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DPSing when things die too freaken fast.

Right all wrong –  we all seem to have this  < 2k dps in a Northrend Dungeon and you fail  – which for the most is true.

Sometimes I struggle to reach that when I am running in a overgeared group when stuff just dies so quick.

Most of my circumstantial rotations start with dots – If there is enough time for me to stick dots up, maybe some mindsearing, and single target  then I am going to do awesome on actually dps measurement, and either come 1st or 2nd in the party , but well geared Aoe tanks – and 1 or 2 burst Dps in the party,  and I’m last.

So the real dps measurement when stuff is dying quick is not how much damage I can actually do,  but how much damage I can beat other classes to doing.  Eg I’m more likely to stick one dot on them,  Shadow Word Death / Mindblast on cool down, and mindsear where practical.  No point sticking dots on them if they are taking 5 seconds to die.

In addition In a 5 man – helping the party rather than yourself reduces your Dps.   If the boss is dying  fast – and your party member  has just been iceblocked.  Leave him,  boss will die soon anyway,  and besides,  its less dps being done by that party member = more for you to do.

Same with dispels – If you have a healer who can’t dispel something because of their class – how many people will dispel rather than keep on dpsing. 

I think the speed that a Random can be run is creating lazy players.  No wonder tanks are struggling for agro sometimes when the Dps are having Peeing competitions for top position.  The sad thing is with fully over geared groups – because the healer and tank are op too –  the healer can heal the dps through most stuff, and the tank just works a little harder.  So sometimes maybe only the Mage dies – gets rezzed and they do it all again.

Your Healer should be dpsing too..

So with content getting easier you would think that I wouldn’t moan so much at being kept challenged by people who want to experiment in dungeons.

I am a Dps at heart. Long time readers will remember my complete and utter disdain at being made to heal.  But I want my cake badges.  When on a good day I can do one instance in 12 min – why would I want to wait 13 min to then spend as long as the wait in a run = less badges,  less gems to sell = less time doing other stuff.  So I heal. Popular opinion seems to be I do it well  ( unless you make my life difficult and then I rant.)

As I have two 80 priests, I am much more confident Dpsing as a Holy spec on my main Zahraah – with more mana,  better gear she can hot up a standard tank,  throw a mend every now and then, flash a little, then  dot up the boss. Holy fire a mob,  ( love the lightening bolt spell graphic)  do a mindblast,    Holy Nova a pack – or  even mind sear! 

(Seems silly to give Holy mindsear and not mindflay)

I have never lost a tank because I was dpsing.  I may have lost a dps though when they stole agro unexpectedly.

I also know you’re wondering if my desire to dps causes me mana issues, and no – I will only dps with a strong tank – if its a weak tank needing more heals my attention  is always on them .  

On Ostara my Holy only priest I am not as geared, so when healing on her gear I’m not as confident,  but  depending on the tank, she will do what she can to add to the damage.

I won’t go disc to dps/heal – I like healing as holy.

As a holy dpser we don’t get the benefits a shadow spec would get  eg replenishment procs, and a real healer would never dare to spec into the Dps points available on the holy tree. However Staying active sure beats standing there with a dopey expression on my face.

^^ perpetual dopy look.

But here is my challenge to all healers but the Trees ( sorry..  Unless you want to melee the mobs)  More dps = faster funs without the tank having to go pyscho pulling. ( Yes there are too many of you doing that!)

Healers!  I call you to arms. Or wands or staffs or whatever.


and I want screenshots.  I shall endeavour to do the same.

We measure a dpser by how much dps they do as it usually means they have been active, and that they are continually casting.  Measuring the success of a healers dps will not be as easy.  We are otherwise occupied some of the time, but damage done should suffice for now. 

Then one day …..   I shall enter a LFG in Holy Spec as a DPSER!  *shock horror*  then I can be the scrub dps that people laugh at.

Tank Spec for pussies

I’m waiting out my Dungeon Cool down by writing this post. I JUST WANTED MY BADGES.

Once upon a time there was a DK tank  who entered an instance as tank in his DPS spec. So this here Shadow Priest come healer out of desperation of 13 min queues told him he was in the wrong spec, and I’m the baddie!

Look I went for a week without posting bad Looking for group stuff. I deserve a rant!

I have Elitist Group installed. He was taking a fair bit of damage  – and I wanted to understand why.  So I checked the summary for the party.  I was confused.  Gear = 0%  and then I checked his details. He wasn’t in tank spec, but was in tank gear.

Could I have healed a DPS tank with no sheild,  and in the wrong spec.  Probably,  and I would do it if a tank I knew wanted to try it for kicks.  Means more work for me, but thats ok – if its someone I know.

I just cannot believe the nerve, and hell yeah it was worth leaving party for it.  If only I could have left a warning note for the next healer.

And yes I was nice enough to leave inbetween pulls.

I shall do another random and find someone nice to talk about..  Wish me luck!

Social Obligation / Financial Transaction

I am reading Predictably Irrational by  Dan Ariely and I am enjoying it.

