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Tabard represented: does your GM know style?

Only one person in a guild can change the tabard –  the GM
The importance of a tabard varies between the guild – some guilds enforce it’s wearing – but most don’t care.

Personally I like the idea behind the tabard – you can be recognised by the pattern as you ride past – when you raid together standing with and among your fellow guildies, you are united in purpose and uniform.

Do you really trust your gm to have enough style to pick the right tabard?

The latest press release from Blizzard regarding the changes that are not coming in cataclysm – advise that

  • Guild mounts will have a flag attached to them that displays the guild’s emblem.

So that guild tabard you all joke about, the cupcake on your chest, and bright pink background  is suddenly going to be waved around a lot more.

There are several things to consider when coming up with a guild tabard

1. Boobs

Some Characters have them,  some don’t, and  some designs look horrid on boobs – you can’t even tell what it is supposed to be sometimes.

2. Colour – Is your GM colourblind? – Some colours just do not go together.

I personally like strong contrast colours, that don’t hurt the eyes – but its still a matter of taste.

Don’t be afraid of using unconventional colours  – as long as it’s not over done

3. Simple and complicated – using the right border which ones look better presented?

If you wanted to make the border a little more complicated – I’d keep the border colour the same as the icon- like the one on the left here – but it still looks cleaner with a solid border.

I also  liked

Black and white pretty much makes anything look good  – and skulls and Xbones woot!

4. Matching your Gear.

Zahraah is currently wearing the Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari just because it comes closest to matching my gear.  Checkout Wow Tabards for a great picture of all the tabards. If your guild tabard fails, then you try and see if you can obtain one of them.

My old semi Twink and her color coordinated tabard to match her gear.

In a guild of multiple players you aren’t going to make every one happy with colors or design choices – but it’s worth playing around with the Tabard to get the design a little unique – and meaningful for your guild. Especially since it seems you will be seeing it a lot more.

Vanity thy name is Tabard….

My main stays in her raiding guild   ( and ashamably never wears her guild tabard.. ), however two of my toons on the same server as my main  are the sole members and GM of their own guilds. ( for Banking purposes) This means that as GM you get to pick the tabard design.

Wow Vault Tabard Viewer has a little tool where you can play with the colours and multitudes of tabard designs to see what works before going to the Tabard vendor.

Its a pity that we can’t customise the tabards to , not necessarily  perfectly accent the fine lines of our latest peice of gear,  but more so that at least they don’t cause visits from the fashion police when you wear it. A Guild crest like a military insignia that can appear or not  on the backs of cloaks or the front of robes could still identify your guild,  but not necessarily  cause your eyes to bleed.

My 70 Scrub Fire Mage that I have no idea what to do with yet got her Aldor rep Robe and the tabard of her Guild,  Blood Dragons was a red and white Tabard with a dragon Icon.  It  clashed horribly with the teal and purple hues of the Robe.

So I changed it.  

Next up was my Twink Priest Wickedminx @ 211 +healing and level 19 she now has an image to maintain and a reputation on the battlefield to uphold, So like all heros she needed a stylist. She had to have her tabard matching too. As you can see I was going for the green theme.  Even her engineering Goggles are green, and the tips of her healing gloves.

Why Wear A Guild Tabard?

In Australia the Majority of Schools require you to wear a school uniform. Many schools, more high schools remind school students that when they are out and about in public ( wearing the schools tag) while they are in school uniform they are representing the school, and their actions reflect on the school.

When we are playing WOW the default setting is that everyone sees your Tag or Guild Name ( unless they have turned that off ) The person who spams in chat, you can see who’s guild they are attached to, ect ect ect.. Everyone knows that what you do / say/act / don’t do /act may reflect on your guild Tag.

A Tabbard – is the equivilent of a guild uniform, I pose the questions Whats in a Guild Tabard? – because how many people actually wear the tabard ALL the time?

I don’t.
When I was a member of my first guild at level 11ish, I wasn’t able to scrape up the spare 90 silver to buy a tabard.. or even know where to buy one from. So the Gm that invited me brought me mine. I wore it with pride, It meant I was part of a family. It didnt matter that it didn’t colour co-ordinate with my rag tag gear, or that it covered my cleavage, or that I didnt help pick the colours and Design, I wore it because it was the ‘uniform’ of the guild that i belonged to. I remember being iffy at the idea that someone would want to wear the scarlet Monastary tabard over the guild one..

But how things change.
At Level 70 – the Tag means more to me then the Tabard, I’m more likely to wear the scyers or a rep tabard i’ve picked up on the way oe what ever – but for the most, and especially when in Shadow ( where you can’t see the tabard) – When we did the Guild Fun Event we all wore pink tabards but that was a novelty. I looked around at what my fellow guildies were wearing during a Kara run – and only 2 people of 10 were wearing our tabard.
Whats happened to guild pride, and pride in appearance?

Its very hard to show off your new hot chest peice when its covered by a Tabard.
But in light of guild pride its suddenly taken on more importance and I think I should wear it more often.. colours and cleavage be damned…

What got me thinking about how we represent our guilds was
Big Bear Butt Blogger’s post today Game experience may change during online play
for the inspiration of this post as he talks about his exerience with some randoms during play and that he was suprised as to unsportsmanship behaviour of a player given that the Tag the player wore was from a guild that he knew and had only good experiences with.

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