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The Last Witness to a lot of wiping

My Fail Angel is the a last witness.

And it’s tempting to keep watching.

I sometimes forget that I need to click off the fail angel to ‘die’ and I have been dying a lot. But we are now 5/8 25 man Heroic leaving piles of bones behind in Dragon Soul – but taking epic lootz with us.

and who wouldn’t want to hang around and watch the likes of these types of fireworks.

Fire bug is not helping.

and boys and girls. Do not step into little purple puddles on your own = more fail angels.

I also wonder at what point I should confess I not really shadow priesting much. I’d like to claim all three specs as part of my ‘player’ identity.  But heals has been much easier to do stuff with in cata, and I am finding it easier to heal, then dps right now.

I’m raid Healing as holy, and my offspec is now Disc for Pvp with a  half hearted attempt to try and do arena and rated bgs ( stay away from trade chat pugs or random people wanting to do points for fun! )

It has been an adjustment getting back into raiding, needed to be more aware of time, and making sure I could do shopping/washing/garbage/dinner/don’t finish too late at work to make sure I have time to take a breath before I sit and raid.

I’m finding the guild atmosphere to be much like the guild I missed so much in Ulduar days, and that may or may not be in part that there is a greater gender balance – and happily vocal gender balance in this 25 man then my ICC 25 man raid guild.

Leap of Faith can be used for evil too

I went disc healing spec for heroics ( more on that another time) and so I went to the BG’s to practice my new  spells and binds.

Faced with my growing disillusionment of the quality of azerothian pugging  kind, and an increasing itch to raid – I have have naught but Pvp to turn to. So I have been Disc healing BG’s and feeling better about priest survivability.  As holy in BG’s you do more healing when your dead, and as a squishy shadow priest I would often be lost in the deluge of CC.

So I get to live longer,  help others live longer, and practice my Disc priesting.

I’ve found the most use for Leap of Faith, aka” Life Grip” the Priest equivalent to the death-knights Death grip to be  in PVP.

It has been great for flag carriers.  I can either ride a head of them, and pull them closer in my tender embrace, or pull them out  the pile of Horde they ran into thinking they were tanking critters and not carrying precious cargo on their backs.

It is fun to yank someone away from an enemy target – and you can imagine them thinking ” where did they go…?”

I can also life grip flag carriers in Eots WHEN THEY RUN THE WRONG WAY.

It took several comments by people in the BG eg ” Are you blind”: WTF are you doing” in a Eots to work out what two people were doing.  Grabbing the flag, and running towards Horde controlled bases only to get smashed down by the Horde defense, and Horde cap it. So I started lifegripping them back.

They did this a few times much to our frustrations.

By this time we were 2 bases to 2 bases and close to 100o points a side and relying on that flag cap to get ahead, and they were losing the flag,  and potentially sabotaging our win.

They finally said ” Oh we are doing an achievement”

“letting horde cap our flag and us lose is your achievement?” I asked

They were doing storm trooper.

Eventually they got their achieve .  and yes we won the BG because when they got their achievement ” Now we can win”  says one of the achievement hunters

I’ve made it clear before that I am not really an achievement hunter and I am biased against single agendas ruining a game.  What erks me  though is that they didn’t tell anyone.  If they had of we could have helped.  Would we have helped? weeellllll People are fickle.  I am sure if we were winning comfortably, and one or two people said “sure”  we would have helped / been more accommodating,  rather then  getting upset at the lack of consideration to 13 other peoples game, especially when their actions were bringing us closer to losing.

Yes I lifegripped them back the right direction at the flag spawn area after I found out about the achievement attempt, but only once! So I am only a little evil, and yes that was me being spiteful, and its a 1.5 min cool down so I couldn’t do much harm.

