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*slaps the bandaid in your face

One of the things I liked about the Shadow priest, and stuck with the class through the days of dismal dps, was I liked being utility, the self-sufficiency, replenishment, party healing,   If I ever cared about being caster top dps I would have rolled a Mage or Warlock years ago.

14 min queues for DPS for the Cata heroic aren’t too bad,  so I queued and got Grim Batol.  I was just settling into Boss DPS mode on the first boss, after killing the first malignant trogg, (because no one else even tried)  I glance up at the parties health bars, mindful of any Blitz warnings flashing on screen, and the healer’s life bar disappears, and then a split second later tank is at 10% health and is also RIP.  Hunter dps gets smashed by the boss, and me and the DK manage to kite him around a little bit but still only get him to about 50%.

Then I get told as we are running back.

“Priest – you should have off healed”

Not ” Bad healer for standing in crap”  Or “bad tank for tanking him where you did” ( I think on top of the healer – all their damage taken was ground siege)

It was “Priest – you should have off healed”

I had to defend myself. ” You were at 10%  health and standing in ground siege”  and “You shouldn’t need a offhealer if the Healer doesn’t get one shot”

If he had, had more than 10% health I would have given it a shot, but healer down, Tank so low with a health bar that got sucked into oblivion before even me, a trigger happy –  leave shadow form priest can react.  I resent being told I should have off-healed.

I like being useful, filling gaps.   I will drop Shadow form and heal in Pve and Pvp. I try to be helpful. If I don’t think the healer is keeping my tank up in a dungeon well enough I will throw shields up on them, and yes my dps suffers, but it doesn’t matter because I’d rather not wipe.   I watch the health bar of the tank, and the healer.  I notice when a dps is down, when someone doesn’t get rezed ec.  I hymn when someone kills both hatchers and the healer worries about the extra damage.  I mass dispel on the Bear boss so the healer doesnt have to single target dispel 5 people.

I try and help damn it , often at a loss of dps to me,  sure it might be one global cool down here and there,  but I have known Dps and Tanks that don’t run with raid frames  because they don’t need to know what everyone’s health and life status is. It’s not their job.

I didn’t complain at the healer failure. I was running back with everyone else, willing to give this bad start of a pug another chance. But I’m supposed to put band aids on their failures as well and I’m the baddie.

But there also lies this apathy problem I have developed.  We killed the 1st boss the 2nd time.  Healer only got hit with Blitz once, and I killed two Malignant troggs,  it was all good,  and as we are making our way to the next boss  I had several seconds to think about this whole benefit of being an adult and making my own choices.   If I was at a party I didn’t want to be at,  I can leave, and so yeah,  they showed me how the rest of the run was likely to be like,  and I really didn’t want that kind of annoyance, so I left.

Is that giving up to easily. Maybe,  but I keep forgetting that this game is supposed to be fun.  I shouldn’t have to endure bull crap, and there is different types of crap.  I was more ok with the healer failing ( learning.  as I would like to positively spin it) then I was about this strange attitude that I was somehow required to band aid the problem.

