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Have plate – will play meat shield.

My next project is the resto shammy I started a little while ago,  and after a ‘amg what do these buttons do again’ * pushes random binds to see what happens, and then some tweaks to my healing mod.   I am now settling comfortably back into healing dungeons on her.  She is decked out in all the heirlooms and is not shy in critiquing tanks who have made no effort to gear as she runs Utguard keep for the 20th time.

One piece of parry/dodge gear seems to be the average DK tank around the 70’s.  They think because they are in plate it automatically makes them a tank.
Last night I was told by the tank, after I asked him where his tanking gear was,  that he was doing ok because he hadn’t Died yet, and  I told him he hadn’t died yet because I was healing him more then ok and that  he was not in enough tanking gear to take the damage he was taking, I kept him up; we finished the instance with no wipes.  I may not have forced him to go read EJ,  or pick up something with dodge and parry,  but I gave him legitimate feedback. He was not wearing the right gear. I hope it was enough for him to go.. Mmmm  can I do this better?
I get that you may not be capped,  I get that you are leveling, and that you may not have all the right gear, or be gemmed or chanted,  or have an uber toon that can afford all the best heirlooms, and that you may be filling in gaps of gear with Pvp gear.  I do it too.  A little respect to the position though is required no matter your role and to get to your 70’s and think you’re a tank with no tanking gear, what the heck have you been doing with the quest rewards/other dungeons you have been running.
Maybe I approached things differently.   The times I have gone back to healing for what ever reason  I have always made sure that my gear choices/gems/chants were at least sensible.  When I started tanking I geared for tanking. Maybe I am being overly cautious, At level 2o it’s all lets take turns at playing tank, but once you start heading towards your 70’s a little bit of learning is required,   because these people are going to be hitting 85 soon enough and they will have the same attitude tanking Cata dungeons.
Where do pugs go wrong ?  The faceroll through what I consider to be your training in lower levels.  Zoom or ding your way through the content and abilities with the leveling bonuses  and suddenly your 85
I remember the days when healing power was different to spell power. ( I do not miss those days) but you would have not have declared yourself a healer unless you were wearing healing gear. There is a reason ( as I have found out on my warrior dpsing)  for expertise.  There is a reason for spirit on a healer.  There is a reason for dodge and parry.  If you don’t have a basic understanding of the importance of each stat for the class or role you are playing then why are you playing.
As children we learn the right and wrong way to do thing because we are taught by family/society.  When we stop teaching each other,we stop learning and caring, and there seems to be a lot of apathy towards a lot of things.  I have also been affected, and for it to matter to me,  I need it to matter to other people.
Edit Soon after:  I should share my theory on what will happen when the new Tank changes happen with these people with no gear.    If you have a mob of 6 a tank might get say 4 of the 6 hitting him.  The Mage has been blasting on mob 5 who is now running towards them,   ( mage iceblocks – mob runs back – but at this time mob 5 is not hitting tank)  At the same time, the warrior dps/rogue/kitty is single tanking one mob 6 because they can.  The other dps/tank/Aoe has killed 1-4 and 5 and 6 are halfway there,  but the load was a little less because there wasn’t enough agro to catch all of them.  Well..   with the new changes.  6 mobs hitting on a tank with no parry and dodge.  TANK IS GOING DOWN..   wmahahaha

Does Tanking Size matter?

Her silver Nappy.

Yes, these are the same pants

But they kinda look like  a silver nappy. * ducks as gnome people throw things at me.

I did try and get them on my Tauren Warrioress just because I could,  but getting 3 warriors in a run and some bad luck with the drop meant 5 runs and no sexy pants for her.  It’s probably a good thing because I just would have posted more cow crack.

It’s terrible I treat my toons so.

As much as I love charging around with my little gnome tank,  it feels more like a zip then a charge.  Let me zip on over to that mob,  and zip on over here,  and it doesn’t really help that each time she gets hit she squeaks like a little mouse, and as a tank she is squeaking alot.

The Melee dps Step on me.

So overall ,  I do not feel like  a tank, and I think that’s important.  When I face down a massive boss,  I don’t want to be ankle biting at them, picking at their toenails with my sword. It’s a bit hard acting like you know what your doing when you look so passive, and innocent.

I want my roar to be real, and guttural.

My armour looks kinda wonky as well.  One boot is higher then the other,  one shoulder is higher then the other.  She looks lopsided in general, and now I sound like I am picking on gnomes.

She is cute to play, but I do not feel like  a tank.

A Vote to Let them die.

A recent comment on a recent tanking post got me thinking about how I use the Vote to Kick.

“Anonymous says

The reason: vote kick has a cooldown, and the more times you use it, the longer cooldown becomes. Vote kick must be available to get rid of game-ruining player, not lost on minor inconvenience.”

I think most of the recent  votes to kick I have initiated since this cool down change has actually been  people who dc, and even then casually suggest ”  should we kick the dc”  and someone else does it.

I got burned bad back in the early days of tanking in Mara.   We had two dps afking at the start of the run.  It was like they wandered off and  did something else while we killed stuff and they got free xp.  The cool down wouldn’t let me kick them both. So I try not to use it.   Kicking someone from group for peeing me off isn’t as high on my list of things to do as it used to be, and I guess that’s the point.   I don’t think I ever kicked for anything trivial, but it’s forced me to triple think, I want to be able to use it when I NEED to use it, but  as another commenter said often its not worth it. How many of us are complaining about the state of attitude in groups now,  ‘not worth’ it is rather defeatist, and at least I am feeling a little defeated. It doesn’t matter what the role I’m playing.  Often there is always one person who makes it their job to make everyone else s just that little bit harder.