I’d like to think that most of the time when I lifegrip someone that I am making the right decision.  Taking them from harms way,   helping a flag go a little bit closer. I don’t ask them” would you like a lifegrip?   I was lifegripped once and a whisper along the lines of ” lifegripping you to me” let me know what suddenly I was feeling strangely disorientated. I imagine the real life equivalent would feel much like some random in a Hawaiian shirt grabbing you on the dance floor and twirling you around.

I hesitate life gripping melee because I think, especially in a pvp situation that they just want to go all Starbuck on them and “fight them till they can’t.” Me removing them from a glorious death may upset them.

Another time I was running behind the flag carrier in WSG, and he was getting into some trouble in a pack of horde. I had a  nano second to consider that it was probably bad to go backwards,  but he was gonna die if he stayed there.  So I yanked him to me,  he still died.  Then I did.

So I hold to that when I do use it,  I  feel I am using it for the benefit of your safety,  even our AWOL flag carriers in Eots.  At the time I thought they were confused, and just going the wrong direction, so the life grips were more a “hey..  this way mate”  but has anyone felt that they have been ‘inappropriately  life gripped  ( beyond in jest with friends)

I’ll also link this comic  from Shannagins from Deviantart on lifegrip  because I think we should all consider the gravity of our boon. A comic panel says….

” Man, that’s going to be the most abused spell ever made”

”  I know, right? That’s why they’re giving it to us holy priests. You Know, for safe keeping

It was given to Priests for safe keeping.  Besides a Pally’s Divine intervention and 10 min cooldown, for which the Paladin must save on repair bills sacrifice his life to use. We have been granted an ability that interferes with friendly targets, and we should,  my fellow priests. Use it wisely.

Healing is not fun.

Merry Christmas!

Hope Santa was good to you.   My mother told me long ago that Santa only comes to people who believe in him,  so since I believe in any man that delivers…


Yes I have been quite on the blog front, but I’m not down and out.  Just needed to find the meaning of fun again, which is kind of funny considering Wow is  a game.

I was trying to pin point the reason for my malady, and I have come to the conclusion that I am having healing issues.  I do not like healing holy at the moment.

Dislike. Detest. Hate. Abhor.

It’s been ok when I know the tank, but pug tanks, pug dps – its a pain.    Some we will be fine on  and we will even complete the dungeon,  others multi wipes on the 1st boss.

It is against the core of a healers mindset to let people stay at half health. Must fill up health bar!

It has been a great source of frustration for me, and I can never tell when its my fault,  or someone elses.

Eg if the tank dies in Grim Batol because the dps didn’t kill / cc  the Malignant trog then its my fault for not healing the tank through the damage, because otherwise the rest of the party would need to know the consequences of that trogg causing a  damage taken increase to the tank.  A tank just sees his health going down. The Dps just sees the tank dieing and them getting agro. It’s quite easily the healers fault.

“I hope your better than the last priest” says one group.

” the two druid healers before you sucked”  said another

I got into a cat fight with a dps when I suggested that ” Maybe the party was taking too much damage for the healers to heal”  the freshly dinged and cheating to 329 ilevel dps told me to ” get out of his instance” for suggesting he was bad.  it got a little heated and ” I told him to die in a fire..  oh wait  he already was.. ”  my fault for baiting, but I felt obliged to defend the healers that had come before me and suffered.  It was funny cause that dps then made an alt on my server  – to wait….  apologize – other people I know get people making alts on their servers to troll them or say nasty things. I get an apology.

I can’t see how a healer in this expansion could be lazy.  Sure we make mistakes, or bad choices.  I shouldnt have tried to cast a 2.7 sec heal when I have a  1.3 flash but panic healing is gonna run me oom.

The majority of my successes have been with friends – where I get to dps 🙂  I’m finally in better gear – with much lesser mana issues , and just really need the rep pieces now.  I’m not touching the crafted pieces because  I don’t believe that they are a significant upgrade, and in some cases of lesser stats then other pieces available, and wtf is with the +10 mastery stat gem socket bonus on the crafted dps belt, and where are the healing crafted legs. Not on the vendor.

