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New World

It’s a new world, but not a new player base.

I bought New World, and on launch night I tried to join the server that some ex wow guildies had designated to be our server. It turned out so did everyone else in Asia Pacific because the queue was 21.5k long. As I stared into the queue abyss I decided I really wanted a chance to play that night so was pleasantly surprised when all the other available oceanic servers were only 2k deep. So I picked one and about 40 min later I was in.

Anything new and shiny is always exciting, and I enthusiastically dived in. Since launch I had not played WOW. The server issues were fixed ( at least for us ) ques were smaller, but there’s still a lot of lag especially in the cities. I’ve only logged in briefly tonight to WOW because New World Servers were going down at 9pm for several hours upsetting all the people in general chat at having to log out.

I had been trying to rush my first dungeon for a couple of quests and we had to disband before killing all the required mobs, but I got at least one important quest done while we were in there. The bones to get my pet will have to wait.

I’ve been spoiled with wow, New world has less buttons to press, but targeting feels a little clunky and even though I’m playing a Tank Spec in heavy armor with a 2 hander. I have had to level up a range weapon so I can chase down those pesky Does, Elks, and Buffalo for settlement quests. As it is your often competing to get the skin because while your target has been leading you around the map, other players have whipped out their ranged weapons and are trying to kill it too.

I have done SO MUCH running. Even with hearth points and fast travel my legs have been churning up the roads. No mounts in the game, and the only speed boost I had was when I spec’d into a charge with one of my weapons so I could move forward on cooldown.

I’ve not tried PVP – feeling a little better about my gear and at Level 30 and there’s active wars between factions territory’s which will be fun as long as the servers can maintain their player bases and there isn’t a dominating faction..

I’ve been having a lot of fun, it’s great timing given the negative sentiment around WOW right now, it’s familiar enough of a game to be comfortable but different enough that it’s different to WOW, and the grind! We all love a good grind, Chopping, gathering, mining, crafting, cooking, milking cows, getting honey from bee hives, and killing a lot of zombies.

My first dungeon was a little chaotic – we had at least 1 healer but I’m pretty sure there were at least 3 tank/dps and we were all doing our own smashing.

Player housing is going to be what I thought Shroud of the Avatar was going to be, but no real world money. You buy your house at the town of your choosing if you have the gold and the standing, and you then need to pay a property tax. You can outfit your house with crafting recipes, and drops. 2.5k Gold is the cheapest house, but I have my eye on a larger one with at least a front grass area. Your house ‘overlays’ other peoples, you always see your house, and if you invite someone in they will also see your house. Benefits of a house include another hearth cool down, and more storage. You do need to pay property taxes to make full use of it though, and for now- it’s a little steep to justify just yet.

Speaking of storage and grinding and crafting. You need a lot of space for all your bits , every settlement has independent storage volumes, you can transfer between banks for a fee if the settlement locations are controlled by the same faction.

I’m not too keen on the chat. It takes up too much of the screen, too many channels and way too much spam. I didn’t know what a discord kitty was. I knew, but I didn’t know the lingo ( age is showing ) I learned because of the chats and the requests for discord kitties, in game girlfriends, sugar daddies etc… people were already boasting about coming back from bans in game already, the usual name choices you see when people are pushing inappropriate naming conventions, but in the last few days it feels like it’s been cleaned up. For a new game, they have a lot of adverse media to read about from Blizzard and learn from.

The patch tonight is going to prevent whats being referred to as an AFK running into the wall hack – players run themselves into wall so they don’t get logged out. When queues are long for some people to get in trying to prevent logging. The patch will also bring in the groundwork for server transferring so the orphaned people on launch don’t need to re-roll and can pick a server and play with friends.

I’m having fun, turning into a hoarder, gathering all my crafting material and looking like a tanking bad ass. Server populations need to be kept high enough for all the aspects of the game to function – so once the initial frenzy is over the test for Amazon will be how to sustain peoples interest.

Almost level 31 at the moment which is a fair crack – fast travel and killing anything with a quest icon above it to keep completing the quest boards in the settlement which help the settlememt raise the tiers of their crafting stations. Kill 25 rabbits, bring water, craft a potion, fund some buckles. It’s been adding up.

Queue Jumping

Having settled down on an awkward piece of dragon bone on the shores of Loch Verall,  fishing for Highland Guppies. Someone came and stood by me on the same piece of Dragon bone and started fishing in my pool.  So ‘passive aggressively’  I told them ‘I hate people who fish in other people’s pools’ and I got the above response.

It may be sorta of silly to feel a sense of  entitlement,  or even ownership of a pool of  pixel fish, but I do, especially where there were other pools near by.  2 people in a pool = less fish for both people.

Then when doing the new fireland quests,  the quest to heal the Hyjal defenders has been one of the worst  to try and get done in the frenzy of everyone trying to get them done at the same time  –  lots of people invite to group but with the current respawn rate, and the amount of people it’s still a slow process.

