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More MANA!

Another boring post about replenishment

I paid particular attention to my Vting and MBing on Hal Trash  ( not much good on Hal himself..  I got meleed  going into the portal on p2.  Guess I clicked too fast.)  but except one or two MB’s I know with absolute certainty I was Mbing with VT.

We had three sources of replenishment in raid, and I thought that replenishment would override existing replenishments  and that all replenishments were created equal, so I was surprised when I started taking SS of who was getting my buff using my Dot timer.  ( it’s not normally in the mid of my screen

Only 3 people got it  – but it proc’d and the whole raid was in range.

9 people this time

4 people

So is it supposed to proc on 10 toons/pets at the same time but it’s not.

So is  pally replenishment better than mine?  I know they do it more often but I started ssing because it was procing as what ever amount was on that list of people.  It wasn’t procing 10 and then 7 people falling off  within 1 sec.  People weren’t at 100% mana either,

I need your Hit Buff

I need your hit buff
I got to have your Hit buff
Close to me
Such a dps gain
Watch my AOE rain
Ramping up my damage
I want you close to me

Mash up of “I need your body” by Tina Arena

Players will  gear with the expectation that there will be a Shadow Priest,  and or a Draenei, firstly – arguably because it might be a little difficult to get that perfect gear combination, and secondly but most importantly. They don’t have to.

I liken this practise to overclocking a PC.  You have your recommended  specs, but you can push them a little to get better results, or better performance. However it has it’s risks, and limitations. If the person providing you with this buff dies, or gets out of range as is the case of Draenei’s  ( 30 yards) then you lose that buff,  and you have only your personal hit rating to rely on, and even as a Shadow Priest,  the  hit buff requires that the Shadow Priest has cast on what you’re hitting.  

There are several fights in ICC where the range of Heroic Presence,  the Draenei hit’s buff might be an issue, and probably isn’t considered when you tell dps to spread out on Saurfang. It’s a stationary fight, and  healers stand in the middle for the reason that it’s so you can keep range on as many people as possible.  I’ve healed that fight several times, and if your standing to the right of the middle,  you don’t have range on someone who is far  left.  So if a healer can’t reach you  –  then a Draenei’s buff  won’t – So if you need a Draenei for your hit – make sure not only they are in your party,  but they are close.  Suarfang is also a good example for relying on  a Draenei when range and melee is an issue.  Range, range can be upwards of 40 yards, and so they avoid the adds by standing to their max range to boss.  Not the max range for either providing that buff, or using it.

Of course some of the spell ranges/hunter ranges seem to be changing in CATA – but it’s something to think about for those raiding now.

StarCraft Cakes & Brain Dumpage

StarCraft  Just for something funny Via The Weburbanist – Makes me want to play Zerg. Pfft Pfft..  TERRAN all the way baby. 

Dreams I’ve been dreaming about Starcraft, more so the Bugs. I had bugs fall in my mouth in my dream, and I spent the next half hour in dream getting legs out between my teeth.  Possibly caused by   too many tower defence games where waves and waves of bugs run past you, screaming as they die  in gory puddles of bloody mess.  Those sounds shall stay with me forever. I have only dreamed about Wow a couple of times in my years of playing.  twice in 1 week I’ve dreamt about Starcraft. 

Chick = healer.  Medivacs have female pilots,  as do your Ground medic Units “ Tell me where it hurts giggle”  I should be grateful for the Valkyries also being chicks,  but I don’t build them anymore.  Much prefer my Battlecruiser fleet  with the old admirals and their pipes.  They obviously aren’t Honor Harrington Fans though, because she is a better Admiral!   I know this healer  = female stereotype is well  over done. I’m amused, not upset.  That they have kept this tradition in a space game. If Ripley can kill aliens in an exoskeleton girls can too, but” In the rear with the gear”  especially if they giggled after  a female voice – would sound – well  – wrong.  Really can’t be f’d being miffed by it. It’s funny.

