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Arena is the new ‘ Oh Shiney’

Since we had already done our progression Kill for the week – now the Armory updates – we had one attempt at Lich King Hardmode,  just to see,  and then killed him normal before calling the raid early. My Arena team decided we would try to fit some more games  while we could.

While the rest of the guild was trying to organise 25’s and 10’s for VOA ( because on BR you need to grab that opportunity – or it’s gone for the week)   I was getting my Wrathful Healing Chest,  enchanting/gemming, and respecing Disc.

I do not think I have ever spec’d disc before.  I had to learn all my penance ranks,  fill in the holes in my spell bars – shove extra things like  Pain suppression, Power Infusion, and Penance  – check my VuhDu keybindings so I didn’t have to change anything,  got Major Glyphs I wanted off the AH  and then I went into a BG on my own to test out my new healing spec , of course I got Strand of the Ancients  where everyone is so spread out that healing is real pain.  Arena peeps had come out of VOA by that stage so we did the BG daily, and we got AB and  I got extra practise.

We got a few more games in, by a few like 20 more, and got all our ratings up to 1400 – which I believe means I can buy a belt.

I’m having some issues with the concept of being allowed to use all these new cooldowns like PI and Pain suppression  on myself.  The only time I deliberately use GS on myself in holy form is healing Saurfang and I get a mark   ( especially now its back to it’s unglyphed cool down of 3 min)

I don’t think I am doing particularly badly.  This is my first attempt in arena,  in the PVP spec as heals while geared, and talented right, and I guess this means I am trying to take it seriously.

My fear of abandonment comes from being deserted in my BC arena teams. (Kidding)  but through circumstances including,  changing  guilds, people leaving the game,them getting bored, ect ect  I’ve never had a decent shot at arena before.   Oh 5v5 in BC – I left because I was sick of dying the 1st every single fight.

I used to think it was just an insane pvp friend grinding arena for hours to get a better rating, but no,  gone are the days of just doing 10 games a week, with maybe a few extras to try and improve your win/loss ratio.  Our total games are 49 with a 45% win rate for me.  Ew  That doesn’t sound impressive.

Guys..  you might need  a more experienced healer – I wont be offended.

4th 80 and its another priest

My second Priest  Ostara hit 80 over the weekend.

Yes I now have two.

Once upon a time, before there were duel specs , there was nasty rumours about people trying to make my main Zah heal. Besides the not wanting to cop the respec costs on a weekly basis, especially since I didn’t have epic flying. I didn’t like healing.
(It turned out.. I just didn’t like healing them.) I rolled a 2nd priest with the idea that if I was being forced to heal, I would say ” Fine – here is a healer.. gear her up if you want me to heal.” Of course that didn’t  work out, and she was abandoned at 70 in Wrath.

So because I really like priests She leveled 70-72 in bgs ( before the xp nerf.. ) and most of the rest has been done in Instances – less than a week later since dinging 80,  she is now on a Gearscore of around 3600  *  considering that  my other priest is healing the same instances with a Gearscore of 5300 ish in my healing set,  I don’t think she is doing too badly.

Her gear is mostly chanted, and gemmed with at least blue quality gems,   2 pieces of Tier 9 and as much Ilevel 200 gear she can get her hands on.   What is mainly failing her is trinkets.  Once I get them fixed then she will be uber.

I cashed in all hers and my Hunters Stonekeeper shards earned with the multitudes of instances done lately,  and got 40k honor from them,  so I bought a Pvp healing ring, more so that it was one piece of gear I wouldn’t have to replace in too much of a hurry,  well at least with the gear that’s obtainable so far.

She is however another 80 that won’t raid.

My main went a whole week without a raid,  not even an Ony,  or a GDKP  – I didn’t try – I spent more time standing around then I did playing her when I did log in.  I never got to kill putricide,  and now a new wing is out, and a little part of me is crying at all this missed content.   I was  in Naxx 1 hour after hitting 80 on my main,    I was in Ulduar on the day it came out,   I was in TOC the day it came out.   I look upon the ICC  instance portal with little pulls on my heartstrings.

