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The WSG flag is not a personal shield

Something that peeves me off greatly is the flag carrying hero in wsg – 

I don’t care anymore that you’re not the right class, or don’t have enough HP, or resilience, Kudos to you for picking the flag up while everyone else was fighting in the middle.  ( unless you took it when a  better class/person was right there. It’s not worth arguing with people if they pick up the flag and they shouldnt anymore. Telling you to drop it in the middle of a spectacular melee is just as dangerous as letting you carry it sometimes.  So the rest of the team works with what they have got.

But if you want to be a successful carrier there are things you must not do and  one of them is to run back at the opposing team.  You have healers trying to keep you up,  DPS trying to slow down the people chasing you so you can get free, and then what do you do. RUN BACK INTO THE MELEE  yelling ”  STICK TOGETHER TEAM”

Getting the flag to the other end isn’t always just a matter of killing things.   It can be as simple as distracting everyone else so the flag carrier can get free.

I know this is not a new revelation, but carrying the flag does not make you a pvp tank with special abilities, you are as squishy as you were before, and you need to do as much to keep yourself alive , as everyone else is trying to.

Oh, and if your going to Bark your strat in EOS  – and the jump off the rock with half health. Stop, and heal yourself, missing the offensive wave you tried to send people on, and then scream that we are nubs because we can’t follow a strat.  Learn to Jump off the rock before you teach others battleplans.

What counts as Real World PVP

My Warrior is in the Tundra questing now at 70/71.  So I have been running into Horde –  it being a Pvp server and all, and outnumbered, by at least double.

I’ve been dotted to death while mounted flying – Damn 12k – ish health

Get a frost bolt in my back while killing quest mobs and end up chasing mages  with charge and intercept while they blink away ( very frustrating)

 I’m also getting more Pvp aggressive. If I see you and you’re in range of my charge – Vroooom.  Smack  Got a couple that way. I don’t hang around to gloat. You were there, and now your dead. Enjoy the corpse run. See I have to kill you 0r you may kill me.  The half health player I ignore 5 min ago, comes back when they are full health.

There was a DK hanging around the beryl sorcerers. At first I thought it was a player of my level attacking me, so I went about doing my thing, untill I realised when he started laughing at me he was a level 80 with 3o k health.  Oh well I thought – So I kept trying – but died.

I thought maybe he attacked me as a target of opportunity. Maybe an Miner on a run.

Nope he was hanging around ganking lobies. Guildy questing in the same area confirmed.  He tried to gank me again  and I was able to fly out of reach,  so I logged into my Main,  who I had positioned extremely nearby  for such occasions, and smacked him down.

I let him rez, and mount up on his flying mount. In the interim another player asked my main ” have you seen a dk around”  So I pointed him in the right direction, and we both flew up, and hung out in the sky with the DK  – while he continued to laugh at me  – and tell me ” No – not going to happen”

Hanging out in the sky is rather boring – and I wanted to be questing.    I made my point. I am bigger then you – you can gank a lobie,  but I can gank you.

I got bored,  relogged my Warrior, and went back to questing where the DK killed me another 2 times  before I dinged, 71 and left the area.

My experience with world pvp so far has been rather brutal and short.

I am either out gunned tremendously,  and by chance beaten them, or the people I have been pvping  have been my level, and died rather easily.  Quite possibly because I got the jump on them / better gear / better class

But is that it?

I mean I’ve seen epic battles fought outside of Kara, or Ulduar  back in the days where you flag for fun while waiting for raid.

The tunnel to ICC is often filled with the bones from victims of people who had that one person who did not die quick enough when a wipe was called, and people are trying to run back in.

But Player V Player  – there is no facing off like western gun slingers in honorable combat.  It’s all about the Sneak & surprise,  or out maning.  ( gank teams outside ICC  portal)

I’m not moaning about being on a Pvp server,  its a choice – a better raiding environment then my old sever,  and as for leveling Its interesting questing, bging, and dungeon running to level.  I like the variety.

