposing itself on the randoms that managed to slip in with us, and the sheer number of us,  meant that we were really playing our own game and they could either go along for the ride and win,  or they could try and fight against the maelstrom of our army.  Might this affect the enjoyment of their game?  It could.  Did we care?   Nope.



BG Tards.

We had been doing semi guild premade Ab’s, and had about 7-9 people playing at various times,  we were winning most of the time,  I even brought out my trusty Ab Strat Macro 

/bg G1 gm G2 bs G3 lm then to farm. Cap what you keep, and have fun!

So its not going to be lauded as  the best  military strat, but it gives people a start to focus on – and because winning a bg is a team effort – its good to have everyone on the same page.

We started losing one BG, and two non guild member players started bagging out our realm and our guild – and that  we were fail ect ect..  They pointed to  their Hk’s and damage on the metres where they were the top 2.

I pointed out to them that it meant that they were HK farming.

They tried to explain it meant that they were good Pvpers in less then pleasant tones.

Firstly they disregarded the Strat Macro which weakened what ever Group they were in and decreased the likelyhood of a cap early on,    their kill counts, and damage showed that they were not babysitting nodes,  they were just chasing kills.

Now a Mobile attack Zerg type team with a high damage output could be quite useful as a strat, but what ever they thought they were accomplishing,  they were only able to do it because other people  were their support troops, and stayed behind being babysitters on the nodes we were managing to defend  while they merrily disregarded working as a team   and did their own thing.

Being half a premade doesn’t make us the ultimate authority, but we obviously have a communication advantage as we are more likely to be on vent, if they had worked with us, and not against us then our success could have been much like our other wins. 

They also got personal, and went beyond the “Alliance sucks” that you often hear in Bgs – (  its quite funny playing on Horde side while BGing because they go through the whole ” Horde sucks”  line of chat too) They started to attack my arena rating.  I was Loling because I have never seriously done arena but this was the lengths they were going to – to attack us – I Don’t think the others had ever done arena so they had no rating to pick on.

I thought their attitude stunk but they weren’t affected too badley because of their kills they had earned more honor

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