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You Say Potato – I say what I think it should sound like.

I got picked on by a guildy  this weekend.  ( in the nicest posible way)

” You say things funny”

It was because I say the names of some places in Wow differently.

I say Da-laran,  everyone else says Dal-aran.  I think Da-laran is a softer sound, and  Dal-aran is too easy to put a harsh Ocka  or Bogan Aussie accent to it.
I also call Menethil Harbour Men-Eethil instead of Men-a thill
Loch Modan I say Loch Mod-an and it’s supposed to be Loch Mo-Dan

My native tongue is English, taught in Australian Schools, with Aussie Parents,  I did well at Nihongo ( Japanese ) in school,  and failed dismally at German, passed French without studying.  ( just)  I grew up listening to pieces of Russian, and went to school with 30 different nationality’s and languages.   Bits of language ( mostly swear words ) that were picked up included Turkish, Arabic, Dutch and Chinese. I had a brief interest in learning some Latin, one of my best friends from Uni was Greek, and I learnt to sing in Italian with the proper pronunciations and rolling of the R’s

So – do I say stuff weird cause I just have developed a weird sense of sound and I am confused how to read foreign words? 

Are Wow place names said differently in different parts of the world because of that countries language structure?

Or should I just do what my guildy also suggested, and “Listen to the NPC’s “

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