*while gearscore doesn’t translate into skill,  I find it useful for at least tracking the majority of the quality of gear I am wearing on what ever alt

** Love the model view on armory,  I can post pics and not need my SS folder when I am not at home.

This is Why I really don’t want to have to rez one person because your too lazy to run back.

My two cents on “Harming others for being fair”   I’m sorry Tamarind got kicked from a group for sticking up for principles.  If I had been in that group,  then I probably wouldn’t have been so fervent in the principles of making them run back,  I would have rezed them.  Because it was POS and I want that trinket,  so yes I would sell my principles  for 5 min,  BUT! any other instances – I really have nothing to lose  so I can stick to my guns as much as I like.   ( I stand by leaving an instance cause a scrub dps made himself more scrub by wearing a santa hat and refused to take it off)

 I disagree that rezing one person because they were lazy can be more time efficient,  sure arguing with them is counterproductive,    but here are some numbers for you to consider from a priest healers perspective.

It Costs me 5.5k ish mana to rez on person you if you die in a dungeon –
2317 – Resurrection
1197 – Shadow Protection
1043 Fort
1004 Divine Spirit

So after a wipe add an extra add an extra 3k mana if I’m applying group buffs. Which I can’t do untill the person needing rezing pops up, and 
yes I have to rebuff everything or people get upset.

When I rezed into the instance I had  around half my mana pool of  23.6 k mana available,  so 11.8 k mana

To rez that one person,  heal them to full , top up the rest of the group that didn’t sit down and eat ( usually the non mana party members)  I am down at least 9-10k  mana – so all the while my mana regen is ticking,  I still need to inner fire myself, and sit down and drink myself back up to full mana.

Then the tank pulls because he is ready, and so is the rest of the party – its just that stupid slow healer  that is holding you up.

So the pull starts with me on 2- 3k mana.

Silly  – if it’s an easy pull – we survive,   but who wipes on the easy pulls in POS  – So if its one with flamebearers,  and diseases that need cleansing,  dispels that need dispelling,  group damage.  3k mana just doesn’t cut it.

 I am then expected to blow a cool down – a mana pot,  use my fiend,  to make sure I have enough mana to heal you because I don’t want to die.

Cool downs aka oh sh*t buttons should not be used due to impatience.

(working on the assumption in this senario the tank doesn’t wait – doesn’t have raid frames and is impatient – which is about 50% if the pug tanks I heal.  )

So the harm..   yes the harm is you might just wipe again…. 

I found out an interesting thing on Krick and Ick the other day – a tank made a terrible pull while there were too many adds up in the local area – the dps all blew up because they didn’t run out and no healer can heal through that..  so when Krick was running at me – the last party member alive. Ground shaking – his eyes ablaze.  I Shadow melded.

Meh – the only thing your failure cost me on that was the silver for the buff reagents. I can live with that.

Aiming for Justicar

I’m 790 Rep short of Exalted with the League of Arathor, which is realistically  close enough,  but I have a long way to go for Silverwing Sentinels.

Apparently working on 35 Rep a flag return and 23303 to go untill exalted   with the Sentinels thats  665.8 Flags I need or 221 WSG Wins ( 3 flags in a win) .

If I play all weekend on a WSG weekend I apparently get +10 more rep per flag –  

/sigh  my life will have to be WSG for  the next month or three.

Is it worth changing my race to human so I need 66 less flags? ( or there about)

Why would I do something so Insane?

I love Pvp.  If there was a title amongst all the titles that I felt meant something to me.  Justicar would be one that represented where a lot of my time and love and hate goes.   