I had planned on healing more in Cata – but I think my offspec  shall be Shadow Pvp untill I overgear the mana issues for the heroic content.

I get the choosing the right spell  for the damage being taken.  I get choosing to prioritize  targets  I get the need to balance cool downs like Chakras and serendipity,  – and balancing using mana pots and whatnot  but this mana business.  Why make the healers job even more stressful

Cata was supposed to wake dps up a little,  that you can’t just faceroll the content and frack up because the healer or tank will save you,  it hasn’t woken them up,  it’s just shifted the blame entirely on the healer.  We can’t output enough heals to cover up bad.

Of course it’s different with people you know.   The people I run with have a no pug policy – they get people they know – heroics are done with everyone on vent.

Why do I still pug? – I want the freedom to run stuff when I want to.  I like pugs, you learn new strats,  get lessons in patience, and understanding, get challenged in different ways, but it’s getting bad trying to run  them.  I don’t have the heart anymore.



Destroying the Cake.

You spend hours making a cake.  Not only did you make it from scratch, you shopped for the best ingredients and decorations and even made fondant figurines and used food colouring  and silver and gold balls, and  6 different decorating nozzles and then – guess what happens?
People eat it.  They don’t stand there tasting the love in each mouthful but they push past each other, and fight over the fondant rainbow – shoving chocolate and cream into their mouths  until nothing is left but the tin foil covered cake stand and a mush of cake remains.
Thats what I felt I did with my Questing to 85 – I destroyed someones cake – and I didn’t even stop to taste the difference in the cake layers – I went from zone to zone and chewed through the quest lines. Untill I hit 85.
If you are 85 – right now, Just on a week after release,  can  you tell me you did any different. That you stopped and enjoyed the smell of the coffee beans, and the light vanilla layer,  letting it roll over your tounge, or did you put your hands first into the top layer and munch down.
So instead of a cook, or a cake decorator, how about a quest writer or designer.  Every quest so lovingly written, only to be trampled on by a bunch of over eager levelers.
I had so much fun doing some of the quests.   ( brain blank on specifics..  it shall come to me one I have purged  myself of the chatter that is in my head)   Click click. Done. Spent less time on some quests then I’m sure it took to write the quest text.
It’s most certainly sad at the rate that people chewed through the quests like hungry zombies..    EXPPPPPPPP   EXPPPPPPPPPP – but some people are already working on their 2nd 85’s so hopefully they are enjoying the 2nd time round.
I dinged before bed Sunday night  – and  I finally hit 329 Ilevel to get into Heroics tonight,  ( Tues)  but you can guess what I did….  I de’d a green which was worth 2 points and I am now back down to 327 and servers going down soon – hence blogging! , So I shall not be running heroics until I fix that.  320 more earthen ring rep and I shall have a new cloak which may push me over.  Good news though!  The Mats from the DE got me one point and pushed me to 495 enchanting.
I did ‘cheat’ on my ilevels  I have 3 pieces of crafted pvp gear in my bags. Not wearing,  ( sacrilege that would be) but their presence in my bags means that I get a better, best ilevel average.  You don’t even need to equip them.  Just have them in your bags.
I feel a little guilty at the devouring of the content,  but I’ve got 5 alts I want to see to 85 eventually, so I will get to pick and choose a little.
Shadow Priesting is currently fun, and strange.   I did a few normals in my Questing, and have done a few at 85 for gearing up.  I healed the first few I queued for 1 1min wait v a 46 min wait was  a better option,  but healing felt so hard. Mana was a precious resourse,  as another healer said in a dungeon”  I am learning what things are worth the cost to dispel”   ( this was at level 83) and now my gear is all over the shop so I am not game to queue as heals again untill I fix  some stuff.
As shadow,  I do ok on metres,  but it really depends on cooldowns.   I love the look of dark Evangelism  – black wings sprouting from my back.  I have broken out and healed a few times to save the tank  – I guess that means I don’t trust healers much.  Well….. I have not ever over helped,  if that makes sence.  I help rescue, or  strengthen the position with some heals until the healer has them under control.  Then I go back to dpsing.   I just wish they would say “Halp”  or maybe I should tell them, if they need help to say so in party, and I can jump right in.
Mana is still hurting.  Give me a month and we will all be so OP again .