The last chapter I read  was “The cost of social norms” which talked about how in a social circumstance if someone asked you a favour, your more likely to do it free – and better then if you were offered $10 bucks for the same task.

If someone asks you randomly – Would you mind helping me move my couch – your more likely to say yes, then if someone said I will pay you $10 bucks to help me move my couch,  once your labour is given a value,  the task becomes financial or a part of the market  , and not a social task,  so therefore ‘social norms’ don’t apply,  and you  are more likely to say no.  My time is not worth $10

Cassandri  from HoTs & DoTs wrote in her post called Improving the Quality of Conversation some ideas for some conversation starters in our random pick up groups.

It got me thinking why do we ( me at least ) want to converse at all with these complete randoms,  that the chances of seeing them again are slim (with that exception of a druid I  ran into twice and shall call  Failsteve) that they probably don’t care about me, or that they are potential fodder for a blog post.  They want their money and badges.

By definition,  they see the experience of the random group  as a financial arrangement.   They put some effort in,  and get rewarded the same amount no matter if they tried hard,  or just did what was required.  The rewards have put a market value to their efforts.

The book Predictably Irrational has got me thinking of a rather good reason why we want to start conversations with randoms.  We move the interaction with the randoms back to  Social norms,  and away from the market/financial arrangement norm   Once it becomes ‘social’  we care about the people we are working with more,  are more likely to put in more effort, and forget that our efforts have a financial value.  If we can build up a rapport  with the group from the get go – ‘break the ice’ as Cassandri suggests  – then by Dan’s theory they are more likely to follow the social norms and play better because they don’t consider it to be a financial transaction

If you start with -” K go.  I just want my badges and gold”  then you are making the group all about financial gain, and therefore social norms and niceties don’t apply. You are also more likely to point out errors, gear issues, spec issues,   be snarky  – your time and efforts have a value,  and anyone interfering with this value is costing you.

If you be pleasant – and can get a conversation going – and instill a ‘social’ norm or atmosphere then it won’t matter as much because the rules of being social apply.

**I don’t normally do these sorts of posts about social theory..  so bare with me – I do believe in at least trying to correct bad behaviour,  or at least pointing out they need to fix something obvious  – how you deliver the correction I think matters, and I don’t have the energy or the knowledge to try and ‘fix’ everyone, and some people will not take the nicest hint. I don’t think running randoms all the time as a social thing will actually  work ,  the above is me putting the theory of the chapter to something I know ( wow) and considering that it may have an impact on the success/general experience of a random run.

Showing you the ropes.

“We would like to recognize your tenacity in running dungeons with people you probably haven’t met before.  Hopefully even showed some rookies the ropes in your pick-up groups”

Reads the letter you get from the Wow Dev team when you  achieve looking for Multitudes by grouping with 100 randoms and get your perky Pug.

I’m spending a lot of time in Dungeons,  on my Priest Zahraah as Shadow but most often holy.  ( please don’t leave me – I am still a shadow priest) on my Hunter Zippina, and now on occasion my 2nd priest Ostara.  I’ve healed you – I’ve dps’d  I’ve wiped with you,  I’ve even lead you.

Yes we kicked the tank in Heroic Nexus with 18k health ” You’ve got to start somewhere” he tries to explain when we question why he the pally tank is wearing a spellpower chest. Or get concerned when a druid rolls a need on a green because it’s an upgrade, ( and it was.. )    or when I ask another druid in pure PVP gear including pvp trinkets does he have anything else to wear and he says no.

I’ve told a mage  who gemmed for armor and attackpower on his belt he was fail – but the good news was we could help.  ( and we did.. ) Seen people with gear missing from slots,  I even left a group because someone refused to take off the santa hat and was going to fight a boss in it.

The wording in the letter – “Hopefully even showed some rookies the ropes in your pick-up groups”  makes me reflect a little on how you tell people they are being scrub in these randoms,  but most importantly. That it is their power to change. I don’t check anyone’s gear unless I think there is a problem, eg tank with low health,  me as healer out dpsing the dps.  

I don’t know every class by heart, so I don’t give suggestions to everyone,   but when the mage doesn’t even have arcane intellect on themselves as a ghetto buff, or the warlock doesn’t have a pet anymore.  Those things are kinda of obvious. It could also be part of my work background – my job was for many years working out what was missing from documents.  Signatures, clauses, amendments, pages.

I am learning all about tanks.. ( and things like who should have shields) mainly so I can understand why some people are harder to heal then others.  Partly because its a reflection of own ability if as a healer if I am struggling to keep a 40k tank up.  When I find out he isn’t defence capped then I can go.. Ahhhhhh  It’s not my fault.

I have been critiqued in my healing set – questioned why I had blackmagic on my weapon. ( it procs often enough that I like it for healing  ) but yes heckles raised slightly – and my first reaction was to scoff.  but then I had to laugh

I just recently discovered my 2nd priest didn’t have meditation  – which is why I was struggling for mana) bad priest.

So in the spirit of showing you the ropes,  I will offer advise if its obvious.  It’s up to you what you do with it.

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