 I have to admit that I was relieved to find out I had access to a  female avatar.  I looked kinda silly not looking like a girl while being named Zahrah.


My Human Warrior is now 74 – and seems to be defence capped for her level 466 ( and  I know she has to be defence capped – because I’m not working out the maths by level) because I put  a new piece of gear on it with 20 extra defence and only got another 6 defence out of it.  If not for a blacksmithing friend’s alt  who declared he needed the skill ups anyway – I was gifted with about 4 pieces at level 70 of defence gear which helped me massively.

Questing and Dungeoning atm.  May pvp when I get closer to 80.   Was doing the Dragon hunt quest in Coldara, and you get silenced while taming it, and two Hordies ganked me. – Had difficulties fighting back.  So I spent the next half an hour on my main making every single hordes life a nightmare – including my two attackers.  Chasing them cross the snowy plains.  They weren’t even safe back at base.  Dot them up, and start running from the angry Wyrmwrest mage that would try and kill me for breaking the sanctuary.  Run back when the mage was friendly again, and do it all over it again.

Wednesday – the monday of Raiding week is tonight.  We have been able to clear 11/12 hardmodes for the last few weeks on one night, we got to LK last week with 50 attempts left ( no end wing  boss wipes) .  Not doing well on single target smash fights like rot and fester in comparison to the other dps. On Putricide I do ok,   On Princes I kick butt –  will probably do a better break down  after I get to play with tonites logs and compare it.

Stuck in a Skirmish with you

I think my arena dream is over.

Our 3’s team has become well – for Sh*ts and Giggles, and not something we want to work on getting right. 

My enthusiasm for arena has died a little with the teams loss of enthusiasm.

But I found skirmish.   I will always have skirmish.  I don’t need a team,    and I win some, and I lose some, and it doesn’t matter how crap I am,  because I always meet someone worse  than me in a skirmish.  Though the Disc experience,  and my holiday as a proper  Shadow Pvp was a lot of fun.

However it’s easier to have my offspec as holy.   I know I should do what I want to do ,  but it’s the curse of a hybrid. I don’t want to be swapping my gylphs, and my talent points just in case and not have it used.    For now the rewards for having that offspec available to be used instantly outweighs what else  I could be using it for.

Guess that means I am back to Healing LFG’s again for the shorter Queues because I don’t have to wait the 13-19 odd min like the rest of the dps.  Fun times 🙂

DKP bidding

I’m finding the psychology of DKP   bidding much to be like GDKP bidding – of course they  have more in common then just three letters, each has it’s own form of currency.  GDKP – of course is gold,  DKP is points earned for attendance in raids and so on, but there is a way of approaching bidding –  knowing how much currency they have to work with, how important that item is to their class/spec – how many people want it and so on which can make bidding an interesting show.

The hesitate bidder – 1 point above the last bid.  The one who means business.   40 points straight up.  The hesitations as they feel each other out for how much they are willing to put on the table.

I’m managed to get this far in my WOW raiding without ever having to worry about a point system before.  I’ve seen Loot council ( which worked out bad for me the crappy shadow priest in BC  – because any upgrades outside my Shadow Weaving 4 set were also awesome upgrades for every other dps class – who were doing a crap load more damage then I)  Loot by date of last allocation for that loot group.  From memory  I believe weapons, were separate to trinkets, rings & necks, and gear was also separate, and the other guilds were variations of loot councils, and  were pretty much as equal as possible with attendance & raider/trial status taken into consideration.

I have DKP to spend,  and there are items that drop that I would like – but this means I need to know how much I have to spend,  how much the people bidding against me have to spend, and is it worth what ever amount it is being bidded for.

I’ve been hesitating pushing my bidding.  Do I really want to lose all my dkp earned so far for one pair of boots/offhand ? does the person bidding against me have a massive amount to spend? – and the best I could hope to accomplish is either wiping out all of my dkp  – or forcing them to spend a chunk of their own.