Pvping in BG’s – WSG

So Spiritual guidance had a piece on the basis of Shadow Priest Pvp today and is correct in that the ‘randomness’ of Pvp it’s hard to tell people what to do,  especially on the scale of a BG. I realized that for someone who does an awful lot of battlegrounds and shares I guess general experiences in BG’s  – I don’t actually say many things useful for a person wanting to know what a Shadow Priest, can or should do in a BG
There is lots of difficulty  in explaining how to pvp – and there is how I do stuff, and there is how they do stuff, so it’s very much open to criticism, or interpretation, it’s also very circumstantial and  it’s a forced team sport. The less people in the BG contributing to the success in a meaningful manner mean the less likely you will win, and if you have 10 or more people running with multiple ideas of ‘what they think is right’  it’s not  easy.
  I was hoping there would be more stuff around on rated BG’s but there doesn’t seem to be.  I had envisaged people reading  the great military generals, the classic strategists and applying them to rateds. My own experience in rateds have been restricted to trade pugs and random gatherings  and given I have resisted the call of raiding I think if I found a stable Pvp Guild that did rateds seriously and  with more regularity in my peak playing times then just for the points I would jump ship/server
 Because I’ve never talked about what I do in a Bg,   I  plan on breaking this down into individual posts one for each BG . It’s a discussion, it’s what I do – and I may not always be right.
I’m starting WSG because it’s the BG I played the most.
Initial Zerg
Both sides like to zerg,  or run together to the other teams flag room.  Most of the time though 10 people don’t make it to the other end. Some people go ramp,  some tunnel,  some wander off midfield,  or get stopped or killed along the way.
If we are in semi premade  ( 5 grouped party members or less ) we will cut the horde’s zerg off  – best case we wipe them/split them up over rez timers so we don’t have a concentrated assault for any future offense.
They usually don’t expect to have their zerg interrupted, so like lost deer they will stand mid field hesitating on their mounts  blinking in shock.
By the time they have recovered we have targeted the healers and are taking them down one by one, and pushing them back towards their rez point.
People also get tunnel vision,  present them with a target and they will forget that their real aim should have been to ride/sneak past us and head to the flag room and instead they dismount engage in combat.
We break up their Zerg because  It’s demoralizing, and it makes sense to delay their first flag grab, while the rest of your team grabs theirs . When you all  run out of the starting room together, your united,  your a Team. GO TEAM!  Break up that team, and have people rezing in different 30 sec rez time means that their team of 10 becomes 4 or 5 and are much easier to deal with and contain, and your less likely to have larger groups chasing after your flag carrier.
( Ideally because the Horde have committed themselves to offense  the rest of our team has already grabbed the flag and are running towards mid field to ‘us the defenders’ who can assist by cleaning up an attacking horde and giving the flag carrier an escort)
If I am Solo, and  If I feel like being a pain – I’ll head them off on my own. This is a suicide mission,  and the aim is to delay them/break them up or even just pee them off.
Try to drop a Fear in the middle of their Zerg. Some will dismount to kill you  Trinket out of their initial stuns, Psychic horror a melee,  Silence a caster,   Shield, and when about 40k health I then disperse, and jump around for 6 secs making the melee chase me,  hoping that my fear is off cool down so I can get one last fear bomb off before I collapse and die. Why do it?,  if I get can get them to dismount then I have succeeded in breaking their zerg.
Chasing Flag Carriers
When your flag does get picked up by the opposing team As a Shadow Priest you can  /tar the flag carrier and Mind vision them to see where they are at.  (I Like Mind Vision in BG’s ) Report their location, Ping the map/tell Bg/ and the defence crew can clean them up. My Mindvision will fail if they are in the tunnel and I am mid field, once they become in line of site in the tunnel ( stand in front of tunnel) , I can then target them. If they run up top  I can report that they are going Ramp or GY.  Sometimes the Flag carrier seeing his is being Mind V’d starts doing stupid things, stops mid tunnel, runs back,  or  will hesitate and forget that they are supposed to getting that flag  to their base and will run off into all sorts of weird side directions to hide.
