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Aiming for Justicar

I’m 790 Rep short of Exalted with the League of Arathor, which is realistically  close enough,  but I have a long way to go for Silverwing Sentinels.

Apparently working on 35 Rep a flag return and 23303 to go untill exalted   with the Sentinels thats  665.8 Flags I need or 221 WSG Wins ( 3 flags in a win) .

If I play all weekend on a WSG weekend I apparently get +10 more rep per flag –  

/sigh  my life will have to be WSG for  the next month or three.

Is it worth changing my race to human so I need 66 less flags? ( or there about)

Why would I do something so Insane?

I love Pvp.  If there was a title amongst all the titles that I felt meant something to me.  Justicar would be one that represented where a lot of my time and love and hate goes.   

How does something so repetitious still be enjoyable?   It could be the pesky pally that JUST WON”T DIE!  Or the Warlock that chains me and goes  *opps when I have fear warded, and I have dotted him to death for a change.  The hunter who sends his pet after me,   and forgets to resend after I have Shadow Melded and his pet runs off and then I kill him, the thrill of chasing flag carriers – dispel fear, dot – the thrill of being the flag carrier.  Dispel, fear,  heal trinket ” HALP!”  Yelling at people to get out of the middle.   That first time everyone heads to the flag room in WSG and  your part of a team! untill the rogue stealth, some go up the tunnel,  some up the ramp.  Some one starts the fighting in the middle.  levitating off LM to BS and hoping no one sees you in time for a ninja cap.  The sound of your bikes engines roaring as you ride through the crisp clean snow in AV and so on. 

I get more out of Pvp emotionally then a raid.   So getting the PVP title would be more meaningful to me then my current “Of the Nightfall”  which while sounds cool – was done by bugging out Sarth, and dps zerging .  – how is that an accomplishment?

Priest Iphone App.

I feel special…..      

I have a IPhone.  I love it.   I can see me having humongous issues with paying for App’s – I have a few I bought, it’s like.. I want that App – and that one  and that one..  and ohhh  you mean you can get an app with how many vibration settings? ( YES YOU CAN )   I did have a gander at the WOW related apps available – and I is there!  So I feel a little special – turns out the developer is a Aussie –  ( yes I did go to the trouble of looking it up)   So perhaps chance is a little biased 😛

But just so you know –  you can get my RSS feed for free…   Big Orange RSS Button in the top Right hand corner.   You don’t need to buy  an app for it.

These Shoes were not made for healing.

These feet here are the shoes on my Human Priestess: Sister Benedron Action Figure. Yes I bought one from think geek because they were on sale, and I had to get myself a Tetris Icecube tray and some other stuff, and there are no Shadow Priest figurines so I thought as I do have a holy priest  ( my level 70 2nd priest)  I can still lay claim to a holy action figurine. 

 I finally took my camera to work where my figurine is sitting mocking me so I could take a pic of her shoes.


So if you ever wonder why your not getting any heals…….


Blisters wasn’t my problem in an AV that I took my Alt  priest to,  a player  complained about our healers  in an AV, and thus ended up on my no heals list for the length of that fight.  She was healing the 61-70 Av Bracket, and is often the highest, or 2nd highest healing this weekend, not because I’m a specially good healer,  but because usually there is only 1 or 2 a side.  Its not hard to get top healing lists if your the only one.  So yeah if you are getting any heals.  Feel lucky, and bagging out the one or two healers you actually have is not going to get you more heals.  no heals

Holy Nova for Shadow Priests



Aoe. I haz it.

Shadow Priests for the time being since  3.0.2  have a holy AOE, which I have been putting to use as much as possible because I just like the idea of blowing things up, and I like seeing all those pretty numbers flashing up on my screen as I do damage.  No longer am I useless on the mob pulls in Kara.  We don’t need a mage for AOE anymore! I have been using my burst of goodness as often as possible,  on the non elites just after Hex lord in ZA, On the Skellys in Auchindon: Auchenai crypts, and even bunched up elites when we have a pally tank. I just get in there and blow away.

I was hoping that I would get to do some Strath on my shadow priest now that I can kill the rats. Do you know how embarrasing it was dying from of all things a plague of rats because I couldn’t Aoe anything when those gates closed. Trying to solo Strath and being  bitten to death, Mortifying.  Alas I was rushing my holy priest to 70 last night so I parked my Shadow Priest in stormwind harbour  to wait for me to install WOTLK.

The downside of Holy nova is that its holy. It does require me to come out of Shadow,  but its worth the mana on all the nerfed content, and its fun!

I can now do AOE farming. Those Basilisks are doomed, if only I could get enough of them to stay in a group long enough for me to kill them. ( They have a tendancy to run away.. )

And in breathless anticipation.. 

At level 75 we will get Mind Sear


Its nice,  but its slightly on the mana expensive side, has a decent range ,and it will depend on what damage actually gets done when you add your +damage  – I wish I could have played with it in Beta.

I do not have WOTLK yet. I am waiting till after work to get it. But I have cleared tonite of social obligations so I shall be able to play.

Smelling the Twinkage…..

