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A while ago  I was in a GDKP once where we made a decision to kick two players for low dps.  They were not performing as to their gear, and logs seemed to show an activity level of about 50 % each. They were a Pally healer, and a Rogue and from the same guild – of which they were the only two on.

We weren’t sure who the Pally was healing, or when because their affective healing was just above a ret Pally -and they weren’t using beacon.  The Rogue’s attacks were discussed by people who knew Rogues, and it was determined that when they were doing damage most of their damage was auto attacking.  Neither of them were on vent after repeated requests the whole run to get on.  (The loot rules were clear –  no vent, no loot – but I’ve never seen this enforced.)  So they weren’t involved in the discussion about their failures.

The theory was they were being duel boxed. 

It’s an interesting way to make easy gold.  Duel box them through a GDKP.  Not likely to be noticed,  one is a dps melee, and the other a healer –    If they hadn’t had been from the same guild, separately they would have been dismissed as poor players, and probably continued to be carried. Their extremely poor performance was noticed by several ” What is that Rogue doing… ”  Healers complained” Why isn’t the pally using beacon..”  So they were looked at closer. It was also noted that they had bidded a few times, but were not buying up loot either, and someone picked up their activity on the basis that comments were made about ” the pally just standing there most of the time” 

There was enough evidence – and this was put forward to the raid,  that they were trying to put in less effort and get rewarded twice  for it.  A Vote was called

“Click  No to kick on a ready check”

They weren’t on vent listening, and most people auto click yes on ready checks.

The vote passed, it was explained briefly in raid chat why they were kicked, and they were removed from the group.

It’s an implied rule in a GDKP that you perform reasonably to your class and gear expectations. Your not paying for a carry where it doesn’t matter what you do,  your still expected to reasonably participate, you don’t want a GDKP where everyone is so well geared they don’t need loot,  nor do you want a raid of poorly geared people because then you don’t get far enough to kill anything.

I’m not so sure if it were their performance which made the vote pass, or that fact that we thought we had been cheated. Bringing two underperforming toons to a GDKP raid, and expecting to profit x 2 was not considered fair.  Did we have proof? – a case was put forward,  supported by unrelated people, a key factor being their active time which was determined irrefutable by a live log.  If they had just sucked then we would have kept them,  but  the majority felt strongly enough about this deception to kick them.

I voted to kick. 

The RL tried to be as fair about this as possible – gave them an opportunity to explain and we had enough material for the ‘case’ but still we have no proof that they were a duel boxer,  only a probability.   They were peer judged  based on the measuring tools we had our disposal.

I did another raid recently as a holy priest, and we had a disc priest healing as well – the raid tried to peer judge the Disc priest – but she had enough people who knew enough about disc priests who were willing to speak up, this was reinforced when the disc priest linked her recount with the disc priest estimated absorbtion add-on bit  – and she was kicking all the healers butts.  But this really makes me think,  how careful you need to be when questioning performance, based on what we know about a class / role / assignment and the strength of our measuring tools, and that perhaps we should have given them the benefit of the doubt.

Gear Score as a recognised universal measurement

Image from Think Geek – Equal Measure Product page

I’m just going to say –  I get an little thrill when I see my GS getting higher
Come on – Don’t lie and say that you don’t.

You know you’ve made it when you break the GS mod  ( anyone over 6000 broke mine)  I’m not there yet.   Getting close.

People fervently hate Gear Score.  Why?  Because it gives  you a number and puts you in your place  – and a way to compare just how many people are better than you.   Or Because  It’s measurement is too easily  manipulated.

Why does this epeen metre mean SO much  – why does it get you so worked up?

It’s not like Gear Score = Skill.  Everyone knows that.  But it’s still used.


It’s a Universally recognised measurement tool – and no other in WOW has become so legitimised by use, and popularity.

This post here is legimising it.   Me boasting about my gearscore legitimises it,  linking a gear score measurement website  ,  your comments legitimise it  Your downloads  legitimise it.

 Using it as a measurement tool. Talking about it,  downloading the mod.   We are acknowledging it as a universally recognised gear measurement system.  Perpetuating it’s use  – making it part of our experience, and expectations.

Much like we measure I levels, and Blues, and Plum.  We recognise the value it stands for.

