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Alas Poor Star Shards

Goodbye Priesty Star Shards
Alas I knew you well
You had the grace to hold yourself
While spells around you Oomed
They crawled out of the beta realms
And they fiddled with your code
They killed you in the frosty peaks
And they wiped you from the world

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a wish upon a star
Falling from the ceilings
Like a steady sparkling rain
And I would have liked to have used you
When I get to Northrend
Your channel burned out long before
Your legend ever will

So yeah. The announced removal of star shards has cut me.
I have resorted to Elton John for comfort. It was either him or Hamlet, but Horatio wasn’t much interested in hearing my lament.

12 Reasons why Shadow Priests make great Lovers

Matticus asked for 12 Reasons why your class is the best lover in his post Here

Well here are mine… but none of them seem in anyway remotely romantic, and they are mainly Shadow Priest specific

1. Priests can be Naughty or Nice ( Shadow & Holy)
2. We have a Very Special Touch ( Vampiric Touch : benfits the whole party) ..
3. We have a very special Embrace ( Vampiric Embrace: You will never want to let go)
4. We can do single Buffs or group ones too
5. We can get in our lovers Head ( Mindcontrol)
6. We look sexy in black. All the time. ( Shadow form: Hides bumps and flaws)
7. We always bring our own protection ( Power word Shield.)
8. We are not easily scared away ( Fear ward)
9. We can cure all diseases
10. We can dispell all deceptions and insecurities allowing the real you to shine ( dispell Magic)
11. We burn with Passion ( Inner fire)
12. If you suffer the ” Little death” we can Resurrect you and make you do it again

I wrote a post some time back about what each class would be like to Date, it covers more the ‘personalities and preferences’ I’ve deduced from each class which is here if your interested. Twas a lot of fun to write.
Dating on Wow by Class

Mind Control is a Valid form of CC – I promise!

Its annoying convincing people to let me use my Mindcontrol. I think sometimes they think I just want to muck around. I don’t think of it as reliable as a sheep or a trap, while its much like a Warlocks enslave it doesnt let the Mc’er do anything but stand there in a trance . “I’d rather you DPS” is the most common response, and are I am therefore passed over for other dpsers with better forms of CC – I do agree that given its limitations it can be a poor mans CC – but its saved hides in ZA and MT when I’ve done it.

Depending on the situation/instance some positives can be
1) It reduces the load off the tank if its a melee Target. ( gives the healer some breathing room)
2) Your MC mob can try and tank another mob.
3) It can stop them from healing other mobs therefore making them easier to kill.

Sure its fun in a combat situation to grap someone with completely random abilities and read what they are before either throwing something, causing an AOE that breaks all the other cc’s or Blasts an enemy for a whole 300 damage. Randomly pressing buttons on your CC’d mobs spell bar does not help.

and somtimes when it breaks you need to throw sheild up on yourself and pray to Elune that you can either re Mc or someone stun the target and try and give you a chance to drop agro. ( Try… HAHAHA )

It does take practise – positioning and knowing what abilitys and target is best for you to use. You have limited spells to use, sometimes 2 – i think Ive seen 4 once. Some of these are fears, which can be bad  – So who picks what spells on a mob we get to play with eh ?

Alot of the spells available to the Mindercontroller have extended cooldowns, so I end up meleeing on alot of them with casters, and find that they can melee alot more damage then cast.. eg in MgT and Botanica .  In addition they also have Mob only self buffs, so you can’t buff you, the mind controller,  and you have just buffed  the mob you have control over and that will make him harder to kill when the MC breaks. 

Some have buffs that you can get, can be directed to buff yourself..  I will MC Ogre Shamans and get them to heal me when I’m in Shadow Form,  if farming for Basilisks I will visit the arakkoa and one of their casters gives you a Mana cost reduction spellbuff.  On the WOW Forums there is a Mind control fun thread Mind Control Funwhich gives more details on other people experiences.

I mind control people in BG’s sometimes, the duration of the MC has been nerfed so its not as fun or effective, its hard to get the cast off without interruption and then and then when you do, avoiding any damage whatsoever so that you can actually force the person you have control over to do something like jump off a cliff.
There isn’t much you can do to another player mindcontrolled. You have limited time and distance, and no spells. If you run them too far away they go out of range for the spell to work. They can also trinket out of it

Most of the battle is convincing others that we can do it… but using mind control does require a bit more ‘planning’ and the understanding of the team that it may break.

