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Am I Shielding Too Much?

Ever Since I binded my Shield to ” Alt ~ ” I have been free and easy in using it.
Shielding in panic situations is easier, any time I take Aoe, Getting pounced on by Catladys pets, Frost damage on Hodir ect ect…

I has a bubble and I’m not afraid of using it. On me, or even if a team mate is in range, and going down too fast in a Aoe environment for heals.

One of the things I have been looking at on our WWS’s is how many times Powerword Shield is cast. This is important to me because my biggest competition out of our 3 Shadow Priests ( Even manages to beat me sometimes) Doesn’t even usually cast it on himself. So I noticed that I was significantly higher in application of it. In one  night I cast it 116 odd times. He did once.

My two other Shadow Priests in the raid are the closest examples of performance management I have – so of course I am going to pay attention to little differences to see if I can continue to improve.

I don’t shield for decoration, I usually shield if there is a threat of AOE damage, or a significant chunk of damage, where the shield might save me, or contribute to saving me.
However it may have some impacts as the result of excess shielding – Slower DPS? – Loss of cooldowns, I also find I will cut myself off mid spell to shield.

Its a habit I might need to break. It doesn’t seem to  be adversely affecting my DPS in comparision,  however it may be gimping me. 

I’m not saying to give up shielding altogether. They say in one breath you are responsible for your own health  – followed by a Dead Dps does no dps. But healing really slows down our DPS , so I prefer to Bubble and let my VE healing top me up if I am not getting a heal  ( if its urgent then I will pot/stone break out if necessary but only as a last resort eg I’m dying and I’ve already hit disperse.)  ( Our healers are awesome…  but they can’t be everywhere at once, and sometimes they die too.. )

So I probably do have an itchy Shielding finger  – but the benefit is on that one night that I shielded so often ( progression raiding)  I had the least incoming damage of 25 raiders, and that has got to be a good thing..

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