I haven’t been lootless.  I was able to upgrade my 4th piece of t10 to Sanc,  and got 4 sanc tokens for my healing offspec. I also managed to get the staff of LK extremely cheaply because 2 dropped in one run,  and then 2 dropped  the following week as well. 

I’m also unofficially next in line for Heroic DFO. unofficially meaning that no one else wants it for mainspec. ( I think)  It just hasn’t dropped for 3 weeks, but then there might be someone who needs it and then I will need to have dkp to bid.

Things like belt, boots, offhand , wand, and the Heroic Sanc tokens though can turn into bidding wars,  and I haven’t  pushed my bidding.  There isn’t a code like I was told in a GDKP where I was bidding against someone I knew.   They bowed out because “they don’t bid against friends’   this is healthy competition for gear, and you can see how quickly much desired pieces have their value bumped up quickly beyond anyone with only pocket change dkp to spend.

Like dead dps does no dps – unspent Dkp means no new gear.  So after a week or so of getting scared out early – I am trying to be somewhat more assertive.

*Guildy disclaimers..  No I am not trying to guilt you into passing,  and I don’t have your DKP points memorised – it’s just been interesting watching the bids.

New guild week 1

I’ve been raiding 3 days now with my new guild, Done 10/12 Heroic modes on ICC 25, Killed TOGC 25, and almost done on Ulduar

I’m just the Yogg achievement off getting my 310% drake – and all going well we should have that this week.  

My old raiding guild disbanded when we were in the middle of doing all the Ulduar hardmodes – and working on TOGC  – never thought I would get to finish it off this side of Cata. 

In the fights so far, I go through periods of hell yeah – I rock at this fight –  Eg I did well on Hodir,  because I was chasing the person with the “Storm Cloud on me”   because not everyone understood how to get max dps and yes I still had damage  on  the ice tombs  –  It was like being back in Ulduar wiping on hard modes all over again,  except this time it was a cake walk.

Hodir 2010

Hodir 2009

From my post I could say that my DPS was rare  – and I found out after that Shadow Priests were getting 14k, and 16 k then back in Oct 2009.   So my Almost 19k dps now doesn’t look so hot. 

And then     I get hit with a Shadow Crash on General. I moved.   I swear.  I had been dodging shadow crashes  easily,” Shadow Crash on me”   Run.  Cake.  I may have run into someone elses. Either way.  Fail train went Toot Toot again

Some of the ICC heroics,  I had attempted  / read about / done on 10’s /attempted on 10’s so the 25 mechanics aren’t too different, but there were a few I had never done before,  and spent most of the time repeating – Do not fail in my head in between non verbal squeals of  omg green stuff! ( So much green stuff in plague)

I’m enjoying the intensity of it.  They actually count down pulls!   So pre- potting a pull is less guess-work.   ( lesson learned  Prepot on 2 – not 1)  

 I also am looking at getting something like Lowerping, one of the guildies gave me a link to one that’s free – but the tech specs were too complicated to understand at 1am in morning on a work night so I’ll have a look and work out exactly what it wants to do with my PC and if I am ok with that.

I’m also shopping around /playing with mods,  and am extremely glad my App didn’t ask for a pic of my UI.  Mostly because I have the default UI for Bars –  and there is still massive discrimination against the default UI.  Then after discussion with a friend  I downloaded Bartender  – and found you canhave like 10 bars of stuff! , and hide things – and its awesome.  So I am setting it up on my alt, to get used to it, ( after I got over the initial panic where it dumps everything in the middle of your screen)  and I then I get to work out the bars on my main, and make it pretty!  I have tried to stick to the philosophy of if it’s not broke don’t fix it,  and the default Bars do ok for me. – except – the ability to customise it now is a lot more appealing.

I am also looking at what other Shadow Priests are wearing / Glyphing / Specing / Talents It matters more  now – and checking things like armory crawlers, and the like.