Drink from the well.

My Holy build has Lightwell on both my priests, from what I can gather, there isn’t much choice in the matter.

But who clicks on it?

I thought to try using a Lightwell Macro to encourage people to use it more.

Though this one might be more affective.

Failing it ever gets used as a proper healing tool,   I now have my own portable podium to dance, and preen on


The 3 P’s


The patch has really thrown me off kilter. My toons are strangers.   I have 5 80’s on 3 different realms, two  are priests so it’s was a little easier sorting the 2nd one out, but I am happy with my Shadow and 2 holy specs between them.  I reforged 2 pieces on my Shadow Priest, lost some hit for Haste, and I am at 17.8 hit now.  I only need 17%

Hunter and Mage I just went duhhhhhhhhhh  smacked around a test dummy, and went this is is too complicated.

I use Vuhdu as my Raid Frames,  all my healers click to heal, I tend to look at health bars anyway so I have ingeniously set up my mend pet on my hunter as a click on the  pet bar raid frame, I will expand on this idea of other things I can stick on there like some more pet commands. I am a bad hunter in that I don’t care about my pet’s health as often as I should. This should make more aware.

Warrior is still sitting there waiting to be logged into. She scares me the most.  The tanks I have been healing have lost their smoothness, the confidence, the control – I am sure it will all come back,  but I didn’t so much have those qualities before the world got turned upside down. So I am not ready for her again. Yet.

There were so many things missing from my bars.  Food, pots, flasks, hearth stone. Like. WHY! * hunts rounds bags to find them all again. I am still missing spaces on all my toons, and I am thinking crap – what am I missing.

I don’t like Bging at this moment. I feel weak, and even wearing 1.2 resil – getting cut down way too quickly.  I am dispelling more in BG’s for now, there seems to be more to dispel, and people are dying to easily to dispellable things. I am liking healing holy for now though as I am able to pump out heals pretty quickly,  ( as long as I am resilenced up )  mana regen seems ok  or maybe I am just dying more before I get OOM.

Yeah for saving 5k on already having 310 flying – I had my Ulduar and ICC drakes on my main,

I am working on getting my 4k justice points,  1k to go and I dragged a poor friend through Heroics last night who was confused why I would be needing so many ‘badges’. I am hoping it will give me some advantage come Cata since they will still be rewarding JP points for the normal 80-85 runs.


It burns. I am hurting.  I am tired of my soul being separated from my body after dying from the most stupidest things. I haven’t finished a TOC on Proudmoore yet.  ( insert random things pugs do to fail ) I think most issues could have been resolved with better communication and a little more patience. I would rather 2 extra min highlighting important parts of a fight,  then a wipe. I don’t care if you have your achievement.  It probably means you got it dead on the floor anyway.  Though vent as a communication channel in a bad pug is as bad as no vent in a bad pug.  Very hard to take a RL in ICC serious when he is stoned.  Though he did offer to let me take over RL  if I ” kept talking”  This was kind of funny because the girl who told the raid  that she was ” Blonde – hot – with a great butt” got less attention then me who congratulated someone on getting Trauma.  Next time I take it over. I swear if it means we actually get further I will raid lead. No more interjecting with small suggestions like kill the spikes – or waiting for the RL to finish slurring his so-called strat.  Lets see who I can pee off by being a pushy bossy chick because at this rate I don’t think I could  make it any worse.

