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1272 + shadow and some new add ons.

I’m sitting at 1272 +shadow Damage now.   I rejemed some gear with +9 Spell Damage Gems and Have been gradually replacing them with +12 from Badges.  I don’t want any more Badge Loot.  I want dem gems..

I have good base +Shadow, and that Is without a single peice of loot from Hyjal or Black Temple.

I also added Damage Metre because I had not seen a  published wws for weeks,  Damage metre told me how bad my DPS was.  We did a Kara Run, and I was being Out Dps’d  by a Holy priest that had respected shadow for kicks, ( but he was dying alot so the damage done in the end wasn’t much difference)   A lot of his gear was from off Spec rolls from ZA and fully enchanted  so he had some haste on me,  but I should have done better, 

I think I had convinced myself that i had improved, I was getting raid invites, and my class leader had not said one single word to me.  The damage metres for the last 3 weeks of Hyjal and Black Temple were not published, so I had no idea how I was doing.   I didnt care that  I was first, I just wanted to see that that there was improvement.  Well alas,   some heroics and some advice from that Same Holy priest,  I have now installed Quartz.

I have been fighting installing more add ons, and I know I’ve had people tell me to install Quartz before,  and I wish I had listened.  It shows the spell, and the lag.. and sometimes My lag is half the cast.  I’ve only been able to test it on Mobs I’ve been farming as I’ve not raided so far this week, but my dots are going up quicker, and i’m no longer waiting for my Mindblast cast to hit my Mindflay, and while Mobs aren’t really great way of testing my Dps they are falling quicker, I look forward to testing on the next boss, which will hopefully be Hyjal tomorrow night.

I’ve also been watching the AFK posts on our Guild Forums, gradually people are decreasing their availablity, or taking extended breaks, some of its burn out, some of its just real life prorities,   we don’t have the summer Lag that others have talked about, because its winter in Oz. * sniffles with a Cold..

And a shiver of reality hit me.

Why do I bother trying to improve my gear when my plums from My DPS set, healing Set, and PVP set are all going to be outclassed as soon as WOTLK comes out? For the love of the game of course……

I didnt hit 60 untill after BC so I wasnt effected by the pre BC burn out,  but I understand it now, because like everyone else,  I will roll a death Knight, for the heck of it, and I also will be leveling at least one toon to 80 ASAP – Just to experience the new end game content, and wear new gear, So the only thing my current gear will do for me, is make those first few levels easier to get, as I’m sure the greens and the blues and the plums are going to be SO much better then what you can get for 70 now, and given that we don’t seem to be getting any more Bank Space or Slots ( there would have to be bigger bags though…   surely.. ? what am I going to do with all my other gear.  Blow it up of course… the advantage of being an enchanter.

Enough speculating on WOTLK – I will do that when it gets here, because I think the more you worry about whats comming next, the less you appreciate what your doing now, and thats the whole idea of it isnt it? To Play….. 

Must do some Organised Retro runs on Pre BC content….


Oh dear… theres always something new to learn – Gemming…

I am a Nub.
I am the noobiest of ALL noobs.

Im also one of those people who only read instructions if I’ve either a) I can’t get it to work. B) broken it.
Taken directly from the WOW website

Socketed Items

What can you put into a socketed item?
……Players can place any color gem into a socket; however, matching all of an item’s sockets with their corresponding colored gems can award additional bonuses.

I didn’t know that. This research was prompted by Big Bear Butts comment as to my hunt for a Meta Gem. in this 1153 Shadow Damage.

I am shamed!
Embarrased.. ( but not so badly enough to not blog it.. 😉

That means I can Gem now for a decent Meta! Hawt! Because I don’t need to match Gems with their Socket Colours!!

I Needs to do some serious Gem recalculating eg Socket Bonus with what I can replace it with….
I can lose 17 Hit ratings..
and probably most of my socketed resilence and Crits Bonus’s if required.

( hangs head… )
* cheers…. i can squeeze more damage in .. I can squeeze more damage in…..
This is gonna be expensive…

I also used IMBA again.. and I have forgotton te enchant my chest again! DOH… this is certainly a comedy of errors.. Maybe because all the chest enchants are crap.
Must get my boots done too. Keep meaning to ask guildy to do it, but always get distracted.

WWS – Fathom Lord Karathress

Firstly – I am estatic over my + Shadow Damage.
Secondley – I am depressed because the two other main shadowpriests in the guild, have less +shadow Damage then me, ( well according to the Armory.. but I checked Gankbang and my class leader is listed higher in shadow damage then whats shown in armory)  – anyway he did almost 100K more damage then me according to the WWS Stats.  He came 8th and I came 11th,  

But I didnt have my belt of blasting during the run..  and that should not have made such a significant difference anyway.

So I was trying to work out how he got that 100k extra-  on Fathom Lord Karathress in SSC

Vampiric Touch –

Him 84979k ( 72%)

Me 33016 ( 27%


Him 116463 ( he was criting at 39%  I think he had a Shaman in group.. they have the crit tots don’t they?)

