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Shadow Priests on Adds.

It started when our old class leader decided that we were going to try Shadow Priests not dpsing adds in 25 man raids on particular fights,  there was no list of bosses which we could stay on the boss,  but fights like Beasts, and Jaxx where it was thought that it wasn’t worth us making the effort on the adds it was “Everyone on the adds.  Except the Shadow Priests.”  The new caster leader is following the same philosophy,  I clarified this after a fight where I was just beaten by the holy priest in offspec Shadow. Looking at their targets they didn’t even try to kill the adds,  or cast VE.

I have mixed feelings about this philosophy. I understand why, we don’t have the burst.  On heartbreaker I am sure I was spending more time in global cool down then Dpsing  just trying to throw everything on the heart.  I was never top damage on it,  but  I worked my butt off to make sure I was never last, even though thats what was expected of me because of my class.

 I’m quoting something Alex from said about Shadow priests taking so long for our damage to be ‘set up’

“The usual solution to this problem is that Shadow Priests simply pretend there are no adds, and DPS away without a care in the world on the boss or whatever. That’s called not being a team player, and that’s the play style our mechanics encourage”  Shadow Priest Questions Answered Alex Ziebart

Staying on the boss, while better for our own personal Dps, and might sound good from a numbers point, however it is being given special treatment, and I don’t feel like I am being a team player.    When it comes to getting down Snowbolds I feel like I should be dpsing them, because regardless of how much damage I do, I am still doing some damage, and that means the person with the Snowbold on their head is able to get back to dpsing or healing that little bit quicker.

It’s also a matter of pride.  Once I had an odd search query come up  that found my blog,  and this person had googled ” Are shadow Priests respected” and I think the answer honestly is no.  We are a poor mans Dps, and  precisely the reasons why Matt Low said the following

. “However, when faced with an encounter where the DPS benchmark is insanely high, I’d have to rethink the roster. I know if I’m working on certain hard modes, there is a DPS minimum required in order to win. At that point, I would be faced with no other option to take and use whatever class is at my disposal to get the job done.”  What’s up Shadow Priests – Spiritual Guidance Matt Low

If you need someone utility,   you take a Shadow Priest if you have the room,  if you have other classes in the raid that can cover replenishment and at least the extra 3% hit then we are not needed, and this is being felt a lot more in 10 man when higher burst is required in at least the Jaxx fight in 1o man Heroic Toc  –  dps not only adds, but things like Volcanos, and Portals.  The lack of burst complaint is not anything new, however this special treatment is.

I don’t want special treatment,  I want to be able to kick the other classes on the Dps Metres and still be doing the same things they are doing.  Stuff what the theory crafting says.   How are we ever going to be taken seriously as a Dps class if we need to be patted on the head and told ” There there..  your useless on the adds, you might  as well stay on the boss”

Regardless of the design of the class.   If it means I need to work harder so be it, How do we face other Dps classes when the mages and warlocks are arguing who got the most dps in our caster channel, and I can see on the metres I beat most of them,  but because of this special treatment, and I was able to not be on the adds as often as they had to be,.   I want to be able to beat the other classes on equal terms if if I fail.  Classes aren’t meant to be exactly equal,  so I don’t expect  to be doing the exact same as them all,  but I want to be able to  compete with them fairly. .  

Maybe I am being unrealistic in my expectations,  but damn it!  I am gonna try and kill adds and the boss and still rock on the metres!

More Patch Observations… An actual post about priests.

I finally got to get into a Bg without getting stuck in a loading screen, add to that that we had server shutdowns on a Saturday night ( sadley I was home..  Had a REALLY big friday night involving Beer. Chinese Food and Glacier Ice* (we call it Windex) so I was most upset to lose an hour of play during peak, and so was most of oceania.

So getting past a very bad weekend of people not being able to log into instances, or BGs – thus prompting massive raids on opposition towns causing additional lag – between struggling to do anything of note on my main due to these massive issues, and questing and leveling on my second priest who has been holy since since this patch.   I have had some more thoughts!

