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Weekend stuff.

Not a lot of raiding this weekend for me,  lots of warrioring though.

I tried for a 10 man ICC on my Shadow Priest Main  – but was kicked from group and told ” your shit, and I hate you” before I even left Dalaran  – an inquiry into the person who made that comment turned up that  they had ebayed some months back so they had no idea who was actually playing them anymore.

Either way it sounded like I was saved a torturous ICC run as they were still in trade an hour later filling group, and then an hour after that trying to replace people who left.  A friend of our guild was in the raid and said that they couldn’t keep people in the group,  so am pretty happy I dodged that painful experience, but stuff like that wears you down, but I am sure that if I had of gone, I would have been more peeved off.  So I guess I still won.  

Because I was looking for something to do a 6/12 Gdkp was going with “inspections at eventide” I rock up on my Holy priest  – I lined up for inspection, and get asked what my GS is. ” lol – I say you’ve just inspected me and you want my GS – as if that’s going to tell you more than what my gear/spec/achieves will”  Group was slow to fill. I gave up – thinking I probably dodged another bullet.

and as for Guild raids,  We killed RS on normal, but when we got to Heroic LK attempts Peoples net was fried.   So it was an early raid night.

My shining, pride and Joy of a Warrior – Zahrana. Now with more pointy things.   She ‘feels’ densely geared, if that makes sence.  I mean a mage looks squishy. My Warrior doesn’t look squishy.  She is looking the part of a tank.

I have several things I need to replace, but she got some good pieces over the weekend.  I’ve greeded on some things from TOC5 ( and missed out)  I didn’t need because the drops were probably upgrades but more dps then tanking. I probably should have taken them anyway.  My GS is under 4k ( I know GS means twat, but I need at least 5k ( of the correct gear)  before anyone will take me seriously enough to try to sneak into some raids without achieves, and even then sneaking in as DPS will probably be easier, and cause less issues then a inexperienced/undergeared tank. (  I didn’t want to learn to dps on a warrior! I’m a tank damn it. )  I just want to try tank naxx/VOA though..    Promise I’m not even thinking about ICC  ( YET!)

She’s wandering around Guildless at the moment, and getting spam invites from random guilds. I ended up blocking one person because I would be in an instance, and suddenly ” Such and Such has invited you to *this* guild” more than once.  Not, hi or anything. So I responded with a  ” VERY RUDE” and /ignored them

She got Forge of Souls, and I didn’t move the boss away from the Orbs, on Boss one, and the healer was screaming gibberish,  I eventually worked out what they meant. ” Move boss from orb” would have been shorter and more to the point. Yes I knew that..  but still. Tanking Mentality is taking a little adjustment in some instances.

Not too long after she got Pit of Saron.  I was a little surprised, never  getting even normal POS – and I was thinking Oh crap, I don’t think I’m ready for this.  Well I died 3 times. Once on Ick,  Once on the ramp mobs after Ick, and then  on the skellys on the way to the tunnel  – I concede I was in over my head a little,   but I looked at what heals I was getting from the holy priest, and they didn’t seem to be trying, and what damage I was taking, and they should have been able to keep me up.  Shield, Renew POM  would have been a good start.  I was defence capped. I was using cool downs,  just not getting healed, and I have healed those pulls a lot.  They do require a little more concentration then normal, so while I guess I would have made their job harder. They could have tried more.    We only wiped once though, and the healer ‘dc’d’  one of the Dps went heals, and we had no problems after that.  The new healer told me  to get better gear before attempting it again.  It wasn’t my fault – It popped for me as a random – I’ve not padded my GS with pvp gear,  so blizz thought I was ready.

I do not want to touch HOR yet though so I’ve left the quest undone.

I failed at the Brann event in HOS twice.   The mobs killed Brann around the 3rd Phase.  I tried to keep them at the stairs,  but every time I got agro again, and tried to bring them back up, and keep the new mobs from getting the centre, I would lose agro and they would run at the dps, and  end up fighting them in the centre of the room.

So many things they could have been done to help me keep control,  I can only taunt so many things   and I was trying to charge, and collect as many of them as I could,  but they weren’t dying fast enough, and I couldn’t keep control.  Would like to try again  – I was fine on Normal and I did that several times,  Heroic, I guess is just harder.

I’ve not had  too many bad experiences so far as a 80 Tank.  Had  a group dissolve on me twice now  due to a wipe. I’ve gotten a couple of groups that are relived I am in tank gear ” because our last 2 tanks had none”  and I think I have done everything now at least on Normal ( besides HOR oh and HOL) pretty happy with her gearing pace.

