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Chilling on the block.

Remember when the cool place to hang was in Ironforge.

All the kiddys hang out in Stormwind. Don’t go  there. 

SW used to be where all the gold spammers would go to as well.

Then it was outside the bank in Dalaran. Sitting or standing on the  steps.

In Cata when they removed the portals from Shatt and Dalaran people Stopped hanging in the ‘current’ content, and went back to the old world to  hang out in Stormwind again,   and everyone now seems to hang out in Dwarvern district. Never mind all the smog and polution in the air. Ironforge is virtually deserted.  Gone are the days where rogues with double glaives would pick their preening position on the bridge between the bank and Ah.

It make sence the Dwarfven district is the new place to chill.  It’s closest to the portals,  there’s a bank, an AH, and a pub, and a fountain for baths.  What more could you want  in a day and age where Bg’s and dungeons are menu que’d ,  and one raid member can mass summon the entire raid to a dungeon.

But it’s not the most welcoming of places.

If I had to pick a nice place to hang out, it would be the blue Recluse  in the Mage quarter, it has an outdoor eating area now, and its kind of sad to see all the Npc’s standing around with no one to serve. There also is no bar wenches,  its all  bar men 🙂

One of the downsides of guild halls was going to be that, you would no longer be mingling with the common people, and having all the various things like banking, and ahing available in the guild halls,  would mean with the system as it is now,  you could practically stay shut up in your hall, and never rub shoulders with the best geared DK on the server who goes afk on the steps to show off his gear. ( or that box you like standing on.. )

So while we are afking in the streets,  or on the steps,   we aren’t really hanging out together,  but we do make deliberate choices of where we choose to chill. For some strange reason I always end up between Weller’s armory and ‘Everyday merchandise’ in the Trade district,  on my bike,  smoke blowing out the exhaust.  I’ve had the best conversations with randoms  who stop for a chat. I am drawn to that space on the cobblestones.

Where do you hang out now?

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