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How Many Candles – The costly affair

Its expected that all classes come prepared for the raid with their own reagents, and it got to the point where  in the early days of our Kara runs I was bring Spare Kings for the Pallys every time, because they would always forget or run out. Eventually they learned, and brought their own, I did this A) to be helpful and b) it’s a major bug bear of mine to waste time. The time should be productive. If the raid starts at 8.00 you be on site/prepared at 8 at the latest. You should be ready to walk in that sparkly doorway the time the raid starts (within reason.)

I always make sure I have a good stack of Candles at all times.  This takes up a little bag space, but its better then running out .

Before I was my cookie cutter spec that I am now,  For a long time I was a bit of a hyrbid I had at least 2 points in holy ( this was all part of my multi talented use to the rest of the raid.   –  (and enough in Discp to give me the improved spirit buff.

Which meant that I had 3 buffs to do x 3 candles  = 27 sil a rebuff.

As the only Priest in the raid that was 2 groups x3 buffs so for each buff it was costing me 54 silver / per hour minimum and as the shadow buffs were only 20 min and the Raid leaders buff detector keep spitting out “Missing Shadow Buff”  I was buffing shadow  as often required so and additional 2 x 2  = 36 Sil 

So an hour run  = 90 sil.

It used to cost me a lot of mana as well so I could only doing all 3 buffs on one group and  then would drink  redo the next group and drink again.

Meanwhile the Tank is saying “ Can I pull yet can I pull yet”

A wipe = rebuff

A single Death = rebuff

If someone was out of range at the time Im cycling through the buffs – and I’m asking – Is everyone here yet Im trying to do group buffs. ( this is over the top of people saying  “Can we get some buffs.. and low and behold someone would run up the stairs and say ‘Buff me’  so  I would have to give them the 1hour buff again as the ½ hour wasn’t enough.  That’s another 27 silver.

So add this overall cost to repairs and pots and food and flasks and your starting to look on par with the cost of warrior’s repair bills

Yeah for Mana biccies to at least save on  liquid refreshments.

Since repecing so Ive only a shadow buff and a Fort buff  – a little cheaper and patch 2.3.3 reduced the mana requirement for each group buff so I can do it all in one drink – and still have some left over.

ry about, and my damage has improved.Admission: Ive only had to ration candles once. ( and that was because I expected the group to get up to the reagent vendor in Kara but we didn’t make it that far, and this was having already gone through almost a 100 candles in the one run. )

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