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I haz a bucket and general nonsensical musings

Lots of randomness.

STOP AFKING IN GOLDSHIRE FRACKERS – BSG has done much for my Vocab.

A part of this post was supposed to be my post for yesterday but I never successfully follow any sort of posting schedule. I certainly have days I am more likely to write and days I don’t want to, and today I may not make sence.  2nd warning – you may wish to skip. It’s friday and I don’t want to be serious.

I have 300 odd drafts in my draft folder.  Most of those become the ‘don’t want to’s’  Some are workable ideas,  others require some research, and some are like my diary entries from when I was nine.  How I was feeling at the time in true and unadulterated glory.

If my chewing gum packet, and my water bottle can use the word “unadulterated” so can I. Actually my chewing gum packet is confusing me “Unadulterated, mind numbing, euphoria inducing, earth- shattering, long lasting, and humble enjoyment.   Sounds more like a good lay then a stick of gum.

Oh Back to the bucket.

I’m not sure as to how the mathematics works exactly,   I assume for the daily Headless Horseman quests  the more people in the area with the quest,  or just in the general area will cause an increase in flames. More people = more flames = more people needed to put out flames, and if you’re sitting AFK near the barrel your making it harder for everyone else.

In travel form I can throw more buckets on my druid then you on your bike or your little feet can.  I am guessing I hold the bucket in my Teeth or in my fur, either way I can’t see it.   I would show you a picture of my druid in her NE form holding a bucket, but I’m not home right now. However it looks like her leg is in it.  I’m not quite sure how  – but  so is the water.  

“There’s a leg in the bucket dear liza, dear liza… ”  My mother used to sing  “Theres a hole in the bucket..  ”  to us on long trips.  Maybe  because she couldn’t stand us singing to my dad’s Bonny M holiday tape,  and us kids didn’t know what ” My friend jack eats sugar lumps… he’s been traveling everywhere….”  really meant.  Maybe my mum did, hence the distraction.   I ❤ Bonny M –   Ma Baker,  Rasputian, and Nightflight to Venus.  

But I digress.

I wish people would stop trying to duel me while I throw buckets

I also really wish there weren’t so many Afker’s – if only I could use my teeth and grab onto their cloaks, and drag them away from the town centre, into the middle of a field,  where hopefully a lobie defias will have killed them hp point by hp point  by the time they get back.

But I have wiped often on this daily because the fire is so big, and I kind of get dizzy, and bored running back and forth to the bucket and the inn or Blacksmith in travel form.  Sometimes If there is fire on the entrance roof, I can just stand infront of the bucket and still reach the roof. I like that xp I get from it though,  so I will work hard to do my part.

That’s pretty much all I have done this week.  I do the Holiday instance on my 2 priests.  Run around on druid in a instance or two – put fires out. Then log into my main standing in the middle of Dalaran in Holy spec speed bubbling people as they run past.  Their reactions at their sudden and increase of speed is funny.  

I am also doing Nanowrimo this year – the title and concept includes what I get out of  a Pendulam song, The Island Pt 1 Dawn   The first verse goes  “You arrive In the rising sun The hidden passenger That I have been taking Close your eyes, lets forget again As you drag me down I will take you in.  So it will be called “The Hidden Passenger”  1666 words a day for all of November.

May my muse give me the strength, passion, and motivation to see it through.

I was told once I had awesome ideas,   but needed to work on my delivery eg grammer/spelling   It’s one thing to give your work to someone to mark, and have it handed back to  you at a later date,  but watching someone rip apart your work in red pen in front of you.  It’s heartbreaking and I wanted to cry.  But I sucked it up,  reworked it, reworked it, and then got paid a small token sum for that piece.

Tank available for free. Just Pst me.

“Hi – are you a tank?”


“Wanna run a dungeon?”

He was level 77 Mage, ( I was 78) I said yes.  I finished checking the AH on my  Tank, and had been planning on Queueing anyway.

“Invite” he says, but can you wait till I finish my Bg?”

“uh…  ok.”

Waiting..  Waiting…

5 min later.  ” You can queue now”

So we queue,  and I don’t get an insta queue.  Waiting on  a healer.  I suspect because   of this..

This is my understanding on how the LFG Queues are filled. So a tank gets an insta queue, and clears  Line 1,  Healer gets an insta queue and clears Line 2

I come along with one DPS – and I couldn’t fit into group 1 2 or 3,   so  my Party,  A Tank and a DPS  gets shuffled all the way down the bottom so we fit into a group together.

“Sorry, It doesn’t normally take this long” I apologise  after 5 min – like it’s MY fault the queue isn’t instant.  More like it’s his fault. ^^ see above.

“Going for a smoke” he says.    1 min later – Queue pops. I click it.  Waiting.. Waiting..   he is still not back  – We miss the Queue.

