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Who you play with matters

Deuwowlity had a post  here, and some things stuck me about it,   talking about playing the game the way you want to – and other people giving up what they want to do, so others don’t have to. 

Who you play with is a massive motivation to keep playing, and especially now with other distractions, a pre expansion slump, new games to distract you  –  people  matter –   and I have learned that  it comes down to  who you want to play with  V   how you want to play.

I was ok with following around someone being their pocket healer  on a brief leveling project of a Elemental Shammy.  Even though I had picked the class for something new and fun.  I ended up healing while we were questing.  More because it was for time spent with that someone.

I was quite happy leveling up my Healing priest in dugeons because of who I leveled with, and I probably enjoyed healing more, because I was with someone I enjoyed playing with.

I am ok healing H Sin in my current guild – ( even though I feel like most of my job is just to eat the unchained Magics sometimes)

I wasn’t ok with being forced to heal all the time on my main when Wrath came out, and I  left a guild back in early days Wrath because the intended healers for the 10 man  Naxx were slow levelers,  so the Shadow Priest was good to use.  It meant there was more than likely no permanent spot for me in the raid when the healers did finally get there.   I got called selfish when I told them my reason for wanting to move on. If the people had mattered more I think I would have been ok.  My attitude to healing has changed a lot now – for the right people now it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

In another guild I  wasn’t ok with three active Shadow Priest raiders, when one of them refused to sit out. Ever, and this influenced my move to what become the first guild I felt like was ‘home’

I guess Healing / DPS come up for me as the most frequent circumstances of times where how I want to play v how others wanted me to play became an issue because it impacted on how I enjoyed playing.   I don’t have other preferences that affect how I play.  What wing gets done first is negligible, If we work on Hard Mode LK, or Hardmode RS  doesn’t matter,  and depends on a heck of a lot more than just one persons whim on how they want to play.  Maybe my warrior will have Tank / Dps Issues in the future,  or if I gear her up reasonably well she might be in a good position to be a tank in cata.  ( OH THE HORROR)

Deuwowlity asked  how many people are stuck playing the game in a way that doesn’t make them 100% happy and came to the conclusion it was probably a staggeringly high number.  I wanted to answer – it’s who you play with that makes the difference – who you will stick around for when things aren’t all roses, but I would tend to agree. If you could ask your guild their inner most desires what spec / role they would truly love to play – I doubt you would have a viable raid.

 When the people don’t become important enough to make a little sacrifice for, be it spec,  time,  content, progression – or lack of  –  then the reason you play changes – and makes it easier to leave for something /someone who is more important.   I had to learn that when I was not logging in and enjoying playing that leaving is sometimes better than logging in, and hate what you will be doing for the next few hours. 

When Cata comes out we will all have that chance to refresh our mains again.  Asking someone to level 80-85 because you’re not going to have enough healers/tanks will be a massive ask.  But some people will do that, let their choices as to who they level first, and gear up be influenced by what will be needed by their friends or guild.  Duel specs will make it easier to get there,  and you can try to pick up gear for both along the way,  but you will still need to focus more on one aspect.  You can only pick one piece for a quest reward.  Do you pick what will help you level faster – or what will be more useful for the needed spec.

I am sure some guilds will be planning for this – of course things change,  people change – they might get to 81 and hate their class, but it’s something to think about.  Will you be leveling what you want to – playing how you want to?  Or you will play what others need you to, and I guess as  Gnomeaggedon points out – in his post Play the way you want to and I know us hybrids  don’t let the pure dps classes complain too much about choice – but playing what you enjoy the most doesn’t just had to be a difference in role tank/dps/heals,  but also the style of  dps you do.

Of being a Spork.

Its been interesting how my Guilds in Wrath have used their Shadow Priests
Guild 1 wanted me to heal 10 man – so they raided without a Shadow priest because the dps wasn’t as scalable to non hybrids so easier to sacrifice
Guild 2 wanted us to use our Divine Hymn on cool down to make the healing easier for the healers, and when duel specs come in we had to go healing offspec. As well as using our fear wards on cool down on a rogue on Cat lady.
and now in Guild 3 we are being used as the primary dispelers on Hodir and Yogg, as well as the Fusion punch dispel-er on Council

Shadow Priests were known in BC as an utility class – but they reduced our specialness by sharing around equivalents to our Vampiric Embrace, the heal by damage – and Vampiric Touch – the Mana return, but these things we could do while we dpsed.
They have made us into more of a tool by giving us the Hymns, and the Holy Nova, an Aoe healing/damage spell, – as well the fear ward and allowing us to stay in Shadow Form for dispelling disease, and what do you do with Tools – use them for everything they can do.

So we remain an utility class and never a real dps. I know mages, Shamans and pallys do also get called upon to spread some of that cure diseases, curses, poisons – love around – what ever ability they have regardless if they are dps or heals, but as a class we seem to be the most flexible tool. Each time we are used as a tool, we have to stop dps. A dot will fall off, our casting sequence gets stuffed up, and if required the shift back into Shadow form at great mana cost. Eg casting the Hymn costs over 3k mana if you are casting the spell and going back into Shadow form . This is  more of a concern because Mana seem to be getting more precious after 3.2 with the loss of 20% of replenishment.

My biggest complaint about being a dispel-er is I am not main spec’d for dispelling, and when I am dispelling something up to 50 times in a boss fight ( that’s disease and magic- and was one count when we got to Phase 3 on Yogg ) Its costing me a lot  of mana, in addition to dotting what I can ( or redotting) in between dispelling because the only time I get to dps without interruption is during a brain freeze. So I made up a off spec that is deeper into Disc to reduce the mana costs of dispelling without losing my dispersion. 3 points into Absolution and 2 into mental Agility. It has helped me manage my Mana more effectively. I am trying to use dispersion as much as possible in lulls because I had to lose my veiled shadows which reduced my cool down on my Fiend. The faster things are dispelled in my case, the less sanity they lose ( magic effect in fight) , or the less amount of time they spent stunned ( the disease affect in fight) ergo – the more use everyone else is to the raid for a greater period of time.

The Pattern seems to be is that while we are being used to our full utility – we are just not spec’d into places that will help us be a good tool as well as a Dpser.

New Guild – – New Spec – Some new pretties

I was guildless  when I logged on – for the first time in a long time. It feel odd that even though I couldnt see the tag, and I wore the grey tabard of the loan ranger,  of one who is guildles.

I was guildless probably for about 20 mins just enough time to lose 3 EOS to Pre made Horde, and then I Joined CD

The Invite appeared on my screen, and my mouse hovered over the accept button. Did I really want to join another guild so soon? I accepted and received the warm welcome that all new guildys anywhere receive.  I had researched the guild on the Armory so I had a fair idea that they were a serious raiding guild, rather then a happy friendly family bring ur alts – twinks and then some guild.

Then as we were organising a Kara run  – an argument started, that the run wasn’t planned ahead and it shouldnt happen – I started thinking – oh oh – Politics already. It got sorted out, and all was happy.  The run went well,  everyone knew the fights – knew their class,  we had the odd death, and the odd wipe,  but for me to be able to Kill up to and including prince on one run. – I was impressed.

I also got alot of advice to up my damage in my Spec and my cast sequence.  My brain has been considering more theorycraft in the last few weeks, its whats prompted me losing points in Discipline,  my + damage wasnt where it could be.  Ive still got a few more enchants to get for some new gear so will need to be farming for a while. They seem to be a good bunch of people – but like all groups still have their internal conflicts

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