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Ethical Treatment of Shadowfiends


I often take my little friend fiend for granted.  He never stays round for long,  pops up,  gives me mana, and then leaves me again.

There is never enough time to ask him if he is hungry or cold ( who knows what the weather in Northrend does to his poor skin and yes I am sure it’s a him.) I don’t know what he eats or drinks, or if he has a family.

Where do they come from?

Physically, they are the result of a spell we cast, but he has to come from somewhere.    Is it a summoning from an alternate dimension,  am I dragging him away from his favourite Tv show just so I can get him to smack a boss?

I wonder how he feels that I am using him as often as possible now, not just for mana, but for extra dps where practical

I propose the following as Guildlines for  ethically handling your Shadow Fiend

1. Be considerate when bringing your fiend out. Ask yourself Is it really necessary. Will you get enough use out of the fiend in that fight to justify it’s his use.

2. Avoid bringing the Shadowfiend out for demonstration or picture-taking opportunities. Flash lights hurt their eyes, and it’s cruel to treat them like circus animals

3. Thank your fiend, or cheer at it , at the very least wave – It has feelings too, by doing that you are recognising it’s importance and that you appreciate his efforts.

4. Name your fiend.  Giving him a name gives him an identity and will strengthen your relationship.  Refer to your fiend by its name when ever discussing him.  Eg ” Wow,  did you see how much damage Ralph did”    When questioned who Ralph is, explain that Ralph (or what ever name you call your fiend is his name.) and you would appreciate it if your raid members and guild members could extend him the same courtesy

5. Look after his care and welfare.  You are sending  him into dangerous circumstances and his health is important.  Shield him if you are able to protect him.

6.  Love your fiend.  NO – Not LOVE your fiend.   Love your fiend because they are your friend.   He chose you – when you summoned him from the depths of wherever he came from.   He came to you.   Feel privileged and honoured that he comes each time you call,  no matter the day or the time, or that maybe he really wanted to spend time with his family or go out, or be in the middle of eating dinner ect.


* Disclaimer – I have not named my fiend.  Thought if I could I would probably name it something distinguished and strong!  like Caddaric ( battle leader)  or Bhaltair  ( strong fighter)

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