Remember the days when Rum  was a currency – it was given a recognised value and used. ( early colonial Australia)  – or even consider the our own  RL Measurement systems,  regardless off the conflicts between  Metric and Imperial.  You say Inch, I say centimetre.  The values of that measurement is drummed in to us by, our times, our country our laws, and cultural expectations bred into us via society,  the family we grow up in,  religion,  schooling – all these things. 

 We perpetuate it.


And again.

And again.

OH LOOK  – Blizzard has now put it as a feature available to all users.  We don’t need a mod anymore  ( Future possibility This is not currently true.)

Your not going to change culture by complaining about it.  We have grasped this need to measure Epeen,  We now have an identity.  I am Shadow Priest 5.9 Gear score.

Complaining about Gearscore is not going to make it go away  ( unless Blizzard doesn’t like it)  A hole,  a need has been filled.

I feel so much better that I know my place in the world.  Don’t you?

In order to change it – we need to replace it with a better system.

I am Shadow Priest AIL 260.24

I am … WH – A  22

I am … BEI 725.42

I am… WCGS 2124

I am … NE F P S 4t10 10/12 10icc 10/1225icc HM 10-2 10-3 10-6 25-1 25-3 25-6  ( Better stick that in a Macro)

I am …  Frack this.  This isn’t working.   Look me up on the damn armory.

Oh? You want me to link you my  armory link.

Url too long?

I could  make you a Tiny URL

What?  You don’t have a Chat mod to use links in chat.  You’re going to have to type my name in and look it up then and every other noob that Pst you.

Q Whats your GS?

A 5.9

Easy. Simple.  Done.

Find something as simple as using GS has become,  and you have a winner.  You will change culture.  You will change how we measure each other,  but untill you find that new something,  or blizzard takes it away.  You are stuck with it.

Anger Management issues and a potty mouth


Yes I do..

Healing a TOC25 on my alt holy priest.  I swear we had lost so many people and gained so many new people in the pug it wasn’t funny. My patience was wearing thin. All the DPS rolled on the healing trinket, Solace of the defeated when it dropped on Jaxx and a discussion come up because they couldn’t understand that +mana meant it was a healers trinket, and I told them to go check their class forums for better options.

Oh yes.  Anger Management – and potty mouth.

I’ve sat through raids where every second word was a cuss – and it’s not to my taste.  I cuss every now and then,  and rarely in anger on vent.  But I couldn’t help it.

I mean as I type this  we are waiting to find 6 more people to make 25  – I’m only here for stuff like that trinket  – a new neck, and offhand maybe even a weapon ( if we get to anub. grumbles)

So yes I told someone he was a fail player in vent because he was leaving a TOC 25 and he didn’t get the shield he wanted, “I only come here for that shield and I didn’t get it so I’m off” and the rest of the raid was like wtf?  huh?

So I said he was fail for doing that  – and  he said he was not. So I told him he was a fail player and it wasn’t fair to the rest of the raid.

And he didn’t dc from vent quick enough because I also said he was a fail f’ken healer as well. (  1.155 heals and 400k healing overall on faction champs and he lived the whole time.. and only dispelled 6 times!)

Then he whispered someone else in the raid telling them they had anger management issues and a potty mouth.  The Pst was meant for me.

See that  # 4  that was a healer  # 5 was a tank.

Am I right for being angry?. No. PIXELS>  Repeat PIXELS   I was more upset at the fine display of teamwork he displayed – his lack of care or commitment to the raid – with a) being there,  and b) putting in some effort.  You can’t tell everyone’s motives in a pug – and he wasn’t the only one who left.  Fool him for being honest and earning my wrath.  ( and peoples still get loot and gquit guilds.   –  Still happens. Nods.)

So why write about it and subject you to yet another fail pug. Cause I crossed the line for me. It got to me and I was vocal about it so it’s a record for me to go back and say yeah..  I was weak –  I wasn’t justified for being abusive.  Anger management issues and Potty mouth are not labels I aspire to – it’s actually quite shameful.

This is Why I really don’t want to have to rez one person because your too lazy to run back.

My two cents on “Harming others for being fair”   I’m sorry Tamarind got kicked from a group for sticking up for principles.  If I had been in that group,  then I probably wouldn’t have been so fervent in the principles of making them run back,  I would have rezed them.  Because it was POS and I want that trinket,  so yes I would sell my principles  for 5 min,  BUT! any other instances – I really have nothing to lose  so I can stick to my guns as much as I like.   ( I stand by leaving an instance cause a scrub dps made himself more scrub by wearing a santa hat and refused to take it off)

 I disagree that rezing one person because they were lazy can be more time efficient,  sure arguing with them is counterproductive,    but here are some numbers for you to consider from a priest healers perspective.