1 min later I am thinking WTF am doing this for a complete stranger who is wasting my time

“You have 30 secs” in party chat.

about 40 sec pass and I leave party.

” I’m back” he says, and reinvites me to party  ” I’ve just got to do something”

“Queue now, or I leave.”  I tell him

He queues,  and it pops in a about 2 min.

We do VH – no deaths/wipes   – ” Want to do another? – I need to do more”

‘No thankyou.” I say.

I blame the posts from  Klepsacovic from Troll Racials are Overpowered “Dear Blizzard, Please end our loneliness”  and Adam from The noisy Rogue’s  “I am a Social Leper”  that got me worried that I am not friendly enough, and that I should give random people who whisper me nicely  more attention, and maybe they are just trying to be nice,  and friendly,  and that they don’t want just to sell me gold, or hack my WOW account.

 I can do reasonable requests.

Not only  did he make me wait till he finished his BG. ( and complained that all Alliance are nubs) He then made me queue longer, then he goes for a smoke making us miss the queue we had already waited for, and then wants me to wait for him while he does something else.

I should have said no, but I was trying to be nice. . It could have been a wonderful experience, and I could have waxed lyrical about the benefits of running with random people.

It was about 16 min of my life wasted – for a stranger. No personal benefit. The only thing he learned about me was that  this was going to be my 5th 80 – and all I learnt was that he smoked, and cared enough about his PC/whatever to not do it at the computer.

I do not feel like I have connected with the human race  in any useful capacity

So what was the point?

I wonder how many people he went through looking for a willing tank.  Used to happen all the time in BC -” can you heal this..  can you run this for us.. ”

He didn’t ask in trade,  didn’t offer gold,  he just whispered random people  his request hoping for a bite.  He did it while in a BG too,  forward planning his convenience at the cost of others.

It’s  reasonable to ask someone to wait a couple of min,  but you  should do what you need to do first  before inconveniencing people,and not make people wait for you when your the one doing your own thing. I am not at your beck and call.

People wonder why people are so un-helpful. It’s partly why I don’t respond to LF enchanters anymore.  No one is bloody organised enough before they ask for people to do what they want.

So if I am feeling nice next time, and it’s gonna take a while to   build my friendly bar up again. Like Taxi’s when you order them ask “Ready now?”

IF YOU SAY NO – I shall say no too.

LFG Horse Blinkers.

In an LFG random I used to check to see what server they were from.  I used to care.

If they were from a guild from my own server,  or from one I knew from back  on my old server – I’d probably be a  little friendlier,  ask after an Gm or someone I knew.. hey does ” such and such still play?” 

I don’t notice people now,  I still do the  Heys! on entry and Cheers at the end,  but for the most people are now only healthbars on my Vuhdoo , I care  even less when I am not healing.  If I am running with a tank I know – I check on his health bar to make sure the healer is looking after him. But I don’t remember who else or what class was in the party. 

I have horse blinkers on  so badly that we did a random, and straight after, me and the tank went into my daily grind for the nevermelting ice crystal that has never dropped for me,  Rages into the void and I was getting whispers from someone on my own server talking to me about their priest,  all about their gear, and they are going shadow and how they are finding the instances.

 “Who be you? ” I asked.  They were talking like they knew me,  checking their guild name,  I didn’t know anyone from their guild. 

” I just grouped with you as healer fool.”

Short term memory fail.

I don’t want to be that sort of player  or person. I’m not going to find my new bestie in a VH run,   and I’m not being rude,  but I should on a human,  or a social level  not consider other players as insignificant that I can’t even remember their name from 5 min ago.

I got Oculus with the new loot thingy last night,   didn’t stop 2 people from leaving right away. I’m like spaming party as the new people zone in.  ” Stay!  Please! – We can knock this over quickly – if you don’t know what to do we can help! ” I have been leading most of the oculus’s I end up in.  Organising the drakes and what not. Using my Island hopping strat on phases. ( move to the next island on the phase) . Mostly from sheer frustration and because people are less likely to leave if they think someone is in control.  I lost 6 dps players the other day as they zoned in. Before the 1st trash pull.  “Crap – Oculus” Such and Such has left the party.

It is such a unique instance  it’s a pity it has become so hated.  Yes its scary because its a little different,  the chance of a drake though didn’t keep the 2 dps in the party – but maybe they didn’t read the changes.  I will stick it out because I am confident I know what I am doing, trying to instill this confidence in other people when you have seconds before they decide it’s too hard and leave has been a challenge.

*edit Spelling of Oculus Fixed! ( wonder if you notice 😛 )

Its not my fault you die in POS.

I’ve been doing H Pit of Saron on practically a daily basis for the Nevermelting trinket that drops.  I want it.  I keep getting outbid on GDKP runs for Reign, and  no one is running Ony anymore –

I think healing H POS shows my dedication  for  a trinket upgrade. *removes the bitter taste of healing from the back of my mouth.   You should hear my cries of relief when I am allowed to dps. 