I have a baby resto druid I am leveling through LFG. Lobie LFG’s are a bit like a DND dungeon – it doesn’t matter what your role is,  if you rolled a higher initiative then the tank you go first. I offered to stop healing a pesky tanking mage  – tank said to let him pull, so I worked twice as hard keeping the mage and the tank up. Thankfully the mage had to stop occasionally for mana. Another tank in stockades asked for a little patience because this was new to him.  He got it, and he learned from the experience.

A rogue critiqued my healing ” Why did I die”  he asked ‘ Maybe it was the 6 mobs you agro’d running ahead.”  I said ” Maybe it was cause I got no heals”  he said. So I told him ” I can’t heal through stupidit”  ” You can’t spell”

/sigh ( I was typing too fast!) It doesn’t matter what you say or even if you are right, it’s how you spell it!

I like my druid. Maybe because she’s a lobie, I get to learn her slowly.  I think too much time has passed between playing my mage and hunter regularly, so I don’t know them at all. Losing most of my buttons off my bars  didn’t help.  Since when do mages have mana gems? ( Jokes. Kinda. I sorta did forget.)

I did a  couple of gnomer  runs and taught the first group where to jump.   2nd party didn’t need instruction they just did it, and of course, mage and hunter pets were not dismissed and we wiped.

Releasing before combat ends in some instances means for what ever reason, intended or not that you  rez at the graveyard with hardly any health.  This seems like a lot of potential fun   nuisance on a pvp realm.


I might be going holy in Cata.  I love shadow, and I will always have an offspec, but I always feel more wanted as holy. I know I should play what  I have the most fun playing,  but fun is  also seeing content, it’s killing things, it’s not dying, and half my problems and stress as a dps disappear when stuff like killing adds is no longer my problem at all, and if the DPS don’t get the healers out of things like spikes then they die, and being just another dps isn’t special. Especially when dps now seems so much more just that  they are damage dealers.  They just damage with different pictures on different buttons, where as a healer you enable people to do damage no matter what picture is on their buttons.

It’s not as often a healer links their metres to boast. Mostly because less people care about healer epeen,  ( though I know healers do also have egos) and stuff like overheals, and dispels can be linked as counterarguments anyway. Everyone else is being distracted by their DPS epeen.

I have been playing Shadow ever since I left my first kara guild, and I learned that the Shadow /Disc spec I was in was bad for my dps, and I upset them by saying – “I’m not spec’d right – I don’t want to be your spirit buff ho anymore” I have casually raided as holy, but I haven’t changed my mains as people do,  but I love the priest class.   It’s under my skin.  Maybe it is time to change to heals.

Do you look after Healers in BG’s?

Yes I have been Pvping a lot. 31900 odd HK’s to go to 100k kills.  It’s going to be a long time.

I was healing an Eye of the Storm this weekend and a little Pally healer  is yelling at people to protect them.  It took me a little while to get close enough to gear check them – and I think my snarky retort in Bg chat of  “It’s a little hard to protect you with 16k Health and no resilence’ probably got completely missed.

Protect the healers – Lol

I don’t expect to get protected at all while healing in a BG.  I have a trinket – I have fear, I have GS,  I have Shadow Meld.  ( Shadow Meld is very useful when getting smacked around by pets of any kind.   Works on  Army of the Dead, hunters pets ect. ) I can also heal myself.  I have to take some responsibility for my own  life – I mean I’m the healer damn it.

It’s not like I can ask a dps to heal me – hopefully they are either destroying the horde, or ccing them, and I am keeping them alive long enough to be more affective.

I have never asked people in a BG to protect the healer. Should a healer expect to be protected?

I work on the principle of  if you get heals in a bg your lucky. There is no target priority in any bg bar the flag carrier in WSG/EOS.  It’s keep up who you can, so if you are getting any heals be grateful. Mana gain in BG’s with that nerf, and  in Pvp gear can be pretty terrible – hence why I am in half pve gear while healing  – in Pvp healing gear it was heal untill your OOM – die then do it all over again, and I know some BG healers don’t even bother with Pvp gear at all. I like to be somewhat harder to kill.