Me 104293 24% crit


Him  125870

Me 82529

Star Shards

Him 32255

Me 22159

Shadow Word Death

Him 3648

Me 28900

Shadow Word Pain

Him 124699

Me 106262

I think I Understand how to read the intricate details of wws now….   some of it just doesnt make sence YET…. and I’ve checked Karathress’s 3 friends ( the other mobs ) and he out Damaged me on all but one – so it wasn’t as if we had differnt assignments.

So what have I learned?

Keep VT UP ALL THE TIME.  It was a 50k odd damage difference for the same fight.  Yes it was the first time I have ever done this one,  so I was not following cast sequence and running round pillars a little bit to escape his whirlwind. But no excuses.

Mindflay more – ? It wasn’t like I was standing round doing nothing.. may have been running around a little bit but not that much.  

I think Im going to equip my offhand Trinket with less + damage but 17 Haste…

Now just need another raid to test belt of blasting and Haste..


Inflation? Extorsion? Greed?

What is with the price of Large prismatics on my Server?

Luckely I had been ‘shattering’ my Voids using my Sunwell enchant on its cool down and had 5 of the 6 I needed.   At 35 Gold each on the AH the price was ridiculous,  they used to be 17Ish Gold 22 on a Bad day, my Auctioneer had the price pegged at 141% of the normal going rate – and there were two pages of the Shards Unsold for that price – I would have checked out the price of voids if I hadn’t used my cool down, and I only needed one large prismatic – Having said that Large Brilliant shards were at 17 G each  this week.

The economics of the guild bank is funny –  and theres a serious case of price fixing in general that goes on. Yes I will admit to checking out the general price of the rest for sale, and if they have been bumped up, then I will match it with the standard 5 % less – Auctioneer does it for me 🙂  35 G though when there is an oversupply is Greed. I hope they are all sweating  waiting for the Gold in their box.

Me – I brought a blue for 10 G cheaper, and Disenchanted it – it was only 10 G – but it was the principle of not rewarding extorsionists!

The Auction House on each server would be an interesting study for the economics types –  Currently with the daily quest increases people have a bit more cash. Are the sellers hoping people will flash the cash around and not care about the general inflation that seems to be going on?   Its throwing my averages out of whack.

 So after that I’ve upgraded my bracers because i had the honour – and  for some reason I was only 1100 Shadow Damage.  I had orginally reported me at being 1120- but I lost 20. – Somwhere….  I might have had a buff on me or something – So I’m now 1110 + shadow Damage – with 4 sets of clothing – I think I need outfitter as an add on now… 

1120 Shadow Damage.

This Shadow Damge thing has become an Obession for me.

And Armory shows Im wearing my PVP Gear atm 😦  I had been saving my Badges for something big – we are on about 72% for server progression for the next Sunwell Phase,  I had looked at what was going to be on offer when it came , and checked what I wanted, and so had saved over 100 badges of Justice.  but then  I was thinking,   well,  the thing I really Really want is to replace my healing Trinket, Essence of the Martyr which had 28 +spell  which was my 2nd Best Trink Over the Icon of the Silver Cresent, and so I spent 75 badges on the Battlemasters Audacity +47 to damage – Hence the increase – My Shadow Word Death is starting to really worry me.

I just need to work harder to getting more Badges for the stuff I want next.  But for now Im set.

 This weekend was good for Dailys.  I Grinded Sunwell dailys till I hit honoured, and finally got Void Shatter,  I’ve found that the loot off the mobs is slightly better of the randoms that wander Sunwell Isle.  Healing Pots drop ALOT more,  as does Cloth and Greens.

Guild had a quite raid weekend,   but some cleared ZA,  – I’ve been given ‘permission’ to Pug ZA because the Core raiders don’t want to do it as a normal run.   I’m going to ask permission for  Gruls/SSc and TK  If I don’t get in on the 25 man raids.  I don’t want to QQ because the GM will just say ” Why can’t you be patient.”   but the reality is they have too many people for one 25  – but not enough for 2 25’s – So moot point is I’ve benchwarmed for 2 weeks – they get a 3rd and If i’m not being used, then I will find entertainment elsewhere.    I don’t want to Gquit. , and I didnt join PV as a ‘raider’ it was by chance that the back up Shadow Priest Gquit quite suddenly..  funny that – and so I was used for raids.   But crap happens  people get busy/quit ect ect.. and now everyones suddenly not busy.  I’ve never heard any cries on our server that there are too many people Geared for 25’s  its quite the opposite – so maybe I keep looking.  But if I do that then I need to reevaluate what I want from the game.  I think I’m aiming at wanting to do the whole serious raider thing.  Ive seen  2 bosses in Tk twice, and 3 bosses in SSC,  Killed Grul and Highking  ect ect..   been to Mags ( but not sucessfully..  )  I want to do more. Experience End content.  I like the social aspect of a raid. The goal Setting ect ect – Loot is secondary ( unless its shadow damage 😛 )

Funny for the week:  Another Shadow Priest asked a healer for Heals in a normal muck around  Run, because ” It costs too much mana to come out of Shadow to heal” –  and the response was,  your Mana’s not much use to you when your dead…   So all you Shadow Priests – Heal thySelf!  ( I usually do – I always have pots /bandages ect ect..  but that goes against my new philisophy DPS DPS DPS!!!



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