Been looking at a little bit.  It has some interesting class stats, eg enchants,  gyphys and so on. Like all the other ones you need to manually refresh your characters data,  so that means the stats will always be off.  The majority of players wouldn’t go refresh their profiles to resync with the armoy on all the armory crawlers. 

Looking at the class statistics page for priests  I notice that the Shadow Boot enchant at 80% is Tuskers Vitality +15 Stam and Minor Speed increase, and Icewalker is 17%  


I looked at boot enchants last year,  and even checked out Blackrocks stats on it then in my boot enchant  post where most people were still using icewalker  ( 12 hit & 12 Crit)  Checking Wow Hero’s  Statistics again  now shows that Icewalker is still way more popular then Tuskarr’s on that crawler.

So which crawler is  right? The massive discrepancy makes me doubt any of the stats on both them. 

Did you know. I have a bad shoulder enchant.  ( Which I need to fix)  do you know how bad that is, buying the wrong shoulder enchant. I’m wearing 18+ sp 10 crit, instead of 24sp 15 crit *hides head in shame. No idea how long I’ve been wearing that one.   It’s getting fixed tonite! Promise

Apologies for the brain dump  – one of the reasons why I blog is to keep record, and it’s funny to look back at my old posts, and see that some issues do repeat themselves.

Just Bite Me Baby

Why doesn’t anyone bite the Shadow Priests first?

 While I don’t quite go to the length of   Keredria  and their raid’s Musical ICC  but everytime I get to Queen and the biting assignments are worked out.  I get the Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire song in my head

Sexy vampire,
I’m falling in love
So just bite me baby
And drink all my blood 

BITE ME ! Mainly cause  getting bitten 1st = sexy dps. Just think of all the extra VE healing you would get to the party = Less stress for healers is a good thing

Remember That Boss?

It was funny being back in Ulduar, with my new guild, I  haven’t done anything past XT since at least my 10 man Algalon kill in January – but standing in front of Iron council,  and I didn’t even think and asked ” Who is doing Fusion Punch”  because it was always one of the dps that looked after it when I was in there before, and it was always a question that was answered before we pulled.   I went to my dot on the floor for Kolagarn, and my side of XT when we did XT.  I did these things automatically.

Larisa from the Pink Pigtailed Inn wrote her Ranking List over the Raid Bosses of Wrath and Cassandri did hers The 52 Raid Bosses of Wrath , the bosses that they thought were the most challenging, and the detail involved in determining what made each boss complicated made me think about all the stuff I know about those 52 bosses from my encounters.

Add in differences between 10’s / 25’s heroic modes, hard mode methods – and you add an additional layers of stuff you know.

52 bosses,  and I have attempted them all and have now killed them all on at least a 10 man or a normal mode with the exception of Lich

Then add up all the heroic dungeon bosses ( if you don’t skip any)

Ahn’kahet = 5 bosses

Azjol-Nerub = 3

Culling of Stratholme = 5

Drak’Tharon Keep = 4

Gundrak = 5

Halls of Lightening = 4

Halls of Stone = 4

Nexus = 4 ( +1 mini boss)

Oculus = 4

Utgardge Keep =  3  ( one boss encounter is 2 bosses but Im keeping it at one )

Utgarde Pinnacle = 4

Voilet Hold 3 bosses per instance,  but  7 bosses all up possible

53 more bosses / encounters.

So I at least have seen / know something about – and a lot in greater detail 105 boss encounters of varying length and difficulty from Wrath alone.

I could honestly stand infront of each,  and tell you probably  varying things about the boss.  Eg what type of abilities they have – spell locks,  stuns, what your supposed to do. Run when he does – Blah.   Stand there,  don’t stand there,  ( pre being able to faceroll the content) – I’d still need the context on some of them though.  Eg If you lined the bosses up – Id have some issues with models,  but put me in their room, and I would be able to tell you all sorts of stuff.