Flag carriers can be pesky things if they can blink, or have a speed boost.  It’s all very well  to kill the healer first,  but  sometimes you need to make sure the flag carrier doesn’t out run you, and their healer. It can be hard to get out of combat in time to mount up and chase ( and they don’t need heals if you can’t run after them fast enough to hit them)  Fear/Psychic horror to get them to stop running in a straight line.  Then if you have team members around you,  keep them slowed by spamming Mindflay – as long as you have that channeled on them it gives the rest of your team time to dps them down, and can more useful than if you were doing normal dps rotation on them.
Don’t forget your fiend.  He hits reasonably hard, and can be annoying when he is wailing on the flag carrier is also something you can throw at them while your running to get close enough to stand and cast.
Spell wise, Devouring plague has a damage on application affect, so if you can’t stop and cast Mindblast or Mindflay then chasing them while keeping SWP on them,  Shadow word deathing on Cool down, fiending,  and spamming DP on them for the intial damage I find helps get their health down.
Learn to Peel, Mcing the healer is one way to shut them up/interrupt their casting/ Slow  or CC the flag carriers support crew so it makes it harder for them to help the FC, but don’t get distracted and end up having epic mid field battles.
I am also glyphed for a faster casting Mass dispel,  great for getting team mates out of hungering cold,  or mage circles, and removing buffs from the enemy.
Being the Flag carrier.
I wrote this test Post a while back. It’s not ideal to be the flag carrier. It doesn’t matter how much resilience you have,  if you’re getting attacked stunned, feared silenced your going to need help.
I don’t take the flag if I’m in the Zerg – other people want to fight over the privilege, and you often have no idea if just because they are in Pvp gear, are plate wearers or have large health pools,  that they won’t do stupid things like get into a bike as a passenger and drop the flag,  or vanish, or shadow Meld,  or try to hop on their mount, you can try to support the person who is flag carrying ( until they prove that they are bad at flag carrying)
This may mean that you need to help heal/shield. That post pretty much covers all the things we can do to keep ourselves alive.
If no one else is going for the flag and no one is near then I will pick it up and try and carry it. Be sneaky,  wait in the doorway up top until a rez wave happens and they aren’t looking back at their own base,  I favor going up the sides. Not everyone has distance enabled on their views, and may have difficulty seeing you on screen.  When they do catch up do your best to keep them off you, aim to cc by fearing/horror then stopping and killing.   Dot up enemy’s that are following you so you get your trickle of healing return from Vampiric embrace, and save your trinket/dispersion for when you really need it,  but also don’t die having not used them.
Healing as a Shadow Priest in the BG
I will break out of Shadow form to heal if I HAVE to,  we take additional damage, lose spell damage bonuses, and it costs mana to return back to Shadow form. You are crippling us by assuming  we will break form every time someone needs a top up.  We do not have the mana regen out of shadow form to be great healers.  We can help you,  but eventually we will go oom, and then we get targeted and die anyway( and yelling “Heal me you B*tch priest isn’t going to make me  heal you)
I have a healing bar set up ‘under’ my shadow form bar.  When I drop form my bars change, and I have set up things like fear/shield and some heals on my main buttons  and I use VuhDu the healing mod, so I can cast a healing spell by clicking on the frames to get me out of shadow and heal on the target.   I will drop my form if I can see that I will help you.  If you have no resilience, and getting attacked by 6 horde. your written off as a lost cause. But there are Shadow Priests that absolutely refuse to drop form.  Me it really depends.
If you can keep the flag carrier alive long enough for the real healer to catch up or even top the FC up if it’s too much for the healer to handle  then it might be a good idea to do it.  We are utility – and if we can be productively flexible and contribute  to the success then we all win ( but don’t do it too often because it will gimp you)
I know that hasn’t covered everything, but I guess depending on how this post is received I will do one for each BG.

