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StarCraft II – Wings of Liberty

I had no intentions on getting it,  but a few things swayed me

 1. No Monthly Subscription fee – so I wasn’t forced to renew another month incase I still was interested in playing casually. 

 2. familiarity with similar Games I enjoyed  I never played Star Craft – I actually bought it when news of SCII was released with the idea of playing it.  However never even installed it. I used to be a big fan of Total annihilation though,   and me and my brother would play against each other, and I liked the map variety and the principles sounded similar.

3. Cute little Mechs.  Robot ♥ Yes I know he is an office assistant – but he is the ultimate poster boy for mechs. Little mechanical robots

 4. Cheap Price. For Australian Buyers  I got it for Aus $ 70.00  ( 69.97)  from Dick Smith – and was able to have a copy set aside for me on release day afternoon and pick it up after work.  Initial research showed that  Eb Games had it for $98  Jb HiFi had it for $ 89.98  Kmarts Catalogue showed it at $74   I believe that EB  and maybe JB ?  have a price matching  offer – I got my Aion cheaper from EB  by proving Dick Smith had it cheaper when I got mine.  So if you haven’t got a copy yet and your Australian – certainly worth asking. $28 bucks is still a worthy difference.     And the Dick Smith Price is instore as well as online.

Initial Impressions.

While working through the tutorials   ( unfamiliar game – so I wanted to do this right.)  I got dragged into some Multi player Games V the AI by some friends.  Yeah for MSN,  or we would have never of known we were both in the game.

Real ID did not at the time transfer my Real ID friends from WOW to Starcraft, even though its connected to my battlenet account, and asks for my authenticator I use for wow when I log in. We had to add each other again

Half the games we 3v3’d  ‘Server Lost’ – seemed to affect the bigger maps more.  

Achievements “were not working at this time”

Campaigns look great.  I only did a couple,  but I can see myself being entertained long enough quite well.

I did a  1v1AI game, and I managed to get 4 terran marines up, and a couple of towers before I was smashed. Practise Practise Practise. Need to get a routine up for base start up.  I need to get more familiar with what an Engineering building  looks like,  or get into a habit of building things like that on the right so I know I have one.

The similarities to Total annihilation make its easy. I need to go back to the Tuts to get some basic training on grouping my Units,  patrols.

There is no deselect Unit button.  You can canx a Unit’s orders,  but you can’t unselect it unless you select another unit.

I am finding my 22 inch screen a little bit of a pain – I get a good map view,  but I also have more space to move my mouse through to get the next part of the map.  I probably need to use the mini Map more.

But Wednesday night ( tonite) is raid night – so I will be back in WOW.

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