As a dps I don’t do too much to protect healers,  I might fear any melee/pets away from them,  shield them , target their attackers – but not so much because I am protecting a healer, but more because it’s Pvp – and often thinking does not often move past.


Fear or death is usually the only thing to get a enemy off a healer anyway, sometimes they don’t notice the healer behind the dps healing their little heart out,  but when someone gets a little smart and ” Kill the healers First” command is issued – well then your healer is in trouble anyway.

I think a 16k health person – healer or not with no resilience is asking WAY too much for people to protect them.  Yes everyone needs to start somewhere – but it’s one of those times I would like to say ” Suck it up princess” because they can’t help you when you can’t even help yourself.

BGs take two…

I think we  also need to start a campaign for Disc Priests and the “Healing Done” on BG boards to include absorptions too.  While they are at it,  add dispels/decurses too.

Arena is the new ‘ Oh Shiney’

Since we had already done our progression Kill for the week – now the Armory updates – we had one attempt at Lich King Hardmode,  just to see,  and then killed him normal before calling the raid early. My Arena team decided we would try to fit some more games  while we could.

While the rest of the guild was trying to organise 25’s and 10’s for VOA ( because on BR you need to grab that opportunity – or it’s gone for the week)   I was getting my Wrathful Healing Chest,  enchanting/gemming, and respecing Disc.

I do not think I have ever spec’d disc before.  I had to learn all my penance ranks,  fill in the holes in my spell bars – shove extra things like  Pain suppression, Power Infusion, and Penance  – check my VuhDu keybindings so I didn’t have to change anything,  got Major Glyphs I wanted off the AH  and then I went into a BG on my own to test out my new healing spec , of course I got Strand of the Ancients  where everyone is so spread out that healing is real pain.  Arena peeps had come out of VOA by that stage so we did the BG daily, and we got AB and  I got extra practise.

We got a few more games in, by a few like 20 more, and got all our ratings up to 1400 – which I believe means I can buy a belt.

I’m having some issues with the concept of being allowed to use all these new cooldowns like PI and Pain suppression  on myself.  The only time I deliberately use GS on myself in holy form is healing Saurfang and I get a mark   ( especially now its back to it’s unglyphed cool down of 3 min)

I don’t think I am doing particularly badly.  This is my first attempt in arena,  in the PVP spec as heals while geared, and talented right, and I guess this means I am trying to take it seriously.

My fear of abandonment comes from being deserted in my BC arena teams. (Kidding)  but through circumstances including,  changing  guilds, people leaving the game,them getting bored, ect ect  I’ve never had a decent shot at arena before.   Oh 5v5 in BC – I left because I was sick of dying the 1st every single fight.

I used to think it was just an insane pvp friend grinding arena for hours to get a better rating, but no,  gone are the days of just doing 10 games a week, with maybe a few extras to try and improve your win/loss ratio.  Our total games are 49 with a 45% win rate for me.  Ew  That doesn’t sound impressive.

Guys..  you might need  a more experienced healer – I wont be offended.

4th 80 and its another priest

My second Priest  Ostara hit 80 over the weekend.

Yes I now have two.

Once upon a time, before there were duel specs , there was nasty rumours about people trying to make my main Zah heal. Besides the not wanting to cop the respec costs on a weekly basis, especially since I didn’t have epic flying. I didn’t like healing.
(It turned out.. I just didn’t like healing them.) I rolled a 2nd priest with the idea that if I was being forced to heal, I would say ” Fine – here is a healer.. gear her up if you want me to heal.” Of course that didn’t  work out, and she was abandoned at 70 in Wrath.

So because I really like priests She leveled 70-72 in bgs ( before the xp nerf.. ) and most of the rest has been done in Instances – less than a week later since dinging 80,  she is now on a Gearscore of around 3600  *  considering that  my other priest is healing the same instances with a Gearscore of 5300 ish in my healing set,  I don’t think she is doing too badly.