Between Love, Between Hate


My heart is black.

It happens every year since I’ve played – Now I ride past all the happy people with their bright red hearts,  and mine is black.

It’s all a show I promise you – the Bad girl Night Elf in Shadow Form. I could pretend I’m something I am not and wear my healing cloth,  but I only truly enjoy that when I am helping other people kill horde in Pvp. That heart would be blood red,  dripping with the blood of the fallen.

Who’s interested in someone with a  black heart?, all the male Shadow priests are busy looking for redemption in the arms of holy priests.

It used to be capable of feeling, I promise,   I didn’t forsake love when I donned the Shadow form. I still have feelings.

Even Warlocks get red hearts.

Why don’t I?




Why Shadow Priest Pvp is awesome.

We have a Shield

We give back Mana ( replenishment)

We give back Health ( Ve and DP)

We have a slow ( mindflay)

We have Fear

We have disarm( Horrify)

We have Silence.

We have a stun ( Paralysis) when we crit with Mindblast

We have MS ( healing reduction)   ( Mindblast)

We can  dispel ( HAHA pallys and mages)

We have a pet ( Fiend)

We can have party’s ( Shadowy apparitions AND if you click on them they talk to you.  I will never be lonely again!)

We have balls. ( Shadow Orbs)   ( that means we are brave Yar… )

We are smoking hot. ( come on have you seen the emissions from our shadow form)

Am recovering from a little bit of a Pvp high sorry.  Have been doing server based premades( no ques or waiting rooms)  with a friends guildies and their friends for the last week, and I has me some even more awesome pvp gear and even a weapon.  ( Just can’t get those shoulders.. )

I respec’d into a Shadow Pvp Spec, and got a lot of awesome things to play with which I will probably write more about after I finish chasing down this pally,

bubble will you.  0.466 mass dispel – Bubble gone.

Heal? Hey!..   Silence

Running away.  Horrify

Running away again. Fear

….    I am having lots of fun.

Patch – Night one.

When I got on I fixed my main first. Of course. With the help of Bible of Dreams “My Shadow Priest’s Planned Patch Day Build and Glyphs”  and at the moment I agree  with her that  picking a Shadow Word: Death  Gylph as a Prime for now might upset your healers, and or kill yourself, much like I  was watching a Shadow Priest get awfully close to doing on the Training Dummies.  The type of healing we will need when we are chaining Shadow Word Deaths when the cool down resets is going to get stupidly dangerous and we risk becoming the newest glass cannons.

I think current dungeon content,  the healer would be ok  to keep up a shadow priest with a death wish ( plus our VE healing) however warlocks lifetapping at the most inappropriate times, and not draining life upsets me as a healer – imagine what a suicidal shadow priest is going to do.

“Do you HAVE to use that spell…” was down when I went looking last night 😦 well it was for me so I haven’t looked at reforging yet, and I wanted a little more feedback and thinking  before I started cutting up/replacing gear and stats.  has the top specs/glyphs being picked by people for quick reference if you want a one stop shop.

New stuff:

Shadow Orbs: I got balls – but they circle my ankles, and I feel like I am going to trip over them. I guess they couldn’t put them in the same place as a Shammys, but ankles? Head would have been better I think. I’ll set up a power aura so I know when I get 3 stacks.

I also have these Shadow Apparitions that walk slowly towards my target, and disappear in my targets hit box. They are slow versions of me, sauntering rather than strutting.  I half expect them to turn around and giggle at me.

I’ll never be lonely again.  between my Haunted momento, my Fiend, and my Shadow apparitions I will always have friends.

I also sold my stock pile of raw red gems  ( only for about 120 gold each though)  and have purchased some Dragon’s Tears on Shiva’s advise ( +10 all stats)  I’m already rocking  +10  Intell  & +10 Spirit Gems – but the Tears seem to be weighed better than the single +20 Spirit one I now have. However I am guessing that the plus all stats are Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Spirit?  and 10 points of Stam is not that hot, and Strength and Agil is useless for my Shadow Priest.

Mods – some will still work,  others won’t – has a list of mods that have been updated for the patch so I was able to pull the essentials out – recount, DBM, Vuhudu, Quartz and powa Auras,  there’s a couple more that I am missing, but didn’t load correctly as an out of date add on


I went holy first on my main in halls of stone, and my Deathknight tank I was healing ‘felt’ squishy, but he could have just not been spec/gemmed correctly.  I dc’d once, and got vote kicked because stupid me hadn’t extended my tunnel subscription and I was dcing every half hour because I had been moved back to trial, but I did a VH has dps and threat was a massive problem – again it just could have been the tank. I can ‘feel’ a haste difference. Casting doesnt seem as smooth.

Than I fixed my holy priest back on BR, and ran an instance with her – healing numbers were fine,  but again it felt like people were taking more damage then normal. No mana issues at this stage though.

I hate lightwell.   Nuff said. Chakras is interesting.  It makes pretty patterns.  

I need to do some more challenging content in both specs to really test them out. 

I then tried a BG in my Pve/Pvp gear as healer which has about 700 resil.  I was being cut through like butter. So I tried to heal in my PVP Dps set while still in holy spec, and still with 1.2 resil It didn’t make a difference.I am also getting stunned a heck of a lot more. 