It’s also a different kinda of alert on a pvp realm. You can’t go afk without consequences.  Attacks can happen at any time.  Keep your health up.   Don’t fly too low to the ground.  Be prepared to escape untill you have a better vantage.  Eg if you are on a mount.  If you can avoid it, don’t get off it.  Dispersion while mounted saved my butt many a time on Main.  Read local defence messages. ” Under attack” messages may mean the local guards that would help save your butt  are already dead.

It hasn’t been unmanageable.  But what do you actually enjoy about this so called  world PVP buiness.  It’s not the ‘fair’ fighting that’s  for sure, and I’m not sure getting joy from beating up on weaker players is the kinda joy I  find admirable.

I Got Justicar.

I think I am supposed to feel excited.  But its 20 ‘Lolpoints’

I mean I feel good.  Justicar Zahraah  I even had a friend come with me the last 2 flags to witness this amazing achievement of mine.

I’m not the first to get it,  and those who earned WSG rep easier back in the earlier days will not think my efforts as special,  and that’s ok.   I’ve explained my reasons for why  I chased this one before.

But honestly I thought – it would mean more to me once I had it, but my first thought after getting it was – whats next?   My 6000 odd achievement points means I have been places, done stuff – but I’ve not actively chased  even the simpler ones. 

I joked to another friend that I was 2 flags away from quitting Wow. Of course I didn’t mean it –  I’m not far off Master Of WSG  ( after all that time in there,  who would have thunk hey..   )  and besides “Love Fool”  ( on occasion) and Twilight Vanquisher ( Sar 3d before zerg!)   I think Justicar is the only title I have wanted,  and earned.

But I set a goal – went for it – and got it.  

I think I am supposed to set another one – that’s how achievements work isn’t it?

and just for the record – all the tears,  the pain,  the blood,  and the deaths

From My Statistics Page

Battlegrounds played  =  1230

Battleground played the most = Warsong Gulch (576)

Battlegrounds won = 645
Battleground won the most =  Warsong Gulch (259)

Get the heck out of my BG

“Just let ME get my achievement “ says one person.

But it’s not just you I explain,  it’s every single person queuing for WSG this week.

If this achievement means so much to you – do it in a premade,  where you are not inflicting your decision to stuff up a game of pvp  because you have to have that  point. It’s not like you stick around for after you get the achievement – you’re the first to leave the bg because you came for what you wanted.

Don’t blame me,  it’s blizzards fault”

No. It’s your fault for not taking your achievements serious enough to actually think ahead and plan for this.   Its easier done when you have a whole team wanting to achieve what you do – or shock horror you can actually earn it as intended!

The Horde are not your friends.   Alliance if your horde are not your Allies.  We are opposing factions.  We kill each other.  Yes?

I am not going to be nice,  and say sure.  Mr 1067 player for this week so far.  You are special.  Im going to wait patiently for 25 min to win a game of WSG because your playing lets see who can drop the flag for the hordies.

Can I stop playing WSG this week because my game has been interfered with to the extent that its impossible to play a game – sure,  but it’s more fun to try and round up the people who actually care about winning,  care enough to try, care enough to play, and do it as it should be done.

If you are collaborating with the enemy so you can get another 10 points then do you even deserve to call it an achievement. Your cheating.

Yes you are.  You are cheating

You haven’t achieved anything – your kidding your self if you think you have.  You’ve not chased down an enemy flag carrier  and killed him – and if that’s how you got your achievement then you have earned, and played it as it should be.

Yes I’m Mad.

Diary of a WSG Grave Yard Camp escapee

Rez 1Surrounded by the enemy!  Oh Noes!  Quick Buff Fort…….. *runs Forward.  Stunned Slammed dead.

Rez 2 –  (15 secs  to Rez ) * If I can sneak to the edge – and slip over the side.  Closer … Closer..   Darn!  Timer reset  (30 secs to Rez)

Rez 2.5 Waits impatiently for rez timer.  PING! Vroommm..    Over the side she’s running,   hot on her tail are a Shammy and a hunter’s pet.  She fears the pet and she’s running, yes she is running clear! down her right side Mage pops out, and she’s frozen folks.  Shes frozen in place,   She trinkets out, and she’s off,   running with a renew ticking and a shield on,  but her health is dropping, it’s so close! and she hits disperse  folks!  did you see that! with just hundreds of health  left and she’s safe for 6 secs !  Yes she’s safe.