Her gear is mostly chanted, and gemmed with at least blue quality gems,   2 pieces of Tier 9 and as much Ilevel 200 gear she can get her hands on.   What is mainly failing her is trinkets.  Once I get them fixed then she will be uber.

I cashed in all hers and my Hunters Stonekeeper shards earned with the multitudes of instances done lately,  and got 40k honor from them,  so I bought a Pvp healing ring, more so that it was one piece of gear I wouldn’t have to replace in too much of a hurry,  well at least with the gear that’s obtainable so far.

She is however another 80 that won’t raid.

My main went a whole week without a raid,  not even an Ony,  or a GDKP  – I didn’t try – I spent more time standing around then I did playing her when I did log in.  I never got to kill putricide,  and now a new wing is out, and a little part of me is crying at all this missed content.   I was  in Naxx 1 hour after hitting 80 on my main,    I was in Ulduar on the day it came out,   I was in TOC the day it came out.   I look upon the ICC  instance portal with little pulls on my heartstrings.

*while gearscore doesn’t translate into skill,  I find it useful for at least tracking the majority of the quality of gear I am wearing on what ever alt

** Love the model view on armory,  I can post pics and not need my SS folder when I am not at home.

This is Why I really don’t want to have to rez one person because your too lazy to run back.

My two cents on “Harming others for being fair”   I’m sorry Tamarind got kicked from a group for sticking up for principles.  If I had been in that group,  then I probably wouldn’t have been so fervent in the principles of making them run back,  I would have rezed them.  Because it was POS and I want that trinket,  so yes I would sell my principles  for 5 min,  BUT! any other instances – I really have nothing to lose  so I can stick to my guns as much as I like.   ( I stand by leaving an instance cause a scrub dps made himself more scrub by wearing a santa hat and refused to take it off)

 I disagree that rezing one person because they were lazy can be more time efficient,  sure arguing with them is counterproductive,    but here are some numbers for you to consider from a priest healers perspective.

It Costs me 5.5k ish mana to rez on person you if you die in a dungeon –
2317 – Resurrection
1197 – Shadow Protection
1043 Fort
1004 Divine Spirit

So after a wipe add an extra add an extra 3k mana if I’m applying group buffs. Which I can’t do untill the person needing rezing pops up, and 
yes I have to rebuff everything or people get upset.

When I rezed into the instance I had  around half my mana pool of  23.6 k mana available,  so 11.8 k mana

To rez that one person,  heal them to full , top up the rest of the group that didn’t sit down and eat ( usually the non mana party members)  I am down at least 9-10k  mana – so all the while my mana regen is ticking,  I still need to inner fire myself, and sit down and drink myself back up to full mana.

Then the tank pulls because he is ready, and so is the rest of the party – its just that stupid slow healer  that is holding you up.

So the pull starts with me on 2- 3k mana.

Silly  – if it’s an easy pull – we survive,   but who wipes on the easy pulls in POS  – So if its one with flamebearers,  and diseases that need cleansing,  dispels that need dispelling,  group damage.  3k mana just doesn’t cut it.

 I am then expected to blow a cool down – a mana pot,  use my fiend,  to make sure I have enough mana to heal you because I don’t want to die.

Cool downs aka oh sh*t buttons should not be used due to impatience.

(working on the assumption in this senario the tank doesn’t wait – doesn’t have raid frames and is impatient – which is about 50% if the pug tanks I heal.  )

So the harm..   yes the harm is you might just wipe again…. 

I found out an interesting thing on Krick and Ick the other day – a tank made a terrible pull while there were too many adds up in the local area – the dps all blew up because they didn’t run out and no healer can heal through that..  so when Krick was running at me – the last party member alive. Ground shaking – his eyes ablaze.  I Shadow melded.

Meh – the only thing your failure cost me on that was the silver for the buff reagents. I can live with that.

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