I guess this is where I might be forced to use my two priests. Keep my main as Shadow, with a Shadow Pvp as offspec, and  have my Holy Priest as heals main, and gear her up for Pvp healing. Because from what I can see. Pve talents in a BG now is not going to cut it.

My repair bills seem exceptionally high.  Like 100 gold for dying a lot in a BG.

If I am not doing stuff tonite ( real life interference)  I shall do some more playing around.

More MANA!

Another boring post about replenishment

I paid particular attention to my Vting and MBing on Hal Trash  ( not much good on Hal himself..  I got meleed  going into the portal on p2.  Guess I clicked too fast.)  but except one or two MB’s I know with absolute certainty I was Mbing with VT.

We had three sources of replenishment in raid, and I thought that replenishment would override existing replenishments  and that all replenishments were created equal, so I was surprised when I started taking SS of who was getting my buff using my Dot timer.  ( it’s not normally in the mid of my screen

Only 3 people got it  – but it proc’d and the whole raid was in range.

9 people this time

4 people

So is it supposed to proc on 10 toons/pets at the same time but it’s not.

So is  pally replenishment better than mine?  I know they do it more often but I started ssing because it was procing as what ever amount was on that list of people.  It wasn’t procing 10 and then 7 people falling off  within 1 sec.  People weren’t at 100% mana either,

Mindblast More.

Boring post on replenishment.  Doing some working out. Skip to end for conclusion.

6 trys 1 kill on H PP 25 man


There were complaints around the 4th attempt  about lack of Mana regen as  I was the only one procing it, and I was instructed to ” make sure I was procing it”   One Pally had left the raid, and the other one was not doing what ever he was before to proc it all the time so I wasn’t aware that I was the only source.

From Wow Head Replenishment

“gives 10 party or raid members (with the lowest mana left) 1% of their maximum mana every 5 second for 15 seconds, or 3% over the full duration”

So I need to Mindblast while VT is up to proc replenishment – and it has a 100 yard range.

It also refreshes if  you proc it again in that 15 secs – so there will be some overlap, as some people will still be on that list  so instead of  application  1 running for 15 secs  on say Bob.  If it gets refreshed at say 10 secs, he gets 10 seconds of Application 1 , and 15 sec of Application 2  especially if BOB runs at low mana all the time, but then bob might get it at 10 sec of application 2 and so on..  – which means 5 ticks is lost just on one person if I am MBing more then once every 15 sec. If I was refreshing it too often then the numbers of ticks would also be lower in comparison to how many MB’s there are, and if its safe to stand still I probably am casting MB more than  when I am on the run,  need to move,   refresh dots, get off the boss,  chase gas/oooze Run run  MB . move again.

A Top 10  of who got the most ticks ( the strength of the mana gain depends on your own base mana -)

What a waste of Replenishment. 2 pets are in the top 10

DPS 1714 36.1 mana 61868 mana
PET 1395 22.3 mana 31169 mana
Healer 1380 60.9 mana 84034 mana
Tank 1185 15 mana 17834 mana
DPS 1084 67.5 mana 73181 mana
Zahraah 1042 59.5 mana 61950 mana
Healer 1025 81.3 mana 83361 mana
PET 1020 22.7 mana 23180 mana
DPS 999 69.8 mana 69699 mana
Healer 907 64.9 mana 58820 mana

So Starting off at attempt 4

18 Mindblasts in that attempt , and to be perfectly honest If I’m hitting the gases,  and they are  almost  dead I am not going to refresh dots when I can MB,  so that may explain why some of my MB’s aren’t procing.

So to work out if I am Mindblasting while VT is up,

1486 replenish ticks

Theoretically if every Mindblast was Procing replenishment then

it should be 18mb x ( 10×15)  = 2700

18 mindblasts could have proc’d replenish

So that would mean  that  it was only procing or being useful   55% of the time

Try 5

1270 Ticks of Replenishment

7 hits 9 crits   = 16

16  x (15×10) = 2400  52% of the time.

Try 6

1171 replenishment ticks  5 hits  10 crits  ( 8 resisted?)

