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ūüē∑ Arachnophobia Mode – Satisfactoryūüē∑

Satisfactory has an Arachnophobia mode

I talked about WOW and Arachnophobia in my post here There are spiders everywhere in WOW, you craft with them, quest for them, cook with them, eat them. In Satisfactory you can craft with their bits for biomass or you can craft a recipe for you to inhale their organs for a full health bar.

You will find black spiders in satisfactory spitting bright greenish yellow acid at you when you run into caves, or when you are wandering around at night. Launching themselves at you with the scurry of their legs. I’ve come across two levels of spiders, the little ones that you can knock down in two hits and give you 2 Alien Organs, or the bigger mama spider that gives you 3 alien organs and is harder to kill.

Come across either of these when you don’t expect it especially in a darkened PC room and the cold winter – EEEK I still jump in my seat.

Whats interesting and fun though is Satisfactory Arachnophobia mode.

First I had a look at this youtube video to see what the Mode looks like. A video from vypermajik’s youtube channel here shows the gameplay. I tested it by changing my mode in game.

*******BIG SPOILER*******

The spiders become cats

There’s at least two types of cats, and when you have the sound on you can hear them meowing at you while they attack you. Their disembodied heads floating around.

What’s even more terrifying is a pack of cats running at full speed at you in the cave.

I think this a cute little mod. Spiders are commonly used in gaming, and Arachnophobia is more likely to effect women then men according to some reliable studies. I’m fine. I grew up with Red-backs in the backyard, and the fear of whitetail spider bites. Daddy longlegs and Huntsman are harmless.

I love the horror aspect the spiders introduce into Satisfactory, fire breathing or charging headbutting mobs aside, the Spiders make you cautious exploring the dark. The dark can kill you.

If you did have a fear of spiders though – Cat mode is a great idea.

Arachnophobia – Why more women don’t play Wow.

Forgive the poor Gimpage skills.  But you get the Gist

Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders¬† apparently occurs in 50% of Women,¬† and 10% of men. The Phobia can be mild,¬†¬† or quite severe, it seems rather high, that 50% of women have it.¬† It’s supposed to be the most common of all phobias.

We have a lot of spiders in WOW. you will see that spiders can be found at most of the stages of leveling in World of Warcraft,  and no matter the class, or race you play  Рyou will see spiders at some point. You craft with spiders, you cook with spiders

In Wow, they throw poison spit at you,   web, and trap you like prey stare at you with beady eyes.

Could you play Wow if you had Arachnophia?

I will admit they are creepy.¬† I’m a Woman. I’m not sure I would call my feeling towards them a¬† phobia,¬† In Australia we grow up being exposed¬† redback spiders in our backyards. We even make fun of them in a Song called “Red back on the Toilet seat.”¬† I think I have a healthy respect for them,¬† not a fear or a phobia.¬† But I will kill a redback and a white tail if I see them.

One of the  places in WOW  if I did have a phobia of spiders that I imagine I would not be able to endure is the Spider trash room,  clearing your way to Sindragosa In ICC,

If you haven’t seen the room I found a short Youtube Video¬† Rogues V Spiders that show the spiders creeping towards the centre,¬†¬† hanging from webs and crawling down the walls.

The Gates close behind you, and you are trapped and face an onslaught of what seems an unending¬† flood of spiders.¬† Your party stands there chest deep ( or over your head if you’re a gnome or a dwarf)¬† in the bodies of the fallen spiders.¬† I’ve used a screen shot from the remains of that fight, overlayed with the Arachnophobia Title from the 1990 movie.

Do you know anyone with a fear of spiders that plays Wow? РHow does it affect them while they are playing?  Or are the graphics far enough away from reality to disassociate?

The Spider Phobia is easily enough to relate back to Wow,  but I wonder if people can get affected by other phobias by gaming, and specifically our experiences in WOW

Ophidiophobia: Fear of snakes – we have snakes in game.

Acrophobia: Fear of Heights Рwe have lots of high places, and even a quest horde side in a Thousand Needles  that requires you to jump off a cliff for Test of Faith as well as the quest requiring you to jump off a cliff for the Tuskars : Conversing with the Depths

Pteromerhanophibia: Fear of flying Рwould make getting around  a lot harder

Even Emetophobia:¬† Fear of Vomiting.¬†¬†¬† Better hope you don’t get Vile Gas in the Plague wing

I’m sure we could find a lot of phobia triggers¬† within the game,¬† but is the person far enough removed from the reality of the phobia, that it doesnt affect them by gaming.

Could then gaming be used to treat phobias?  Creating Virtual environments for people to explore their fears without threats.

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