Shes dead.

Rez 3  ( 3 secs to rez)   PING!   She casts fear. Slowed by a totem ( audible Audience Sigh)  and she runs in slow motion to that edge and Just..  Can’t…. Make… It…….


Rez 4.  ( 7 secs to Rez) Nenah Cherry Lyrics  in her head. “7 seconds away Just as long as I stay.  I’ll be waiting.”   Dead. They were waiting all right.

Rez 5.  Fears, runs,  Heals, shields,  disperse is off cool down, pots, trinkets,


Rez 6 .  The Shivers Start.  The uncontrollable urge to cry, PING! “/s Don’t hurt me!’


Rez 7. Collapses in a pile of quivering mess


Rez 8.   Frack this.    /Leave BG


Yes I died in Stormwind with a million debuffs and dots on me.

5 (Not 6) reasons not to kill someone in a BG

In a Battleground, you see the enemy, the red tag indicating a target, and the hunter in you unfurls,  your animalistic instinct to fight rises, nostrils flare, adrenalin pumps through your body, pupils dilate, and your hand grips your mouse in fevour, your focus becomes narrow.

You want to chase them down –   You want to feel the last dregs of their health taken away by your spell, your weapon swipe – and hear their final cry as their pixels collapse at your feet in a heap.


That was the sound of the elastic from your BG Blinkers smacking into the back of your head 

Sometimes not killing someone is strategically better.

So here are some reasons not to kill someone in a BG – Ignore them, or CC them instead.

1. They will rez full health and mana – quite possibly in several seconds and only a few feet away.

2. Your’re paying attention to them rather than doing what you should be doing. Look! your flag just ran past, or the tower just capped under your nose.

3.  They have no mana anyways. ( doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous,  just that another target could be more deserving of your attention)

4. They are actually AFK standing in the flag room.  Killing them might wake them up that something important has been going on, and that they need to pay attention. An afk enemy is one less person you have to deal with, and one more than for the enemy to get frustrated over.

5. CC pee’s people off more – encourages them to play irrationally.   Sheeped, Turtled, Catted,  Slowed,  Frozen.

6. You stop getting decent honor on kills if they keep dying so much and you try to farm them.

Edited as per below comment about DR.  I would swear..  that I read something about Hk’s getting DR

I tried to come up with 8   – didn’t quite work.

Playing with your food: HK farming.

What PVP  Cat are you?

The Battle-scarred Pvp veteran  ( Aka my Parents Cat Matilda- and yes she has no ears ) 

The Lay – In – Wait – I’m gonna gank you as often as possible just to pee you off – evil sorta cat. ( Aka my Lil Sisters cat Tally)


The I’m -gonna – lay in the Sun- and let you do all the work cat  ( Aka My cat Willow)

 One of the many things that frustrate me in a BG is the Honor Kill Farmer.

I liken Honor Kill farming to that of a predator playing with its food.   Cat’s like doing that – ( hence all the cat pictures)   The mouse runs – the cat chases down the mouse ( Sprint ) , and bats at it.   Mouse squeals ( Trinkets) and will try to escape  – and the game repeats it’s self.  In a BG the Cat will get to kill the mouse,  but because of resurrections gets to do it again, and again.  Each kill a bat with their paw.

I don’t think Honor Kill farming is honorable in any way. 

There is a difference between farming, and strategically keeping them in their place, like as a friend suggested last night when I was running this idea by him.   Keeping them on the rock on Eye of the Storm,  or back within the gate on AB is allowing  for  another event – namely time to occur so that a  tower/node  can cap.  If you let them escape from this containment your objective – to win could be in  jeopardy – and I have even conceded ( with some contention) that distracting people in the middle of WSG can be useful,  as long as it’s not being done by the whole Bg,  that the people doing it are doing it for the purpose to distract or control, and are not being nubs,  and that you have your flag carrier protected and healed up – the main objective to win is never forgotten. 