15 x (15×10) = 2250 = 52%


2932 – Replenishment from me 10 hits 18 crits

28 x (15×10) 4200 69%

2569 ( from a pally who joined fight/did his thing)

so my 69% was higher. I was MBing  more though – which I was under the impression should not be necessary.  I have kept my 5/5 Mindblast CD reduction,  but a lot of 4 piece t10 builds haven’t, and put the points into things like inner focus, and threat reduction, and improved VE.

Not every mindblast is cast with the intent to Proc Replenish. I should have VT up as often as possible,  but if it falls off mid cast,  I’m not going to stop MB reapply the dot then recast MB that would be a dps loss.

I don’t know if I’m the only one procing replenishment.   We have 3 pallys that proc it a random bosses, and random times. So I can’t tell when I should be mindblasting more then what should be necessary because I’m not psychic and they don’t tell me ” I don’t feel like procing it this fight can you mindblast more”

If I worry about mindblasting more than I let dots fall off because MB is more important when VT is up then reapplying  DP, or sticking all my dots on target, and then Mindblasting.

It also depends on how many times I need to move. H PP means lots of movement – running away from things.  If you stand still you get hit with Goo while you have 2 stacks of disease.  ( happened twice) so I fail more often.

Vt’s shorter uptime, means it falls off quicker,  it also has a cast time,  and very difficult to cast on the run,  which I why DP and SWP are easier to stick up  while getting into position.  If your stationery VT will go up first most of the time.

So I went to look at  another PP fights we still had logs up for. We one shot him last week – and I found another thing to consider.

Pally 1 3299 ticks, Pally 2 3007 ticks me 343 ticks

Mindblast = 21 times.  So why is my ticks so low.  If the pallys were procing it  all the time,  then every time I proc’d it it would get over ridden by one of them

Looked at another guilds logs  – they had 3 sources of replenishment for 2 H PP attempts

2 attempts by another shadow priest

sp1 3382 47 MB’s  47 x (15×10) 7050 47%

sp 2 1831  42 Mb’s  42 x ( 15×10) 6300 29%

This shows me that I am not MBing enough.

So In summary

I should be casting MB more if I am the only source of replenishment

It would be helpful to know if I’m on the one who will be procing it.

If someones  replenishment gets refreshed by me, or someone else, ticks are ‘lost’*

Pets also have mana, and will use a replenish tick, or a couple,  or a thousand or so. .

The Ultimate conclusion, and this stings a little. I AM ONLY GOOD AS A  MANA BATTERY

Ok I don’t really feel that way all the time.

While theoretically MBing shouldnt be a dps loss. I don’t have the haste  the two priests I used as comparison do. Cast time is a little lower,  easier to squeeze in, T

I don’t know maybe I’m clutching at straws and excuses. But just when  I feel when I start feeling like I am doing better dps wise, and I have been.  I fail at  Procing replenishment enough.

5 things for Friday

1. I will write more on my Dedicated server stance.  I need to do some more reading  to back up my argument,  I want to  consider things like the effects of language, and region on progression in raids, and arena. 

If a dedicated real oceanic server did happen – than the player base becomes more concentrated – than language will affect who you play with – Eg just look at EU WOW. Servers and guilds have become ‘language – centric’.    I guess I’m letting the cat out of the bag on an unwritten post – but I want to spend some time on the issue,  and I think it’s big enough and important enough to present a well thought out case then just a random ‘ I don’t want….”  Like I did in my previous post.

  Do the majority of people who play in Oceanic actually need a server that will deliver more precise actions. Are we underrepresented in things like Arena, and progressive raiding,  and  would having less lag  encourage more people to get serious about those things?   

2.  I’ve had a few attempts on LK in 10’s,   but when the tank is tanking him in defile.  We have issues.  BUT!   I killed the King on 25’s with my new guild.  They are old hats at it.  No I wasn’t  noob enough to release when LK killed us all,  though my complete and utter shock  at the raid blowing up  probably made me look like I hadn’t even read about the encounter.   I did I promise!  But being there and dying unexpectedly is still a massive shock because my first thought was something had happened to wipe the raid.