I don’t hate healing.  Now I have better gear/ more confidence  it does sit a lot better with me,  just all this healing business has been for the express purpose of getting me better dps gear. 

I find healing POS difficult – because so much of it depends on people being aware of their own surroundings to reduce the un-necessary damage to themselves  – all the while I chase whatever selection of tank I have managed to get in the dungeon finder ( or a friendly tank) and keep them alive.

This is the instance where the pugs link damage done, and wave their Epeen about,  and I cut it off with a link to damage taken asking ” Why is the tank number 4 on the list? 

I have been at fault for getting too many stacks of Permafrost from Garfrost on myself  because I didn’t let it fall off due to chasing of tank/dps with too many stacks, I try and pick my own health over the DPS’s on the LOS  – sometimes they die. Though when I survive,   so does the rest of the DPS and tank.  It is easy to get tunnel vision on this one.  

If a DPS dies  on Garfrost –  they also seems to die on  Krick and Ick – most often blown up by a poison nova,  or walking backwards rather than running when being chased by Ick.  I heal my little heart off in this instance,  because I have to,  theres no way of half heartedly doing this one. So if you die,  it’s not because I’m not churning out heals,  look at your stacks or where you were standing.

I’ve lost a tank in the Tunnel on the way to Tyrannus – he did the “lets see how fast I can run with a healer getting beat upon by skellys,  and only able to renew, mend, and shield on you while running for dear life.  He gets to the end of the tunnel going ” Wtf? – where were my heals?

It’s not so much a b*tch post about the randoms,  there have been some awesome runs, and some ok ones, and a OMG fail however  I’ve been lucky enough to see every one , I have run all the way through.

There have been a lot of blog posts about the randoms that bloggers have been encountering and peoples with varying perspectives.  My hunter is now 80, and I am about to be throwing her at the mercy of LFG’s  – she is scrub,   has a few Ah bought Purps,  is BM,  and am paranoid about my pet. After being so confident as Dps on my priest,  and even now as a healer – I can heal without issues any random you throw at me – putting my scrub hunter, with green gloves into heroics or normal runs with strangers scares me.

  I liked these perspectives on the Random Dungeons from bloggers and are definitely worth reading to get a better appreciation of random experience  and quell those evil thoughts when it comes to the performance of people in your own random.

 Tobolds  Most embarrassing Pug ever   – When it’s you that might be having the off day

Matticus’s I can Carry you    – “brute force healing ” those who are taking too much damage / don’t know the fights

Honor’s Code Enjoy LFD Now   – feel lucky you’re being grouped with people who can carry you now – because they will be otherwise occupied with the new wings later.

Its a small World.. and a smaller realm.

I’ve been pugging all sorts of Heroics – am currently after Badges and Rep – and I have met a multitude of people, and received a couple of guild invites from semi raiding guilds to friendly guilds. Seen my share of idiots, and wiped too many times on Voilet hold because the tank didn’t know where/how to kite Xevozz the Etheral Boss with the glowey balls..  or the oppskin ( sorry you boomers.. )  got caught on the wrong side of the balls regardless of the “Stand here”  /jump /jump – 

I’m not QQing too hard about Pugs,  I’ve met some great people, and professionals, some fun people, and some people who learnt things, however my rule is 3 strikes and its often hopeless- unless we are almost sucessfull then there is enough hope to keep pug synergy alive for one more shot.

If I get a good group, we normally do more then 1 heroic,  it was in one of these pugs I got to chatting, a guy and a girl  and found that two of them lived near me, they offered me a place in their guild, I explained I had an app in elsewhere,  but thank you anyway. We got along well so we added each other as friends , another log in later, and they asked did Iwant to add them to facebook and told me their names.

Checking their profile, and I found I knew one of them from a local scene in Sydney..  – I had even had lunch with him years back – I freaked him out when I remember where he used to work.

Another similar thing happened when in my old raiding guild  it turned out that one of the guild members was a friend of a good friend of mine, and had even been the my house for a party a while back.

I know statistically that given I play on an oceanic server if I know someone who plays Wow that its about a 15% chance of them being on my server ( thats a rough guess.. ) but I’ve found it a little freaky that people I didn’t know play wow – but ‘know’ through some random person or event – that I have ended up having some contact with ingame as well. 

Asking these randoms I meet  – at partys/housewarmings/singing /writing groups – Hey are you a gamer? – Has not lead to, too many  – Yes’s though.

There was a time when I got a call from a workmate who was at a party and  was talking to a guy who played wow, and she had to tell him that I played and proceeded to put this random guy on the phone with me  – so we could talk, 

“So what server are you on?”  He asks.. we weren’t on the same ” Yeah!”

He said if your ever on my server look me up and I’ll help you..

Hows that for a pick upline..   Roll on my server and I’ll run you through some dungeons…

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