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Under the Microscope.

There is nothing like scrutiny to push you to new limits,  wanting to be better, and being asked questions of your application to another guild opens your eyes to flaws or things you may not have considered.  You start thinking that you got too comfy in your fishbowl.  A few of us have had to switch mentality a little for the  guild we have app’d to – how flexible are we with specs – our gears and talents under the microscope.   Not that we would expect anything less –  it’s part of the application process at least at the higher end guilds.

Why I was in a weird Shadow offspec?, do I have a  healing set?  Having to justify my gear choices, explain why I use a particular trinket,  answer would I be willing to heal ? Why I am so over hit cap?  ( that question annoyed me a little. ) Explaining some of my gear planning.

Gear planning becomes a little different when your not guaranteed an ‘income’ of badges and gear.  I was running all the 25’s in a week,  at least a full 10 man Toc clear and I had been doing a few 10 Heroic Toc bosses,  plus a daily occasionally – I was eligible to roll on Loot, and I was getting Badges, getting my turn to get trophies, and  that stopped.  This week has been left over guild member run 10’s and we run 25 Toc last night and pugged half the Dps so I have been getting some Badges, and even a trophy. 

We are expecting a reply back from the raiding guild some of us app’d to this week.  Even then,  they need to trial us,  so find a run for us to fit into, which may not even be a full raid,  so we lose a raid id for a week.   Then if we do get accepted wait an official trial period of three weeks before we are eligible for loot.  So realistically that means I’m looking at another month of raiding before I get any on the books upgrades, unless of course no one else wants something, and then it depends on their policy on that.

That means I need to do as much as possible out of raids to get upgrades.  Currently am planning  for Merlins Robe,  fluctuating mat prices means that it will possibly be cheaper to buy it already crafted.  They are going for under 12k for now,  I might do some trade spamage to see if anyone needs to offload one badly for cheaper, but I should have it by next weekend.  I upgraded to a T9 chest this weekend but Merlins robe is still a bigger upgrade,   I’m only 2 piece T9.5  so If I lose the chest  only a T9  ( the 3rd piece)  then I won’t mind,  if I had waited I could have used the trophy I got in a run last night for T9.5 but I had the badges,  and it was better then what I was wearing and when your application is under a microscope,  any upgrade looks better then not trying at all

Apping to stay on server was a bit of a knee jerk reaction – and probably best explained in my reason ” Why do you want apply for … . Blah.. ” . 

I want to do 25 raiding, its disappointing to be needing to leave ……, but I like 25’s. Your recruiting a Shadow priest, and seem to be in the position to be able to deliver 25′ raiding. As a guild you have been around the server for a long time, and hopefully will continue to be stable……

I don’t actually  sound like I want to be there do I ?

Maybe I should set my sights higher – I’m geared,  I have been tweaking rotations and trying to push out as much Dps as possible no matter the competition or class expectation – should I aim for a real raiding guild attempting firsts and real hardmodes,  and that would mean server transferring, might take me a little longer to find a home ,  but 3.3 is a little way off – I’m looking at another month anyway for any guild I get into  to consider me as a ‘raider’   so maybe it’s worth throwing caution to the wind and do something daring ( for me at least)

Being  being ripped to shreds by ‘elitests’  to become a better player could be fun…  I only have had my current fishbowl to be measured against –  lets see how I measure up to the real world of raiders

I should really stop thinking  – and “Just do it!”

Recruiting:The View from a Pleb.

It was recently raised that effectively all those who can possibly spec to heal may need to do so for our raiding Forays.

I’m not 80 yet – but I am fearful that once I hit 80 I will be called upon to heal for raids. Another forum post has reinterated this expected ‘culture’ of the guild and effectively anyone who doesn’t respec or heavens forbids pass or DE on items that can be used for an offset is ‘ effectively telling everyone to F’off”

I do not want to be a healer – and I challange that any player or class that thinks people should be forced into being a healer when they did not pick that spec to “Go roll your own healer.. ”
Of course healers are essential – and I don’t mind healing – I even used to enjoy it – I’ve ended up healing stuff on my path to 80 – ( 6.5 bars away!) but the pressure and the assumption that I will jump at this fortious opportunity has made me feel rather stubbon about the whole issue.

I don’t mind some flexibility – but I want assurances that I won’t get stuck – and that they will be doing their best to fix the problem which is causing me to play something I don’t want to.

Saying “I don’t think your recruitment strategy of bumping a recruitment thread in the general forums”  is the best way to market our guild recruitment  needs – is an opinion of mine – and is directly related to that I might HAVE to heal when I don’t want to because of lack of numbers for 25’s,  but its an opinion I’m not really allowed to have because I don’t have rank.

Nor do I want the sole responsibility as a recruitment officer.

No one has asked for help in recuitment – or ideas how to attact the people we need – yet people are being slammed for not being ‘team players’ I don’t think that is being fair

Recuitment threads are so generic – bump – bump – bump

 Having just read Matticus’s post about the benifits of recruiting in the trade channel Is Trade Chat a Good avenue for Guild Prospects? it was funny to watch the reactions to that a well known/respected guild on our server has been plugging themselves on trade. There is alot of stigma attached to trade channel recruitment, especially since its the modus operendi of a infamous x server resident that makes a habit of ninjaing guild banks, but I have to agree it the best way to reach the most people, yet it was immediatley discounted as a way of getting the word out.

As a non officer / but still team player I can see that this lack of healer/dps/tank thing can be a problem for the guild, and for me. People are hitting 80 every day now – and they want to raid. An ex Gm of mine contacted me recently to let me know that a good player from their guild was looking at getting into raiding, and that he might contact me – So how do we get the message out to the right people?


What do I want to do for recruitment ?- I think there are two main things besides the traditional /bump that I think would be important to do. The trick though is avoid poaching – but there is nothing wrong with being able to being able to address the needs of a player/wanna be raider.

Run the raids requiring Pugs from non established guilds – we currently seem to be ‘borrowing’ people from our original feeder guild. They didn’t gquit when the rest did in the blow up – so they are not helping our guild by taking up spots we could fill with people more open to the idea of joining us.

Fun Guild activity – Seriously take the time away from speed leveling/questing/instance running and work out a peak time and show the server that a) you can organise a guild activity b) know how to have fun c) that the guild is unified – and I think thats the most important – Showing that as a guild you are strong in leadership – committment and focus.

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