How does something so repetitious still be enjoyable?   It could be the pesky pally that JUST WON”T DIE!  Or the Warlock that chains me and goes  *opps when I have fear warded, and I have dotted him to death for a change.  The hunter who sends his pet after me,   and forgets to resend after I have Shadow Melded and his pet runs off and then I kill him, the thrill of chasing flag carriers – dispel fear, dot – the thrill of being the flag carrier.  Dispel, fear,  heal trinket ” HALP!”  Yelling at people to get out of the middle.   That first time everyone heads to the flag room in WSG and  your part of a team! untill the rogue stealth, some go up the tunnel,  some up the ramp.  Some one starts the fighting in the middle.  levitating off LM to BS and hoping no one sees you in time for a ninja cap.  The sound of your bikes engines roaring as you ride through the crisp clean snow in AV and so on. 

I get more out of Pvp emotionally then a raid.   So getting the PVP title would be more meaningful to me then my current “Of the Nightfall”  which while sounds cool – was done by bugging out Sarth, and dps zerging .  – how is that an accomplishment?

Priest Iphone App.

I feel special…..      

I have a IPhone.  I love it.   I can see me having humongous issues with paying for App’s – I have a few I bought, it’s like.. I want that App – and that one  and that one..  and ohhh  you mean you can get an app with how many vibration settings? ( YES YOU CAN )   I did have a gander at the WOW related apps available – and I is there!  So I feel a little special – turns out the developer is a Aussie –  ( yes I did go to the trouble of looking it up)   So perhaps chance is a little biased 😛

But just so you know –  you can get my RSS feed for free…   Big Orange RSS Button in the top Right hand corner.   You don’t need to buy  an app for it.

These Shoes were not made for healing.

These feet here are the shoes on my Human Priestess: Sister Benedron Action Figure. Yes I bought one from think geek because they were on sale, and I had to get myself a Tetris Icecube tray and some other stuff, and there are no Shadow Priest figurines so I thought as I do have a holy priest  ( my level 70 2nd priest)  I can still lay claim to a holy action figurine. 

 I finally took my camera to work where my figurine is sitting mocking me so I could take a pic of her shoes.


So if you ever wonder why your not getting any heals…….


Blisters wasn’t my problem in an AV that I took my Alt  priest to,  a player  complained about our healers  in an AV, and thus ended up on my no heals list for the length of that fight.  She was healing the 61-70 Av Bracket, and is often the highest, or 2nd highest healing this weekend, not because I’m a specially good healer,  but because usually there is only 1 or 2 a side.  Its not hard to get top healing lists if your the only one.  So yeah if you are getting any heals.  Feel lucky, and bagging out the one or two healers you actually have is not going to get you more heals.  no heals

Holy Nova for Shadow Priests



Aoe. I haz it.

Shadow Priests for the time being since  3.0.2  have a holy AOE, which I have been putting to use as much as possible because I just like the idea of blowing things up, and I like seeing all those pretty numbers flashing up on my screen as I do damage.  No longer am I useless on the mob pulls in Kara.  We don’t need a mage for AOE anymore! I have been using my burst of goodness as often as possible,  on the non elites just after Hex lord in ZA, On the Skellys in Auchindon: Auchenai crypts, and even bunched up elites when we have a pally tank. I just get in there and blow away.

I was hoping that I would get to do some Strath on my shadow priest now that I can kill the rats. Do you know how embarrasing it was dying from of all things a plague of rats because I couldn’t Aoe anything when those gates closed. Trying to solo Strath and being  bitten to death, Mortifying.  Alas I was rushing my holy priest to 70 last night so I parked my Shadow Priest in stormwind harbour  to wait for me to install WOTLK.

The downside of Holy nova is that its holy. It does require me to come out of Shadow,  but its worth the mana on all the nerfed content, and its fun!

I can now do AOE farming. Those Basilisks are doomed, if only I could get enough of them to stay in a group long enough for me to kill them. ( They have a tendancy to run away.. )

And in breathless anticipation.. 

At level 75 we will get Mind Sear


Its nice,  but its slightly on the mana expensive side, has a decent range ,and it will depend on what damage actually gets done when you add your +damage  – I wish I could have played with it in Beta.

I do not have WOTLK yet. I am waiting till after work to get it. But I have cleared tonite of social obligations so I shall be able to play.

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