My Shadow priest build is 10/0/51 – I don’t have meditation but in a boss encounter I have a Fiend on a 3 min cool down – dispersion on a 3 min cool down, and the use of a single Pot. – I think  my current build  will do for all the nerfed bosses in current content – I may need to readdress this once I hit Northrend, but  I will have more points to play with as I level to 80.

I’ve taken up in the shadow tree, – all the essentials.. Form, Ve, ( not improved)  Vt, dispersion, as well as anything that adds + damage or crit

In the Disc tree only Twin disciples, inner fire and  Improved word fort.

My Almost level 57 Holy Priest
is 16/28/3
My Dis tree has as many of the surviability talents as I can fit, in my holy tree I wasn’t interested in healing so points have gone into things that increase holy spells generally, and for leveling I’m staying away from the healing only talents, and of course Spirit Tap. ( only the 3 point one)

In Bg’s:
The Single Buff for raid is awesome. However people are still being stingy and not using the Raid Buffs ( I wish I could take it back off them as the pally mounts up without dispensing not even a Gheto buff)
If reagents were even cheaper, then there is nothing to stop you from reapplying your Fort buff to the raid again at various intervals to help keep them topped up, but no – I don’t want to spend that much silver on ingrates.
Shadow Priests now have a better chance against Rogues in Bg’s – The loss of Starshards hurt.  To replace a Mana free spell with Devouring Plaugue @ 615 mana hurts a little, but If you have doted and Vampiric embraced up you target, as well as added Devouring plague which heals back %15 of your damage AND have a Glyph of Powerword: Sheild which heals back 20% of your absorbed damage AND throw a dispersion in at %90 damage reduction for 6 secs you have a decent chance now.
while your getting kidney jabbed and stunned, your dots/shield are healing you. Meaning that they have to poke you a little longer and hopefully reinforcements come by then

Leveling / Questing as holy on my 2nd priest, is awesome. Not only do we have access to all the Shadow Spells ( bar the talent tree ones) we can also Heal, and use the holy spells which have greatly improved in their damage output. I will not need to go shadow to level her up. DPS holy priest here I come. Why should I have to heal 😛
Do you think I could get away with not having a Healing Holy priest?

Conversation would go
Will you heal?
I’m Holy DPS

All the + healing enchants are altered.

Enchant Weapon – Major healing for the same mats as before gives you +40 spell power. 8x large Prs, 8 x primal water 8 x primal Life

for the same effect for 40 spellpower
Enchant weapon – Major Spellpower for 8x large pris and 8 x greater Planar.

and For Hands – for 19 spellpower
Enchant gloves Major Healing = 6 x Greater Planar 6 x Large Pris 6 x Primal Life
Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower + 20 spell power
6 x greater planar 6 x large pris 6 x Primal Mana

and for Bracer
Enchant Bracer – Superior healing for +15 Spell power
x4 greater planar x4 primal life
Enchant bracer -Spell power for 15 Spell power x6 large Prismatic x6 primal Fire x6 primal water

basically same enchants, different mats, and they could be cheaper but at least in the case of a healers/spellcasters bracer enchant, its MUCH cheaper to get what was the healing enchant.


*  None related wow stuff. Skip if you want 😛

Because I like sharing things.  Glacier Ice / Gletscher Eis  ( Windex) is a rather sweet Scnapps found in German Bars. ( like we have one in The Rocks in Sydney which alot of Guilds seem to use as a meet up place, and by chance as I was already out in city after work with some other friends, when another friend ( who plays wow) called me and  wanted me to meet him at said German Bar I went, and introduced the people I was with and him to this little devil.

Disclaimer: While it may have been nick named windex by us – It does not taste like windex. It is however a bright blue drink.  It also caused all my friends to screw their faces up like they were drinking windex. Its not a drink for the fient hearted, and probably contributed to my hang over

But I likes it. ( if anything for the novelty and the interesting taste. )

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