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Star Craft Chat & some Weekend SC W%^#ers

There is less communication in Star Craft.  I am not sure if it’s a language issue,  with half our players on our servers asia based we have no idea what they are saying, and vice versa, or just no one is interested in planning anything with randoms, and they would rather do their own thing – even though so far from what I’ve seen in these co-ops and customs with randoms,  Co-ordination makes you a better team, and more likely to win.  Or perhaps. No one wants to get stuck on defence while they leave their bases and kill stuff. So I haven’t seen much planning  voice/text based in StarCraft so far.

My voice is on permi mute.  The one time I asked would it be easier if we had voice chat for the map we were doing, the channel got spammed with peoples music – and they all ended up muted.  ( reminds me of the old Yahoo Music channel chat rooms)  People with mikes can be tards – so that leaves you with  text Chat – where one line pops up in the middle of your screen, and disappears.

I’ve had some pleasant conversations with people in customs. Mainly about  what state in Australia is better – this weekend  there was  some  politics,  but most of the time in chat.  It’s usually people saying  GG or taunting in All that the other team are losers, or  that someone is afk – or Dcing or slowing the game down.


You don’t need to talk to people most of the time, and the only time I have really had to was when people left a map as soon as it started, and we have had to work out a way to cover them if possible, to try to extend the game as much as possible.

People who ask for help or how to play in Custom maps usually get ignored, I try and help,  ( even if they are on the other team)  but trying to explain in laymens terms in a short period of time without knowing what point of reference to use on  them is difficult.

As for A$$hats.  It’s kind of reassuring that where there is people there will be a$$hats no matter the game you play.

Example one:  A player build two photon cannons behind his own nexus in Nexus wars custom map, and killed it, by commanding them to attack the friendly target.  He purposely lost the game for his team ( mine) because he could – not just by being lazy…   but by destroying what he was supposed to protect.

That’s so fracked up it’s funny.  They might argue they are having fun playing the game their way.  It’s like the tard that pulls and leaves group.  I do not understand where this mentality of destroying peoples sandcastles out of spite comes from.

Example two : A player in the FASTEST GAME POSSIBLE map ( somewhat original don’t you think? made a million of the same Zerg Unit  ( the floating bubbles)  and filled up an oppositions playing space with them, and didn’t attack anything,  just wave after wave of these ugly brown bubbles untill  that player lagged out and left the game in frustration. I had some air defence capable units, so was trying to shoot some down, but they had decent HP, and  I couldn’t make a big enough  dent in them.

StarCraft Cakes & Brain Dumpage

StarCraft  Just for something funny Via The Weburbanist – Makes me want to play Zerg. Pfft Pfft..  TERRAN all the way baby. 

Dreams I’ve been dreaming about Starcraft, more so the Bugs. I had bugs fall in my mouth in my dream, and I spent the next half hour in dream getting legs out between my teeth.  Possibly caused by   too many tower defence games where waves and waves of bugs run past you, screaming as they die  in gory puddles of bloody mess.  Those sounds shall stay with me forever. I have only dreamed about Wow a couple of times in my years of playing.  twice in 1 week I’ve dreamt about Starcraft. 

Chick = healer.  Medivacs have female pilots,  as do your Ground medic Units “ Tell me where it hurts giggle”  I should be grateful for the Valkyries also being chicks,  but I don’t build them anymore.  Much prefer my Battlecruiser fleet  with the old admirals and their pipes.  They obviously aren’t Honor Harrington Fans though, because she is a better Admiral!   I know this healer  = female stereotype is well  over done. I’m amused, not upset.  That they have kept this tradition in a space game. If Ripley can kill aliens in an exoskeleton girls can too, but” In the rear with the gear”  especially if they giggled after  a female voice – would sound – well  – wrong.  Really can’t be f’d being miffed by it. It’s funny.

 I have to admit that I was relieved to find out I had access to a  female avatar.  I looked kinda silly not looking like a girl while being named Zahrah.


My Human Warrior is now 74 – and seems to be defence capped for her level 466 ( and  I know she has to be defence capped – because I’m not working out the maths by level) because I put  a new piece of gear on it with 20 extra defence and only got another 6 defence out of it.  If not for a blacksmithing friend’s alt  who declared he needed the skill ups anyway – I was gifted with about 4 pieces at level 70 of defence gear which helped me massively.

Questing and Dungeoning atm.  May pvp when I get closer to 80.   Was doing the Dragon hunt quest in Coldara, and you get silenced while taming it, and two Hordies ganked me. – Had difficulties fighting back.  So I spent the next half an hour on my main making every single hordes life a nightmare – including my two attackers.  Chasing them cross the snowy plains.  They weren’t even safe back at base.  Dot them up, and start running from the angry Wyrmwrest mage that would try and kill me for breaking the sanctuary.  Run back when the mage was friendly again, and do it all over it again.

Wednesday – the monday of Raiding week is tonight.  We have been able to clear 11/12 hardmodes for the last few weeks on one night, we got to LK last week with 50 attempts left ( no end wing  boss wipes) .  Not doing well on single target smash fights like rot and fester in comparison to the other dps. On Putricide I do ok,   On Princes I kick butt –  will probably do a better break down  after I get to play with tonites logs and compare it.

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