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OI ! Out of my seat! – and Smelly Laptops

I went to my frostweave farming spot last night, and some one was just leaving it.

There was the odd body laying round – looted and fading. He flew off as I landed and stared at him in my shadowey form. Maybe I scared him away.

My post where I showed my spot has had quite a few hits – but no one ever really gives you feedback – eg Yeap you were right! So yeah if your been there and its good – let me know šŸ˜›

and on a amusing note. Did you know you can now buy Scented Laptops
really. 4 scents.



Im finicky about perfume. I like nice stuff like Poem, LolitaĀ Lempicka, even Burberry, Poison, Ā I also like Natural / new agey scents too like Chandan incence – and scents from Possets ( I went nuts there – thanks to Egotistical Priest for introducing me to their site.) but I can not stand cheap perfume, I just can’t imagine that the scent that the laptops would have would be anything better then really bad air freshner. Yes that was my point. I’m betting they smell cheap and nasty. ( if I’m wrong let me know eh.. )

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