It Costs me 5.5k ish mana to rez on person you if you die in a dungeon –
2317 – Resurrection
1197 – Shadow Protection
1043 Fort
1004 Divine Spirit

So after a wipe add an extra add an extra 3k mana if I’m applying group buffs. Which I can’t do untill the person needing rezing pops up, and 
yes I have to rebuff everything or people get upset.

When I rezed into the instance I had  around half my mana pool of  23.6 k mana available,  so 11.8 k mana

To rez that one person,  heal them to full , top up the rest of the group that didn’t sit down and eat ( usually the non mana party members)  I am down at least 9-10k  mana – so all the while my mana regen is ticking,  I still need to inner fire myself, and sit down and drink myself back up to full mana.

Then the tank pulls because he is ready, and so is the rest of the party – its just that stupid slow healer  that is holding you up.

So the pull starts with me on 2- 3k mana.

Silly  – if it’s an easy pull – we survive,   but who wipes on the easy pulls in POS  – So if its one with flamebearers,  and diseases that need cleansing,  dispels that need dispelling,  group damage.  3k mana just doesn’t cut it.

 I am then expected to blow a cool down – a mana pot,  use my fiend,  to make sure I have enough mana to heal you because I don’t want to die.

Cool downs aka oh sh*t buttons should not be used due to impatience.

(working on the assumption in this senario the tank doesn’t wait – doesn’t have raid frames and is impatient – which is about 50% if the pug tanks I heal.  )

So the harm..   yes the harm is you might just wipe again…. 

I found out an interesting thing on Krick and Ick the other day – a tank made a terrible pull while there were too many adds up in the local area – the dps all blew up because they didn’t run out and no healer can heal through that..  so when Krick was running at me – the last party member alive. Ground shaking – his eyes ablaze.  I Shadow melded.

Meh – the only thing your failure cost me on that was the silver for the buff reagents. I can live with that.

My 1st GDKP run & Gearscore

A TOC 25 Run was in LFG looking for one more Dps for a hosted Gold DKP run.  I didn’t have a lot of gold on my main,  but I wanted to see what it was all about,  get a handle on how it worked – even if I didn’t end up bidding on anything.  I’m the type of GDKP person you definitely don’t want on the run – they want people to spend gold so people get a decent share of the pot,   but in my defence I told them –

“Shadow Priest 2882 Sp 5108 Gs  – Just after badges.

They didn’t have a shadow Priest on the run, so I was welcomed, and it was relatively simple  – someone got hit by Icehowl ( noob!)  but it was tranq shotted by a on the ball hunter, and we wiped once on Anub.

I made over 1k gold on that run on the splitting of  the loot pot. Which was a poor pot but still free gold, and got easy badges.  No caster trinkets dropped, which would have driven up the bidding, and I would have emptied my coffers trying to get,  but it looks like they go for a lot of gold, so I better get saving.  Most of the gold came from people bidding on the trophies for just over 2.5k,  Orbs sold for 300 which could be resold on the AH for round 380-400  – There wasn’t even loot that dropped I could roll for cheaply for offspec.  We needed less geared cashed up people on that run.

From a performance point, I was sitting 5-9th for the 1st 4 bosses, and 11th on Anub.  Which was a much better place to be in comparison to the 10 man Toc I pugged and got top dps/damage the night before.


I worked out why I got rejected from an a run I tried to get into the night before last,   everyone wants you to link your achievement,  stats, and gearscore.   

“Shadow Priest 2882 Sp  2727 GS”

The catch phrase on some of the LFM messages are No reply = No thankyou.

I didn’t get a reply.  I was a little confused.  According to Wow – Heroes  and their Gearscore by class and realm  I was around 13th Alliance side ( 42nd Horde and Alliance    /cry)  so given most of the people higher then me where in raiding guilds I couldnt understand why I was rejected for a pug.

I asked one of my ex guildys that had transferred  ”  What do they use to work out their gearscores?”  

“It’s an add on?”

So I downloaded Gearscore from Curse to find out my gearscore was  5108 – a massive difference to the 2727 Score I was quoting – So no wonder  I was rejected.  ( and that score is with 2 ilevel 200 trinkets)

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