That’s  a wealth of information on over 100 different things,

I even think back to SSC,  and I may have done it once more after the content became redundant,  but I can still remember  things about each encounter.   In my brain I am standing at Najentus with a Spine through my chest,  hoping to be kept alive.  I am dogging Volcanos running down a hill. I’m In TK with balls flying at me.

Now think of 100 things you know in real life.  Not just learning to tie your shoe laces.  Things that require context that you need to explain, and things you know little bits about Eg celebrities, even family.

It’s amazing what you could drum up about people if you are shown a photo.  Married to.  Starred in.  Named their kid Apple.

Unless your  a total hermit your going to absorb information, and general knowledge.  Even the biggest noobs would be able to tell you  alot about different encounter, and we seem to have an infiniate ability to absorb new things.

This isn’t even considering the knowledge we have gained in navigating Azeroth. Boats to – flights to – run to – where the flight master is in every town and city
Will you remember the road to Stormwind in 3 years time.  Will you remember the boss encounters?

I’m pretty sure if you were stood in that same room. Looking into the eyes of what ever boss it is,  you would still remember  years and years after

Maybe my memory is different,  visual context seems to be important to my retention.   How amazing would this be if we could apply this  capacity to learn, and our passion to learn important stuff like  in the real world.

I went back through Kara for the first time in Ages with a good friend on their warrior recently   ( 😛 ) ,  and we two manned it all the way to chess.   ( Failed at 2 manning chess..    such a pain) but standing there with the doors to what ever room closing behind you – going.  Crap – what does this boss do again, and we were like ‘ Oh yeah..  this and this .. ”

Am I going to be 80 one day going.   ( in old ladies voice)   “When I was your age,  I had use key bindings – and some bloody noob would always move during flamewreath!”

I’m not a Prude.

Theres been a few things lately  in pugs – in scrub pugs,  even in a good guild pugs that have come up – that have made me feel defensive, embarrassed,  and trying to control a situation that could get out of hand.

There is no measuring stick to measure the discomfort level – but my indicator is usually the urge to quit group and flee to a pretty garden in Dalaran for some respite.

Language  – attitude – insults

I can go bosses without saying anything  in vent if I don’t need to and then when I say something like ” Skull – get out of the raid”  (I was healing deathwhisper trash)

/raid  Who’s the girl?

or a Pst “Are you the girl”

I will not be one of those girls afraid to speak because of the reactions – this whole girls do not play thing is so old  – and it’s not even funny anymore.  I love to talk yes!  but I won’t be too vocal in a bunch of strangers,   I am not going to invite you to my facebook,  or tell you anything beyond the city I live in .    Maybe I have been spoiled by being able to play with people for a long time where this was never an issue

One raid had been going fine,   it was getting later – maybe people got more relaxed – I hadn’t been really talkative – but I certainly had spoken – indication was I was the only girl in the 10 man that was mostly from one guild,  and  then the conversation turned, and I was asked  to be someones dishwasher.  Trying to keep it light, I said I hope  that it wasn’t because I was a female he expected me to wash his dishes – there was some laughter –  and further implication that I would come over to his place and wash his dishes,  so I said  that he was welcome to courier his dishes to me and I would put them in my own dishwasher – because I sure wasn’t handwashing his dirty dishes.

^^ that is me taking the joke – trying not to make a big deal of the blatant sexism. I mean we cop some flack  – expect it – don’t bite – blah blah.  It was me trying to say – yeah I can take a little bit of  a ribbing. 

Well it turns out dishwasher was an in guild joke of their’s that did not mean washing dirty dishes. One of them was kind enough to explain the joke.

To which I replied  how silly I felt – I then shut up for the rest of the raid,

It was actually embarrassing  knowing that they all knew what he was talking about – and here was me talking about  washing dirty plates – and it probably one of the few times I had felt like I was being insultingly objectified  – probably made more so because it wasn’t a joke I was included  on. I mean most of the time the jokes are to  just to get a reaction – and they are pretty lame.