/targetfriendplayer and /targetenemyplayer Macros & BG’s

I’ve been playing with a couple of macro variations using the new commands bliz gave us in the latest patch

The only useful macro So far has been
/cast Power Word: Sheild(Rank 12)

this targets the closest friendly player and sheilds them. Because sheild has a Weakened soul debuff if you cast that macro again, it will target the closest friend again, but it then goes – “Spell not ready yet” and you will need to click it again to make it skip to another nearby friend who doesn’t have the debuff.
I find this useful because in bgs throwing a shield up on someone is useful when they are under attack. Especially good for a healer who is busy trying to heal you. It also doesn’t stop you from Dpsing your own target.

A Priest healer could use it to cast Prayer of mending but they seem to cast it at their current healing target which may not be the closest.

I tried the /targetenemyplayer one with a
/cast Shadow Word: Pain

but it kept casting SWP on the same target, I couldn’t get it to skip to another player .

I’ve also just discovered uses for the /castsequence Command the Beauty of that one is you just keep pressing the same button and it casts a whole sequence of actions 1 after the other. If it gets interrupted though it starts again.


/castsequence Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 10),Vampiric Embrace
as general 1st time casting on a enemy player in a BG. SWP is 1st in case I get interrupted, at least the dot will stick tick.

However because Vampiric embrace has a different cooldown then SWP its not useful for tab targeting.

It could be useful for self buffing when you have alot of self buffs eg I wrote this one for when 1st rezing in a BG, you want to buff yourself as quickly and as efficiently as possible to make use of the ‘free mana’ Buff you get when you 1st rez. The following macro is for a Shadow Priest using the most mana expensive buffs 1st.
It makes sence to use the ones that ‘cost’ the most 1st. However. Do not press the button too many times, or the macro starts again I tried doing /target self and that didn’t work. I also tried holding down the Shift Key when pressing the macro, but the only thing that worked was
inserting /target and my Characters name.

/target (insert name)
/castsequence Shadowform, Power Word: Fortitude(Rank 7),Shadow Protection(Rank 4),Inner Fire(Rank 7)

that will put you in shadowform, give you fort shad and inner fire. You could also add fear ward and probably even your mount.

Using Mind Soothe on multiple Targets


We were on a H Steam Vaults run for Yesterdays Daily, and we were close to the 2nd Boss.

Server Restart 15 minutes

‘What! – Ours was on the list for no restart….

We hurry to kill the 2nd boss – and some decide to log while in the instance and others ran to the stone in case they get hearthed.

Restart Happens – It seems that you get ported to the start of the instance if you log out while in it during a restart…

We walk back into the instance

and all the trash  has come back


So we pull them all again, until we get to that tricky bit near the ramp for boss 1 – We really didn’t want to risk a wipe, we just wanted this nightmare of a run to end, so the Rogue sneaks past, the Druid tank sneaks past in stealth, the Gnome mage goes..   “Let me try”


Me and the healing priest are standing where its safe thinking Mmmmmmm –

“Wait!”  I say – “I have a trick up my sleeve that isn’t even toolbarred.

I bring out Mind Soothe”


Mind Soothe Reduced distance at which target will attack. Duration: 15 seconds

“Reduces aggro radius by 10 yards. Only affects Humanoid targets level 85 or lower. Beware that if the mob resists Mind Soothe you will aggro it and enter combat”

I then proceed to mind sooth the closest troublesome  Naga,  I see the little swirl above its head, and then for the heck of it try and Mind Sooth the Naga entourage – and I’m like Hang on..   I’ve Just MS’d 5 targets…

I didn’t know you could do that…

Me and the Healing Priest snuck past safely and rezzed the Mage.

*rubs hands in glee at the fun to be had. 

However…   If they have a tendency to resist and then agro it may not be a good idea to use it too often

An Actual Use for Mindvision

The Add on Deadly boss mods amongst other things in Warsong Gulch will show who’s carrying the flag for both sides.
How is this useful for a Priest? Well we have a talent Called Mindvision, with an unlimited range if I can click on the person/horse/ enemy I can see what they see.

You can also Skip from one Person to another. Eg See What A sees, then even if YOU can’t see person B but person A can click on Person B and Mindvision them, and so On..
Friend or foe.. Horse or Squirrel you can use Mindvision to Hop and Skip.. I’m not sure how many you can do in a row.. but I’ve skipped onwards of 6 times with no problems..
it can be useful to annoy people who always act silly in a city, or a Bg when they have been Mindvisioned…

How to use this in Warsong Gulch
You Can Mind Vision anyone of your side, and also since Deadly boss mods have kindly give you someone to click by identifying who is running round with your flag. You can select them and Mind Vision them to find out where they are.
Lose the flag carrier… and your not sure what Nook or cranny they have tried to hide themselves in at the base. Mindvision will find them!

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