So I saw someone heal one , and then run off, and I thought aha! a free respawn area,  so I camped it. Stood there patiently  and then someone tried to beat me to it when it spawned.  I won.   They then stood there while I beat them to 7 more of them ( quest needs eight ) every time it respawned.  That instead of moving on and finding either their own spot,  or took their chances elsewhere they tried to ‘steal’ my quest mob.

Is it really stealing,  no,  but  I don’t understand why they would have gone to all that effort to try to attempt to beat me to the next one. 7 mobs later. I took great pleasure in beating them to the mob every time.

I mean, I’ve also  seen enough zombie/survival movies to know that the people with this sense of entitlement of not waiting their turn are the ones that open the doors to the Zombies to let them in, make deals with the enemy for their own freedom, hoard food/powerbars

But these people in other people’s pools, or ‘stealing’ quest mobs, jumping shopping queues.  ( YES I SAW YOU)  I don’t have that sence of entitlement where I think it’s ok to do that,  but I have no problems with camping a spot for respawns,  or even  getting on my biggest dragon mount in shadow form and sitting on the Deer spawn point in Hyjal just so I can get the deer quest done, but if you were there first I shall walk away.

Ok sharing my pool of fish and letting the zombies in might be a bit of a stretch, and I guess I should be thankful to the person trying to camp my camping spot for making the dailys just that little bit more interesting that day, and fishing for fish feasts just so I can impress the people who have never seen a crab in a basket in bg’s  can get a little boring.

But still.  I hope the zombies eat them first.

I’m kind of on Google +  – I just haven’t worked out what I am doing with it just yet.  It shall depend on how enthusiastically people I want to be in contact with embrace it.

Not tall enough.

I have a theory that every single  mob that gets stuck on a slope,  where I can neither loot it from above, or jump high enough to reach it, has a rare world drop  on it.  It’s also extremely frustrating when you are after one more quest item and you know that the quest item is on that mob.


The Sadness in Northrend -Emotional responses in Gaming

I found most of Northrend sad, now that I’m 80 I can reflect back on some of my questing, and to be honest some of the storys in the quests almost brought a tear to my eye.  Betrayal, torture, loyalty, honor,  I agree with the concensus that alot of work when into those quest lines and just from the variety of things to do  – see  – listen – understand. It was a very ‘dark’ experience. They were sucessful because there were so many that got an emotional response out of me. More for the sadder/happy quests then the collecting ones..

There’s already been discussion on the morality of some of the quests in northrend. Namely the torture Quest The Art of Persuasion at Amber Ledge in the Borean Tundra where you get to poke a guy with a rod for information – and given the quest doesn’t auto complete you can keep on poking him untill you get bored.  There is also the Tormenting the Softknuckles Quest from Frenzyheart Hill in Sholazar Basin where you also poke these adorable little baby monkey type creatures and they run around feared to bring out the Hardnuckle Matriach.


( Image from Petopia Softknuckle)

I felt like such a big meany! – but it was interesting to do… and kind of funny watching them run around the compound screaming.  Yes there is a massive difference between playing a game and reanacting that on real animals. Still it was with mixed feelings of regret and glee that I performed the necessary actions to complete the quests.

 Another thing I found sad was the freeing the Trapped Mammoth Calves in the quest Help those that cannot help themselves.  There was alot of competition for the spawns when I first did the quest to find and free the poor calves, but riding back through the area, I took this screenshot as a reminder because the poor calf was making some disturbing noises in its distress, and I had a moment of regret that I had finished the quest and did not have the right hammer to save him.  I had to ride past the poor thing wishing I could have helped ( after I did the touristy thing by taking a ss)


Another quest which sparked an emotional response from me was the quest Planning for the Future in Dragon Blight.  You needs to  steal Collect 12 Snowfall Glade pups  because the quest giver fears “However, I worry that in our zeal, too many of them will be slain. ” You kill the den mothers who ( because its a daily) barely have given birth to another pup before you kill them and steal the pup.”   I am part of that zeal that is depriving these poor pups of their parents. I am being used!

The story played out in the quest The Truth shall set us free  was also a sad scene where you redeem the forgotten sailors, who had followed Prince Arthas – and he in response to an order to return back to Lordaeron says “Uther had my troops recalled? Damn it! If my warriors abandon me, I’ll never defeat Mal’Ganis. The ships must be burned before the men reach the shore”

What struck me was words said by the Captain in the ghostly scene you see acted out before you –  before we find out that Arathas will have revenge at the cost of his men

“Forgotten Captain says: Look alive, lads! Today might be the day we leave this cursed land! O’ sweet Ironforge, how I missed ya! ”  He just wanted to go home.

The expansion quest lines have been a sucess for me – because I have gotten emotionaly involved, or had a reaction  to the stories  – and It wasn’t just the sucessful feeling of completing a challange.

Having said that – while wandering round Grizzly Hills I found some familar characters. ( Names changed of course)

What did I do?

Killed them.


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