Warsong Gulch is the one game where you can control with the utmost precision as to when the misery of a losing battleground  will end for the opposition.

I’m sure any WSG veteran will have at some point suffered through  being camped at your graveyard  and your enemy are one flag away from capping a win – only to look down forlornly to see the enemy down below,  with your flag on their back laughing at you.  All the while you bitterly think “Just end it..  please..”

It is within their power to play the game out – you haven’t given up and you have been jumping off that Graveyard at all angles – trying the ramp – jumping over the tunnel exit and high tailing it down the other end,  but its hard for enough of you to get over to make a difference,  and out on the open field the flag carrier might be exposed enough for you to have a decent attempt at killing them, but no they stand there, and help farm you.  Maybe they get too cocky – and lose the flag,  then the real battle is back on, but I don’t think I have ever seen a graveyard camp fail for the oppressors.

If they can contain you in your graveyard while the flag carrier runs off to cap – it works – if they succeed ,  flag  gets capped – game over – que for next one.

I know there are times where the situation seems hopeless, I am a massive advocate  especially vocal  in BG chat – on not giving up.  Jump off the side of the rock – go round the ramp side ect THINK! Because I would really be rather trying and dying then standing there  being slaughted – that makes for lazy pvpers.  How are you supposed to learn to think strategically if you can’t think out of the graveyard.

The fault in HK farming not only lies with the people doing the farming – but also the people being farmed.   So please don’t be the flag carrier mocking the enemy – and please don’t be the person that lets the flag carrier mock you.

Yes I have been playing a lot of WSG . 




Pvp Server Ettiquette

Picture C/o Wikipedia

“The rules are, there are no rules” –

Grease, Leo,  Scorpians Member

My somewhat Gank free status seems to have been revoked.  I have been getting a little cocky. Not wandering the world  in my Pvp gear    Doing stuff in the same place for a long time. Standing on the shore  **and not levitating in the middle of the water while fishing.    Not being as aware of my surroundings, and I have been dying because of it.

Sometimes they wait for me to finish doing what ever I am doing, and then attack.   Sometimes they attack me anyway – hunt me down when I rez and do it all over again.  If they look like they are going to hang around – it’s easier to log.

There was a  rogue in southshore when I was fishing for Oily Blackmouths to see if making Free action pots for Pvp was going to be easy to do.  I killed him.  He wasn’t a very good rogue, cause they normally kidney jab me to death quite easily in Bgs.   He didn’t come back which surprised me,  because the DK another time that got the drop on me, and killed me while I doing a daily came back after he had done his, and tried to kill me again.  He failed twice.  I was in Pvp gear then, and more cautious.  

The most –  “I’m a gonna tear my hair out”  experience was a Pally in my eternal fire cave,  mostly the pallys that go there are bots.  They run around in circles,  if they happen to attack you, it’s because you got in their way.  I meld, and they skip right over me, I thought he was a bot untill he made a beeline for me, killed me,  and again, and again.   I managed to kill him once.  Then he just camped me – because I was counting on him getting bored and giving, up I kept rezing.  Nope.

I know it’s a Pvp server,  but surely why can’t everyone be like the three horde I found in a nother cave in various intervals. They didn’t attack me,  I didn’t attack them – and we all went about our business.  Sure I had more health, and was in pvp gear,   but one of them was even nice enough to wave at me.

Even though it hasn’t been too bad,  I just don’t have the urge to gank. ( though a  flight master killer spree in the Barrens one time when we were bored was fun. )   I do not attack first – but I will defend and try and outlive you by any means necessary.  I will run,  meld, disperse,  fear you into other mobs.  Pot – heal  what ever it takes to not die.   

Please  though if you do want to try and gank me.

1. Let me change into my Pvp gear. I have 1000 resilience and will be able to put up much more of a fight
2. Let me finish what ever I was doing – Eg killing my mob
3. Wait untill I’m full health and mana – so the fight is fair.
4. Then we must bow to each other, as respectful opponents –

and then only then shall the World Pvp commence .

