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I have landed. I ended up on Proudmoore,  thankyou for your ideas and suggestions.

I guess I have run away.

I had pretty much lost all my reasons as to why I came to BR in the first place.  I followed people from an old guild to the land of ‘milk and honey’  and was no longer playing with any of them – add that needing a break – losing motivation and I guess just plain giving up.  I had a list big enough to leave.

I still have level  80 alts on BR, and they are all now safely under the wings of my bank guild so they can at least pretend they have friends 🙂  I have no idea what will become of them.  They will probably be gathering dust initially once Cata comes out anyway.

And I have an up and comming baby druid I rolled for kicks – that might keep me somewhat occupied. I hope to get to at least tree form so I can run around singing Marina and the Diamonds

Running with my Roots pulled up
Caught me cold so they could cut
What there was left of Love 

” I intend on doing it resto, and am somewhat annoyed that the better lobie talents for resto seem to be in Balance.

On my new realm I’m doing random things cause I’m kinda lost for things to do,  so I did a Voa 10 ( and was nicely asked to heal it when they couldn’t get another healer)  and I  dps’d the weekly.

In both instances – someone went to the summoning stones, and started summoning without asking.  People waited outside till everyone was there, people buffed without asking, and first impressions seem to be that everyone is a lot nicer to each other.  Trade  is pleasant.  If trade could ever be so.

As for other stuff.  I am going to  a writers meeting tomorrow.  Promise.   If only so I can bask in the glory that is other people’s motivation – or maybe I can find a  print out of  a semi recent story to take and read  –  am still in the mood to write a drippy poem,  but drippy poems are drippy poems and should remain banished from view.

Also spent some more money at a craft shop because I am making my own xmas cards this year ! And you will probably get pictures because well  – it will be like SEE I have other hobbies that don’t involve WOW.

As for what else I plan to do in wow  – I have no idea. I’m not stopping playing – just taking a step back a little.    I’ve not looked at guilds – I just want to cruise as non committal for now because I think I should have a break.

Homeless again.

GMOTD was changed while I was online to something like ” server transfer to frostmourne cya’s there.”

So after a “Cereal?”

I promptly Gquit on both my toons.

They had been talking about it.. but didn’t think it was decided.

It was sorta good timing.  Good for ingame.  Bad for credit card.  (Server transferring can get expensive at the rate I have been doing the last few months for stuff like getting heirlooms to alts for side projects) I   had been talking to some old guildys still on BR last week  – from  the land of milk honey and non stop GDKPs – the air is fresher..  the grass greener.    Just the trade off is hanging out near summoning stones is so much more dangerous.

So yeah I will go back to Blackrock shortly be transfer trash once again.

Didn’t get attached to the this guild enough to want to follow them to their new realm.

Maybe attachment can only be born from the suffering of 100+ wipes on a progression boss,  much like I did with Yogg –  I think it takes a special kind of dedication to do that. Though the guild I suffered through 100+  on Sar 3d  I left in a heartbeat .

So yeah..   ” To infinity and beyond!”

Transfer Trash.


Been there.  Got the Tshirt. 

I was listening to Trade chat last night,  and a debate ensured about the right of the transfer trash to make comments about the realm.  Lots of GTFO the server you “transfer trash” occurred  – and of course then came the ”  I’ve been on the server since….  ”  

 I became a Alliance on Dath because my priest was just so much easier to level  – people wanted me! ( untill I wanted to play Shadow)  – and Dath was my home for a long time – I had talked about leaving – but it was all I really knew so I stayed.   Enough people I knew left the server and I followed them to a ‘better progressed’ server  – the land of GDKP milk and Honey, and where I am so much more of a little fish in a sea of raid geared up & skilled up people. 

I am transfer trash. 

When arriving on a new server – full pimped out in purps I would not recommend 

1)  Posting in trade ” Elem Shammy – New transfer  LF High end raiding guild. Pst. 

This will result in a trade wide attack of the difference between the founding members  of the server,  and the bad’s or people who transfer for the glory of being on an awesome(r) server. 

2)  Posting in realm forums  LF for Raiding Guild – may result in a replys such as this “stay on your crappy server. we are full and don’t want your badnes.. you getting the hint yet?” 

I did neither –  But yes the server is full.  I had a queue of 300 + on the weekend at one point. I’m pretty sure horde side is locked to transfers at the moment. I like it.  I think the pool of gearing / of raiders / of hardcores are certainly higher than what I am used to – and I do not have it me to be a 6 day a week raider. 

The realm suits and sates my needs and desires for what I want out of Wow at the moment.  

Still miss organised raiding though. 

So yes I am transfer trash – but really  most of the realm is – doesn’t make the people less skilled / geared .  Bads are less likely to leave servers if born there,  so I would like to think that it was the transfer trash that made it a more desired realm. 

I so should make my bank alt guild that name…

Its a small World.. and a smaller realm.

I’ve been pugging all sorts of Heroics – am currently after Badges and Rep – and I have met a multitude of people, and received a couple of guild invites from semi raiding guilds to friendly guilds. Seen my share of idiots, and wiped too many times on Voilet hold because the tank didn’t know where/how to kite Xevozz the Etheral Boss with the glowey balls..  or the oppskin ( sorry you boomers.. )  got caught on the wrong side of the balls regardless of the “Stand here”  /jump /jump – 

I’m not QQing too hard about Pugs,  I’ve met some great people, and professionals, some fun people, and some people who learnt things, however my rule is 3 strikes and its often hopeless- unless we are almost sucessfull then there is enough hope to keep pug synergy alive for one more shot.

If I get a good group, we normally do more then 1 heroic,  it was in one of these pugs I got to chatting, a guy and a girl  and found that two of them lived near me, they offered me a place in their guild, I explained I had an app in elsewhere,  but thank you anyway. We got along well so we added each other as friends , another log in later, and they asked did Iwant to add them to facebook and told me their names.

Checking their profile, and I found I knew one of them from a local scene in Sydney..  – I had even had lunch with him years back – I freaked him out when I remember where he used to work.

Another similar thing happened when in my old raiding guild  it turned out that one of the guild members was a friend of a good friend of mine, and had even been the my house for a party a while back.

I know statistically that given I play on an oceanic server if I know someone who plays Wow that its about a 15% chance of them being on my server ( thats a rough guess.. ) but I’ve found it a little freaky that people I didn’t know play wow – but ‘know’ through some random person or event – that I have ended up having some contact with ingame as well. 

Asking these randoms I meet  – at partys/housewarmings/singing /writing groups – Hey are you a gamer? – Has not lead to, too many  – Yes’s though.

There was a time when I got a call from a workmate who was at a party and  was talking to a guy who played wow, and she had to tell him that I played and proceeded to put this random guy on the phone with me  – so we could talk, 

“So what server are you on?”  He asks.. we weren’t on the same ” Yeah!”

He said if your ever on my server look me up and I’ll help you..

Hows that for a pick upline..   Roll on my server and I’ll run you through some dungeons…

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