3.  Devouring Plague spamming in BG is awesome.  I can crit up to 4.5 K damage on a DP inital damage,  and it’s not dispelable if I am spamming it chasing you across the BG.  So shadow priest hot on your heals  Shadow Word deathing you on CD,  Doting you up with SWP, throwing a fiend at you, and spamming DP.  You better be a healing class with hots, and a lot of health. Cause your going down. MWHAHAHAHA

4. I got globally muted on a vent. When I was on my healing Alt in a GDKP.  It’s my fault. I told the player if he wasn’t going to stop saying a certain word  repetitively I would ignore him.  Imagine wiping on Rot Heroic, and all you can hear just over the raid leaders instructions is  Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*s

It wasn’t even the word that annoyed me,  it was the timing  – and it’s repetitiveness.  I wasn’t the first, nor the last to tell him to quit it,  but I was the only girl who spoke.  He was a vent admin. Result = Me globally muted for the rest of the raid. 

That same raid,  when another female spoke for the very first time after some discussions on why we were wiping on Princes,  was told to “Shut up you W*ore” and some other choice words.

Yet regardless of what I think was undeserved treatment  me and her still stuck the raid out, and got our share of the GDKP pot.   It was a pug,  but it was run by someone who should have better control because of the guild tag he wore  – and he didn’t control not only the behaviour directed at us,  but let the raid rip each other apart on various things the entire time we were in there.

This is where I wish recording vent conversations didn’t breach our telecommunications survellience acts  ( topic for another day)

My principles are worth less than a pot of around 4800 gold each.  But I wasn’t going to leave and reward them with a greater share.  Then they would have won.


Would you listen to me if it wasn’t about WOW?  I don’t really expect an answer,  just that I have been adding as many non wow blogs to my reader as I have wow blogs, and I have found so many interesting people talking about stuff!  I guess definitions of interesting vary between people. 

No No No..   I not quitting Wow blogging I am as addicted to blogging as I am gaming.

My epiphany has been that it’s a little sad that my gaming experiences  are  more relevant, and interesting to an audience then thoughts on more important things.  But I am sure those important things wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

New guild week 1

I’ve been raiding 3 days now with my new guild, Done 10/12 Heroic modes on ICC 25, Killed TOGC 25, and almost done on Ulduar

I’m just the Yogg achievement off getting my 310% drake – and all going well we should have that this week.  

My old raiding guild disbanded when we were in the middle of doing all the Ulduar hardmodes – and working on TOGC  – never thought I would get to finish it off this side of Cata. 

In the fights so far, I go through periods of hell yeah – I rock at this fight –  Eg I did well on Hodir,  because I was chasing the person with the “Storm Cloud on me”   because not everyone understood how to get max dps and yes I still had damage  on  the ice tombs  –  It was like being back in Ulduar wiping on hard modes all over again,  except this time it was a cake walk.

Hodir 2010

Hodir 2009

From my post I could say that my DPS was rare  – and I found out after that Shadow Priests were getting 14k, and 16 k then back in Oct 2009.   So my Almost 19k dps now doesn’t look so hot. 

And then     I get hit with a Shadow Crash on General. I moved.   I swear.  I had been dodging shadow crashes  easily,” Shadow Crash on me”   Run.  Cake.  I may have run into someone elses. Either way.  Fail train went Toot Toot again

Some of the ICC heroics,  I had attempted  / read about / done on 10’s /attempted on 10’s so the 25 mechanics aren’t too different, but there were a few I had never done before,  and spent most of the time repeating – Do not fail in my head in between non verbal squeals of  omg green stuff! ( So much green stuff in plague)

I’m enjoying the intensity of it.  They actually count down pulls!   So pre- potting a pull is less guess-work.   ( lesson learned  Prepot on 2 – not 1)  

 I also am looking at getting something like Lowerping, one of the guildies gave me a link to one that’s free – but the tech specs were too complicated to understand at 1am in morning on a work night so I’ll have a look and work out exactly what it wants to do with my PC and if I am ok with that.

