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Shut the F*&ck up Lady.

I don’t think I have ever been spoken to like that before on vent.

All I said was that if he stopped swearing so much then people may not be leaving his raid group.

It was a GDKP Ulduar run,  and I was going to see if I could pick up some healing offset gear cheaply because I had been rather slack at even having a basic set. ( am slowly fixing)   We wiped on Leviathon,  and I knew it was going to go bad when I tried to explain  ( over vent)  that I needed pyrite because a Pst didnt get a response.   So I tried to explain ” See this blue thing on our left.  I need you to pick that up with I think its a 4 or a 5 ” No response.  So Leviathon comes out in hard mode and no one has pyrite,  so no stacks.  Fun.  More people leave.

I am noticing in my pug runs that I am doing, the distinct lack of females vocal in any form on vent.   Come to think of it,  I have probably pugged 5 or 6 raids that used vent, and I have been the only girl who even says boo.  Pugging has been fun to see who and what is out there,  but it can’t be all rainbows and lollypops all the time. .


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