I am scared when they want to do some of the harder achievements and am relived when someone says ” not possible with this group”  I guess I will need to try them at some point.  I care even less about an Alts achievement points then I do my mains, but for something different,  once I am more confident,  I guess I will be happy to try.

I am Warrior hear me choke on a Frost Bomb

Zahrana is now my 5th  80 and defense capped

Wow.. that was quick.

Leveling is fun.  Well, leveling a character you like playing, that has many fun things to do is well FUN.

My  80 Mage looks at me forlornly  * sobs ” You only use me to pick flowers”

My 80 hunter says  at least log in every now and then so I can feed my pet!

My two priests get more love,  but both are suffering from lack of attention due to me and my Warrior, and playing SC  telling noobs’ DO NOT BUILD NEXT TO ME

There are so many ways to get gear now.  She was in heroics making nice with healers not long after dinging, with a badge boe,  crafted ilevel 200’s  and ICC Boes I got for reasonable prices. It’s kind of scary,  I am now on the same playing field as my main for randoms.  I could be dpsing, or healing a tank like me

Sure it took some cash and a little bit of leg work,  chasing down the BOA head, and shoulder chants,  making sure  she got a proper weapon enchant.   Waved goodbye to Heirloom stuff.

I’m not sure what i hoped to accomplish with my Do you think you can tank project – hey I got to 80 –  I find tanking is like managing people.  You can’t keep everyone happy all the time.  Sure some healers think I am awesome ( usually not the 1st time I run an instance as a tank though.  I need a little acclimatising)

She leveled at Prot all the way – had to do some respecing  to get into a cookie cutter spec, I had done ok with my choices,  but cookie cutter is awesome for someone who wouldn’t be able to argue with another warrior about warrior stuff yet.

She did it with my usual mix of Quests, BG’s and Instances.   It’s the only way to level for me now. The variety keeps me interested,  Quests, and killing  stuff on my own makes me confident in my keys/abilities,  BG’s forces me to react faster and try to survive ( and I get to charge  a lot )  and Instances I get to practise Tankage.

I had to leave my BOA Shoulders in my bags while tanking a while ago,  so its’s been 10% slower, but  I was easier to heal with properly stat’d shoulders.

I have some gear gaps,  and I hope I shall be able to sneak my way into some places that don’t normally take people without an achievement.

No I shall not lie.

Probably confirmed I am a bad tank by running with a friend and him getting smacked around more then he liked.  Running with people I want to impress makes me more nervous.

It takes me at least one run to get a feel for an instance

I had my first group dissolve on me last night in Oculus. OH HOW I HATE THEE.  I let the healer die on the 2nd whelp trash pack. Which was my fault for being unable to control all those casting whelps well enough.

On the 2nd boss –  Mage- Lord Urom we wiped 3 times, the raid  kept blowing up – because DPS was slow and we don’t have a lot of health, and no one  los his blast, or they time bombed each other.   BYE BYE healer again.

Of course it was my fault for making the DPS run cross the frost.  They wanted me to run to them,  they could have run in front of my kite path but nooo..  and I’ve never seen a tank run at the DPS.  I’ve always been a dps or healer running after the tank.

So I felt like a right Twat when I ran Oculus again on Heroic telling the raid ” Make sure you LOS of his blast:”  and making sure I was dragging him backwards to make the dps happy, and putting us in perfect position behind  the pillar for the blast,  Then the dps doesn’t  move,  only lost half their health, and he was dead before he could blast again

Every time I get the achievement spam for the 1st time I completed a dungeon,  on normal, or heroic – I feel a little smug.   They didn’t know it was my 1st time here as tank 🙂 but I feel good that I have been able to play a completely different role, and I’m ok.  It will take some more work to become a good tank – and I’ll work on her.  Need those frostbadges.

Weekend Tankage Aka Denting Face

While denting face this weekend.    ( Shadow Priests melt face – tanks dent face) I found the worst thing in an instance is a bored healer.  They pull stuff! So don’t pull stuff  – Dps if you have to -but don’t get distracted so much by your boredom you forget to heal.

I had a shammy healer during a run of Drak’Tharon testing out his ” You want mana? ” Macros for half the instance out of bordem,  who also decided after I pulled Dino Dred ( who also spawns adds)  to pull extra cause I wasn’t,  and he then proceeded to die; self rezed with little mana – was oom by the end and declared  something along the lines of ” that’s the sh*t”  because it made it more exciting for him.

You died…  I pointed out.  You could have wiped us.  ” But I didn’t”

“Why you little……..”

76 with 477 defence – I can smell 80 

Am I  a good tank? Probably not.  I mean I think I’ve done the right thing.  Geared as tank.  Practised all the way while leveling.   Known when I’m over my head. Never queued as DPS. Never had a group leave because I was bad – so I can’t be doing too badly. I’m making the right gearing choices.  Not sure about the out of Prot tree talent choices though,  but I’ll go cookie cutter when I’m 80.