Because I implore you – surely a victory tastes sweeter if you are against a worthy opponent. Ganking people when you have an unfair advantage is not honorable conduct outside a battleground.  ( Said with tounge in cheek.. )

Silverwing Update.

I’m getting there! – slowly..  Surely.. 

** Kudus to Empire Of the Sun for Winning Album of the Year for their debut Walking on a Dream and Single of the Year  for the song of the same name at the Arias – Couldn’t help but link their song Standing on the shore,  because I adore it,

Aiming for Justicar

I’m 790 Rep short of Exalted with the League of Arathor, which is realistically  close enough,  but I have a long way to go for Silverwing Sentinels.

Apparently working on 35 Rep a flag return and 23303 to go untill exalted   with the Sentinels thats  665.8 Flags I need or 221 WSG Wins ( 3 flags in a win) .

If I play all weekend on a WSG weekend I apparently get +10 more rep per flag –  

/sigh  my life will have to be WSG for  the next month or three.

Is it worth changing my race to human so I need 66 less flags? ( or there about)

Why would I do something so Insane?

I love Pvp.  If there was a title amongst all the titles that I felt meant something to me.  Justicar would be one that represented where a lot of my time and love and hate goes.   

How does something so repetitious still be enjoyable?   It could be the pesky pally that JUST WON”T DIE!  Or the Warlock that chains me and goes  *opps when I have fear warded, and I have dotted him to death for a change.  The hunter who sends his pet after me,   and forgets to resend after I have Shadow Melded and his pet runs off and then I kill him, the thrill of chasing flag carriers – dispel fear, dot – the thrill of being the flag carrier.  Dispel, fear,  heal trinket ” HALP!”  Yelling at people to get out of the middle.   That first time everyone heads to the flag room in WSG and  your part of a team! untill the rogue stealth, some go up the tunnel,  some up the ramp.  Some one starts the fighting in the middle.  levitating off LM to BS and hoping no one sees you in time for a ninja cap.  The sound of your bikes engines roaring as you ride through the crisp clean snow in AV and so on. 

I get more out of Pvp emotionally then a raid.   So getting the PVP title would be more meaningful to me then my current “Of the Nightfall”  which while sounds cool – was done by bugging out Sarth, and dps zerging .  – how is that an accomplishment?

Leveling in Bg’s

As soon as my new Hunter turned 38 I decided to level her to  40 in Bg’s.

I’m currently a couple of bars into level 39 with about 6 hours of play time at level 38 in between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch.  I had expected  it to be a little faster,  but at level 38 I was getting about 580 odd  xp for a base cap done by my side in AB , its 599 at level 39 and  double that for a flag  in WG  I also seem to get the odd bit of Xp for various stuff for which nothing in particular really happens,  maybe at a resource gathering  point goal in AB

 I’ve already brought one AB badge belt that was a level 28 but better then the green I was wearing anyway , and will have enough badges and then some for a level  40 belt  ( why aren’t there level 38’s pieces anymore? – There are level 48 pieces)  It’s a break from leveling,  but I am not sure I will make it to level 40 bging  when I can quest a lot faster.  

One thing I don’t like about it is while I may be leveling, my Pet is not, I picked up a level 37 Gorilla in STV and called  it Bambam ( though I might rename it Tubthumper)  and he is not getting any xp which disadvantages hunters a little. .

Its good to not have to play with the more serious twinks  – there are still people like me, slightly twinked out in heirloom items, or up and coming twinks, there is also a fair few level 33’s .  So I win some,  I lose some,   it’s still the typical BG experience,  people saying Alliance are %$*&  – people afking ect ect . I like Pvp but I don’t think I would ever want to completely level a  toon in a BG  I think its great for a break from the quest grind, and I think if you at least get to level 10, and are willing to cop flack from everyone else moaning about your hp if your a lower level then you could practically level completely to 80 – if thats the way you really wanted to do it.   However, in most cases you would be quicker leveling questing.

Someone laughed at me in Stormwind  because I was a female dwarf  “No offence” he said  There aren’t too many of us around and I keep forgetting to use her racial, stoneform,  but its been fun playing a hunter so far again.

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