Last night in a run I was told what a good sport I was for putting up with their jokes about women.   They were telling Women jokes because their Dead baby ones were out of line and I told them to stop those which they listened to.   The woman ones were easier to ignore – but I told one guy  I hope he was talking loud enough for his sleeping girlfriend to hear –  which would ruin any chances he had of getting laid for a month.

I feel like a prude sometimes – the mother hen clucking at  the uncivilised.  I don’t want to be a feminist ranting about how to treat girls  ( and each other) with respect –  no delusions about civilising the gaming world.  I mean even I tell people they are F’ken fail healers. – but you know when there is a line that is crossed, and I try not to be afraid of saying so. Even a simple.  ” Too far” can shut a conversation down. 

 I feel so much the hypocrite ( fixed) though for staying in a group that can turn my stomach with their language and behaviour.

But I don’t want to be the prude.

It’s a game – anonymity  makes it easier to be an Ahat – pretending to be / act out a persona that isn’t how you would react in real life –   but I would like to hope that  most of them   – had a mother – have had a girlfriend  – may have a wife  – wouldn’t dare to talk as they do in front of them.( Gamer sterotypes ignored here)

A 4 things for Friday thing

( there was 5  – but number 5 got it’s own post)

1.Corporate Raider

I am really loving Looking4More ‘s Corporate Raider  mini comics

He is going places

Vote to Kick

and My Favourite  Raiding the Workforce

Who says Wow and Corporate Slavery doesn’t mix?  I shall remember that one every time I am in a meeting. 

2. We got a Pony

As Matticus Said today  “Ghostcrawler did promise us a pony”  and we got one via the Celestial Mount. It’s pretty and the Mini XT Pet is cute.  And it happened when I was asleep.  If your game enough to wait in the queue which reported at being  7 hours    with 71338 people in queue, aprox 5 hours ago – with an update saying now there is  140,000 people in queue. 

If it granted me 310% Flight speed.  Sure I would lean more to buying it.  I’m getting something pretty and something with a use.  However it only goes as fast as your highest flying speed you have learned –  and thats not likely to change  for me at the present time, and besides  the only flying I have been doing lately has been is from Dalaran to ICC  so it’s not like its a massive distance anyway.  The rate at which people have been buying it though means it will still be common enough for it not to be a special.  It will not be a ” Oh wow did you see that love rocket.”   

3. I can’t comment on your blog when I see

Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

If you are a regular commenter or you feel that your comment should not have been blocked, please contact the blog owner and ask them to modify this setting

Now I need  remember who I wanted to comment on I shall have to tell them.

4. Raiding with a substance impairment

Theres enough on that topic to justify it’s own post   –  but I already did that  in Raiding Wet   I’ll be judgemental on the basis that your enjoyment is impacting on mine.  Yes I have drunk/ been drunk playing WOW.   I even asked to be let off the hook from a raid because I had been to Octoberfest all day, but sometimes I get so annoyed at a wipe – and someone asks “what happened”  and then someone giggles “Sorry guys..”   or slurs or gets up to get another drink or cocktail  between wipes – How do you take them seriously because I know their reactions speeds are slow, that they aren’t thinking as fast on their feet,  and adapting to changing raid circumstances, their judgement is impaired.  And there is a BIG difference between a couple of beers and 10 beers / 10 cocktails/The whole bottle. I know it’s a game  – your allowed to have fun – your home – blah blah blah  and no it’s not just been pugs.

Though the drunk druid on Wednesday night seemed to heal better the drunker she got. – Just that the raid got slower as people got distracted – and inappropriate comments were encouraged  to the point where the R word was used –  and that lead to what  R wasn’t  – which then made me say on vent.  “You have two Girls in the Channel – this is not appropriate”

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