Oh that came out a bit odd…

But its so close I can feel it! – through  a mailed enquiry ( I sent a rather polite message to a person listed in a top guild who used to have the Twinks Healing power enchants for gloves and Weapon)  and I got a reply saying that he has 2 alts that can do them! – and that If I can’t catch him I can send him the mats/item and he will do it.  So I have – I have sent him  the Items and Mats and now wait till Wednesday when he said he would be back online.


Do I trust him? – Top Guild – Good reputation – Its in email form – and I sent him 150 Gold as payment for the 2 enchants.  A little over the top,  but given the market of gold today and the rareity of the enchants, and that he has to go out of his way to do them for me as I am not a guildy/friend.  I will tip well for services that I cannot perform because – There needs to be incentive for them to do them for me…  

I am currently wearing these pants

and Imagine this staff with +55 healing ( Enchant Weapon –  Healing Power )


“Of Healing – with +11 Healing Spells “

and the Enchant Gloves – Healing Power + 30 Healing.

( Those are the two Items are in mail to him …  )  For an extra 96 Healing ontop of my current 127 + Healing…  and I will have 223.

I am also working on getting the Argent Dawn rep Enchant  Enchant Bracer – Healing Power of +24

But all that extra healing comes at a cost of Stam Intell and Spirit,  I was outhealed  by another priest from my server in 1 BG last night.  It was a decent fight and she got 28k ( yes in 19’s WSG ) and I got 17k – We did win in the end how could we not with that sort of healing.

How did she do it? – She had more intell and Stam then me,  while her + healing was lower, she outlived/ didnt OOM like I did. Hence more presence on the field = more healing. I have all of one level of 19 to use in getting better gear, Like I have to go to the WSG Battlemaster to get the ring  I want after I get my trinket.

I think I am going to have problems with my Stam and Intell when I eventually get all my plus healing gear.   Wicked isn’t as well planned out as this other twink who had instance dropped items, but I will see how I go.

To Twink my Baby Priest or not..

Wickedminx is now 16 – and is the only Wickedminx on the Armory..  SHHHHHHH  don’t tell anyone else or I will find next week there will be 100!  She is a unique snowflake.

I never was much for twinking. Whats the point of twinking a level 19 – or even Bging at that level? you earn the least honor, and have not alot to spend it on,

But as I was doing errands for my questing in stormwind.. I thought why not have a go at healing in a bg for practice. ( I am serious about this learning to heal properly on a priest – too used to melting faces. )  Even though I was below the desired level for that bracket, I figured as a healer I would be welcome, and I was slightly twinked out.. +58 healing FTW!

So I did some WSG’s and was instantly hooked! – I was outhealing 19’s! and getting top alliance healer in all bg’s.

It certainly was a change in mentality, as a healer in a BG I had to stop myself from being out the gate first, or chasing the enemies flag carrier as I do as dps. I often found myself wandering aimlessly looking for someone to heal.

Follow the little blue dots….  follow the little blue dots…  Follow follow, heal and follow.. follow the little blue dots”

It was also frustrating standing there healing and waiting for the people I was healing to move on, out of the middle, and try and accomplish something like picking up the flag.
When I did manage to attach myself to our flag carrier and there was no horde offence yet, instead of finding a good defensive spot they would run back back half way down the field to get into the action, only to die when they tried to run back up the tunnel a 2nd time with the flag on their back.
I can’t heal though stupidity…

I miss my mount. I hate having to run everywhere, and It was annoying seeing level 11’s in there with less then 300 health. and given that WSG is the only 10-19 bracket BG around I think I would go insane just doing WSG forever on that toon.

But despite all that , I liked it! Loved it. I want to be the best healer in the 19  BG bracket ever..  Um not really..  but I would certainly like to be decent.

I am going to get her to 19 and keep her there, give her some more appropriate clothing for her level,  spend a silly fortune on enchants and best gear available.

…..and level up another baby priest who will inherit Wickedminx’s clothes as wickedminx is still wearing her Tuxedo Pants and her Lovely Black dress.

Another Priest and another Guild bank

My baby priest is now sitting on level 14.

She still is wearing her ‘Leveling pants’ with the +35 spell damage and her Leveling Lovely Black Dress with +6 all stats.

I’ve had to swap out her bracers, and boots that I had enchanted  as they were losing durability too quickly.  The mistake there I guess is that they had a durability stat on them to begin with,  whereas at least the Lovely black dress doesn’t, so it can’t break.  

I’m not feeling so invulnarable now.  I liked feeling like a tank at level 8 ready to take on multiple mobs, but gear stats are slowley catching up as I level up and I need to be more cautious.

I am going to try and level her as much of holy/disc as possible as I want to be able to learn to heal easily enough, , which means that I am going to try and twink out her gear as much as possible just for questing survivability.  Her sisters are a Tailor/enchanter Alchemist/Herb so why shouldnt she have some advantages.

I’m leveling her to be Tailoring for the mooncloth spec ( eventually) and Herbalist for additional supplies/money for my Alchemist,  with the idea of at least allowing one of my 70’s to drop a profession for WOTLK.

I think I might retwink her at level 35 with some pieces as I can use the really good enchants on her gear then.