I’m also shopping around /playing with mods,  and am extremely glad my App didn’t ask for a pic of my UI.  Mostly because I have the default UI for Bars –  and there is still massive discrimination against the default UI.  Then after discussion with a friend  I downloaded Bartender  – and found you canhave like 10 bars of stuff! , and hide things – and its awesome.  So I am setting it up on my alt, to get used to it, ( after I got over the initial panic where it dumps everything in the middle of your screen)  and I then I get to work out the bars on my main, and make it pretty!  I have tried to stick to the philosophy of if it’s not broke don’t fix it,  and the default Bars do ok for me. – except – the ability to customise it now is a lot more appealing.

I am also looking at what other Shadow Priests are wearing / Glyphing / Specing / Talents It matters more  now – and checking things like armory crawlers, and the like.

Been looking at a little bit.  It has some interesting class stats, eg enchants,  gyphys and so on. Like all the other ones you need to manually refresh your characters data,  so that means the stats will always be off.  The majority of players wouldn’t go refresh their profiles to resync with the armoy on all the armory crawlers. 

Looking at the class statistics page for priests  I notice that the Shadow Boot enchant at 80% is Tuskers Vitality +15 Stam and Minor Speed increase, and Icewalker is 17%  


I looked at boot enchants last year,  and even checked out Blackrocks stats on it then in my boot enchant  post where most people were still using icewalker  ( 12 hit & 12 Crit)  Checking Wow Hero’s  Statistics again  now shows that Icewalker is still way more popular then Tuskarr’s on that crawler.

So which crawler is  right? The massive discrepancy makes me doubt any of the stats on both them. 

Did you know. I have a bad shoulder enchant.  ( Which I need to fix)  do you know how bad that is, buying the wrong shoulder enchant. I’m wearing 18+ sp 10 crit, instead of 24sp 15 crit *hides head in shame. No idea how long I’ve been wearing that one.   It’s getting fixed tonite! Promise

Apologies for the brain dump  – one of the reasons why I blog is to keep record, and it’s funny to look back at my old posts, and see that some issues do repeat themselves.

No Colours anymore I want them to stay black.

I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door and must have it painted black
Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
It’s not easy facin’ up when your whole world is black

Paint It Black – Rolling Stones


I sympathise with the resto druids worried about losing their form in the expansion. Changing from being a permanent form, to temporary form.

Imagine if you took Shadow Form off a Shadow Priest? – I would get upset.  Even though you can never see the colour of my gear,  and that I do not wear a shirt so you can see cleavage.  That I painstakingly picked the colour of my tabard to match,  that you can’t tell I’m on a ‘special’ mount because it’s Shadow.  Blue drake – what blue drake.  They’re all blackish purple. I could stand naked in Ironforge, and I would still be ‘modestly covered.

It may not bode well with us Shadow Priests if they take away druid tree form. 

Shadow Form is great for instant identification as to class and spec.  Every body knows you can only get shadow form if your deep enough into the tree to be considered ‘shadow’ spec,  besides being furry, feathery, or leafy – what other class besides the druid, and a shammy ( and only in travel form)   are so easily identifiable.? We can determine classes by accessories,  Pets,  Minons,  disco totems, gear, or those blue blue DK eyes – but we see a tree – we see resto druid, and going forward you won’t see a tree that often.

“Where’s the shadow priest?”  Just look for the black blob.

Special is being lost to homogenization

Warlocks have a metamorphosis ( if they are in the right spec) so while this musing is pure speculation,  without even a hint of such a change, and perhaps even fear mongering  annnnddddd  the ongoing debates on hybrids, and all the things that make our classes special that seem to be dispearing,  or getting shared.  Eg Shadow Priests getting Mortal strike – there is no reason why a Shadow Priest  couldn’t lose our form permanently and it become a buff,  or even the nuke we have so desired.

Shadow Form: Caster becomes embroiled in darkness, calling up their awesome shadowyness to increase Spell power, Haste, and Crit by 300 for 20 sec

So While it may be a little late to add to the campaign ( the fever for the druid protest seems to have passed a little – for in fear of my own shadowy skin


From Treebark Jacket

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