I am not sure the etiquette of who is supposed to do battle shout /commanding shout when there are 2 warriors though.

I forget vigilance a lot.  When I remember I try and wait for at least the 1st pull to see if anyone uber stands out that will need it.

Had a few pulls where I stuffed up and was saved by uber healing, had a few pulls that couldn’t be saved.   It’s been challenging doing instances that are so familar from a healing/dps view, to suddenly trying to control the mobs so that they are hitting me. I have all this knowledge I’m trying to apply – trying to remember what other tanks have done.  Watch for a pat here.  Adds come out then ( eg keep thunderclap off cooldown till they come out then)  – Pull back to here ect – and I keep forgetting I can’t just stand there and dot them up.

I hate Night Elf Melee. I feel so short next to them.    ( human female) .  I can’t imagine how gnome tanks feel. Ankle biters – getting neck cramps looking up at bosses.

Charging cross the battle field  in BG’s is fun.  “You’ll do as a flag carrier” I got told after  a successful trip.  Won a few WSG’s this weekend for a nice XP boost.  Stunning people as often as my cool downs & rage allowed.  Bit hard for a Rogue to kidney jab me when your dazed and confused ha!

She’s not dressed so fun and sexy now.  Too much Tempered saronite,  but she has been a lot of fun to play – and I will see her to 80.

Tank Spec for pussies

I’m waiting out my Dungeon Cool down by writing this post. I JUST WANTED MY BADGES.

Once upon a time there was a DK tank  who entered an instance as tank in his DPS spec. So this here Shadow Priest come healer out of desperation of 13 min queues told him he was in the wrong spec, and I’m the baddie!

Look I went for a week without posting bad Looking for group stuff. I deserve a rant!

I have Elitist Group installed. He was taking a fair bit of damage  – and I wanted to understand why.  So I checked the summary for the party.  I was confused.  Gear = 0%  and then I checked his details. He wasn’t in tank spec, but was in tank gear.

Could I have healed a DPS tank with no sheild,  and in the wrong spec.  Probably,  and I would do it if a tank I knew wanted to try it for kicks.  Means more work for me, but thats ok – if its someone I know.

I just cannot believe the nerve, and hell yeah it was worth leaving party for it.  If only I could have left a warning note for the next healer.

And yes I was nice enough to leave inbetween pulls.

I shall do another random and find someone nice to talk about..  Wish me luck!

It finally dropped! No more POS for me.



Well actually – since I still heal the odd heroic the odds are I will get it again.

My Nevermelting Icecrystal dropped for me on Sunday

Saturdays POS run “Your going to die”  I tell the tank running into the pull after Ick.”  he dies

“Uh.. healer is over here still.”  Am so glad I can type chat and eat/drink

Tank leaves party – fail healer!

Sundays POS run – Tank charges into tunnel quite literally. Charge puts more distance between  the tank and the healer who has no speed abilities. Tank dies because he never noticed he was not in range of the healer or the dps running as fast as they could behind him, but after a rez  we killed it, and end boss droped my trinket to my complete disbelief – oh yeah it has been worth it..

Given I could see the sunshine, and was  no longer being forced to heal pos on a daily basis I re-evaluted my animosity to tanks that I didn’t know or train. Maybe it was me, am I a bad healer? because I don’t like following tanks like a dog, feeling that my needs are redundent, and secondary to those of the tanks need to cover ground as quickly as possible.

 Besides my other weekend incident that was not so much about my healing ability but more that I called oom before using my fiend one trash pull before a boss. Sif I use my fiend on trash before a boss. 

  I don’t have issues in any other instance with healing. 

Maybe I expect too much from tanks that just want their experience in that group to be over as fast as they can.   Notice the increase in speedy – silent tanks.   Are they getting bored?,  or is the presence of strangers so intolerable?  The popular demand for tanks – the endless need of the dps masses crying out for tanks. 

I was on my hunter – and the priest healer is saying  ” Slow down or you will die” ” Don’t start the boss till I get there”

I sent them a pst letting them know I support their cause, and told the tank to slow down.  Did he ..  no.. 

Maybe if I distracted the tank more.    Flattered them – they wouldn’t pull so fast.   Oh my Mr tank  – I love your armor.    Ohhh  where did you get that weapon from?  Oh Mr tank your Hp is SO big.  Can I touch your Pauldrons?Golly Gosh Is your Epeen real?

Mmm might try that..   I mean if he is too busy preening himself in the flattery – he might not run so fast.

……  Off to make some tank flatter macros.

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