While running round Goldshire someone announced “Guild for sale” – I asked how many slots, he said none,  I said I’ll give you 10gold he said great! and now My toon is GM of another guild called Kings Militia – I brought a Tab, updated the Tabard and I have a respectable tag over my head. 

Being Gm of a one man guild ( Again.. ) is somewhat unsocial..   I mean how many guilds can you belong to..  I think I did it because it was cheap and easy, and it stops people from inviting you to their guild, but because I’m a healer, I will be healing things..  so I won’t be unsocial – Everyone loves a healer..  especially since I intend on being a good one….   Having no guild obligations will mean I get to answer random instance healing requests at will..

My baby priest and Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chicks’ leveling pants

So I rolled another priest.
Wickedminx – she will be holy or disc spec in the long run..
but after reading leveling with Style Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chick’s Post I thought – I has gold – and my shadow priest is a tailor/enchanter so she has skills too! and she likes being a sugar mama – why not make it easier for Wickedmix to level.

So I have Runic Spellthread on Tuxedo Pants ( +35 spell dam & 20 stam )
+7 Stam on Dress shoes
+6 stats on Simple black dress
+70 armor on Frayed cloak

and I can swap all those peices for the next toon i level.
I could tank dead mines!

I am also trying to spread the buffing love starting from the lowley levels.. Everyone loves a priest buff and it spreads good cheer.. Trying to take a leaf from Buff Plz‘s blog – we don’t buff enough.. Buff more!


So I got to level 8 easy enough, chainpulling  no drinking,  I could dot up multiple mobs and I was fine.  I got powerword sheild at 8 which was awesome, because given my armor was +70 it helped my sheild last longer as it was absorbing less damage.

I also added +7 intellect to some level 5 bracers that aren’t bindable.

You could so twink out a level 1..

I think I might  find a low level unbindable mace and enchant that with the best enchant i can for a <35 item.

so with +35 damage and healing,  its awesome

When i was a level 6 a warrior challanged me to a duel in goldshire and I kicked his butt.  I was accused of being a twink! –  I did some more dueling and it was pretty cool as a priest being able to beat other more durable lower classes.


Night Elves Shadowmeld for Priests in Battlegrounds

Ability Ambush.png

  • Shadowmeld (Racial)
  • Instant cast
  • Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Night Elf Rogues and Druids with Shadowmeldare more difficult to detect while stealthed or prowling.

Wow Insider recently talked about the usefullness of Shadow Meld in Arena.
Advice for those with Drinking problemsand how if you can get out of combat ShadowMeld is very useful,
Personally I’ve never been about to get out of combat in arena  so I’ve never used it for that because usually I’m dead by the time i get to use all my mana..  I have used it to confuse an another arena team,  If you can remain hidden  they can’t target you straight away, so your survival increases by 3 secs, as long as you have not entered combat. I’ve used it to hide under the bridge and sneak up behind the other team.

Wowiki Shadowmeldsays that “You use it as a counter spell resource: as soon as you use it, spells cast made on you will be interrupted (only on PVP)” But I’m not quite sure how this works as Shadowmeld is not usable if you are in combat. You’d have to catch the spell as it was being cast, if it did work then it would useful against polymorphs in arena if it was the 1st spell cast so you weren’t in combat, and you managed to react in time. Those variables are too scarce for me for it to be viable.

What I have found Shadowmeld useful for is if a target is running at you , and they see you as soon as they get off their mount they are going to attack. So hit Shadowmeld and you disappear, if they don’t have the ability to see hidden, or make you visible then they can’t target you.

Shadowmeld makes great use for ‘suprise’ fears
Its also useful for guarding flags in AB. Hug the flag pole and as a Priest or another class with a fear, eg Warriors, let them run up to the pole, and only when they start to click on the flag hit your fear.

Shadowmeld can also be used in Eye of the storm to fool or trick the opposition into thinking a tower is an  an easy target. However, by going into stealth the ‘presence’ bar on EOS of a Node you are trying to take will stop registering that there is someone there, and can go backwards, so Only stealth at a node if your side has full control over it.

You can use Shadowmeld in WSG if you are guarding the flag in the flag room. Its harder to time the fear in WSG because Fear only has an 8 yard range, and the opposition can pick up the flag with a single click, often I’ve found that I can’t fear them until after they have picked up the flag, and then its dot dot Mindflay trying to slow them down so others can get some attacks in. So stand in front of the flag, and as soon as they get near you fear them off.

And in Av when Guarding a flag its useful for surprise fears.

Its often a racial that people dismiss, and I would agree it certainly has more use at least for priests in a PVP context, if anything is good for freaking people out as the noise made when going into it sounds like a Rogues stealth.

I’ve been doing alot more PVP hence more PVP orientated posts as I have not been raiding regularly.   I say Regularily because even though I’m officially permanently AFK  I have been pulled into several raids recently because they were down a Shadow Priest or a DPS.    Still not enough to make me change my mind, at least about 25 mans.   I might start venturing into ZA again soon, but I don’t want the guild confused that I am available for raiding again,  but if I pugged it It would be disprestful ect ect..   Its been good to actually “play” though.

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