Petty Reasons

On my main in my healing gear I was doing a POS, it was a high hp tank who knew what he was doing, so I started dpsing too,  a couple of dots,  a mindblast,  and some mindsearing in a group.  We had a DK dps not doing so well, and I was beating him.  Tank linked the damage metres and had a laugh at the healer and the tank out dpsing a dps.

Tank initiates a vote to kick,  I say no.  It fails.   Tank then says ” 100 gold”  and the party is like “?”

“100 gold each to carry you” he says to the DK. ” don’t be silly” I say in party chat.  It put me in a bad position because I was being an over-confident /bored healer,  trying to make things go a little bit faster because I didn’t have to worry about the tank as much.I may not have come to the tanks attention if I had just done my selected job.

I zoned into another instance into what looked like a wipe recovery.  People at half health,  scattered cross the instance probably running back.   One of the Dps was slow running back,  not stupid slow and it is frustrating when one person is holding the group up,  but we were buffing, and the rest were drinking, and he was at least on his way, but someone  initiated a vote to kick.

” Why… ”

“He is too slow”

It failed thankfully.

They highlight why there has to be a cool down so that petty reasons do not succeed.   I’ll steal anonymous words again.  ” game-ruining player, not lost on minor inconvenience” Game ruining is trying to cause a wipe,  refusing to do your job / afking – being grossly offensive – and that’s about it.  There are so many minor things which are still going to get the dungeon cleared,  just aren’t going to make your game fun.  The vote to kick wasn’t aimed at getting rid of people stealing your fun unfortunately.

Let them die

What if there was a  “Let them die” vote. I was taught that not taunting off a dps made me a bad tank.  So I feel it’s my responsibility even if it’s their fault.

Letting them die needs a collaboration between a tank and healer – healers feel its their job to heal.  Tanks react when they lose control of a mob ( usually)  and try to grab agro back. There has to be an agreement between tank and healer to let them die.

As a healer I’ve told dps to let the “Tank tank.. ”   Linked damage metres to show they took most of the damage  that the tank should have.  I am not sure how I would react if a Tank asked me to let that person die,  and stop healing them.  I knew he was being bad,  I knew that this would have stressed the tank out, spending more time trying to grab agro back then concentrating on tanking.  Given what I know, if I felt the tank had good reason to say that  I would support the tank if I felt I would be supported in my decision to refuse to heal, and not only is our tolerance for bad a problem,  but also what is missing is the lack of support that the other players give to the people who are trying to change that.

Could I tell a healer  to let someone die – maybe.  I think if the situation got extreme again, I would.

However imagine the scenario

“Tank:  DPs1 stop pulling

DPs1: Your too slow

Tank: Healer just stop healing him

Healer: um..   ok..

DPS2 : Just pull the boss

DPS3:  finish the Fracken instance

Lack of Support

Because everyone “Just wants their badges so we can all go home.   Healer and Tank  refusing to compensate for a person making their lives difficult are not going to get the other dps’s support, and the tank and the healer will be the ones slowing up the instance by causing drama or making a fuss, not the asshat in the first place, and that’s the sad part.  I guess when you talk about this different mentality you need to have when being the healer, or the tank – it can also mean you are very much all alone, and the price of your conviction inconveniences the rest, and what would cause the most stress,  is not the asshat, but not feeling supported for doing ‘the right thing”.

Your Enjoyment

We had a bad dps  in an instance say ” Hurry up – I need to go soon,”  I told him to “dps faster”,  and also said ” why is it the person doing the least damage is that one that wants to hurry it up”  I don’t like being that person – but I tried it on for size,  and it didn’t make him perform better – or the run more enjoyable.

I think this is where ” it’s not worth it” can make your experience better, Ignorance is bliss. How bitter those words taste.  If only I derived more joy from being snarky at people.   Then maybe I would feel better about sounding like the asshole.

But Support the right decisions.   Maybe I should have supported the vote to kick the slow dps,  but  there are so many other factors we would need to ask them – new player? First 80? new Spec?  Lag? to at least justify why we thought they were bad.   They were just low, and in the scheme of things stuff was dying. It was ok.   Don’t support the person who is a little slow running back ( little..  ) Personally I would LOVE to kick the people who want to vendor/repair/get reagents as soon as they zone into the instance. Usually it’s dps who have had how many  min’s of waiting time to be be prepared.  We get to the first boss. ” Hey I’m back” – you didn’t need me” but again.  Is that a kickable reason? In comparison to what other crap people pull.

We need an I like bubbles “Vote to kick”  Friday Flow chart.

But for now you get a pic of my cat being  grumpy.

A tank with no army.

My tank is doing ok,  she is just shy of 5k gearscore and has never stepped into anything greater then a 5 man ( and I say that with a GS qualifier of that it does not have one piece of Pvp gear, and its gearing for items not score – but it gives you an idea of where she is at)   Mixed Badge, Boes ect,  34k health unbuffed, and 44k has been been the highest HP i’ve seen her in an instance.

But I am now at the point where I have no idea what to do with her – besides maxing out her professions ( which I have been lax with).  This is what guilds are for.  Taking undergeared/under experienced tanks into places they wouldn’t be able to sneak into otherwise.

The frost badge collection is slow going not running ICC, the holiday instance for brewfest has helped a lot, but still, I need more frostbadges then I am likely to ever obtain.

If I had enough throw away gold I might be able to buy my way into a TOC GDKP as an offtank or something, as a carry, and if I had 85 k ( I think it was the price being offered)  I could buy my way into an icc 10 including gear.  But I have never needed that sort of gold,  so never tried to make it.   Sneaking in without any raid tanking experience into places like naxx or ulduar might work but I really wouldn’t want to try that. Tanking 5 mans and halls of stone for the gazillionth time is still far away from tanking any raid tanking experience.

I might be better off getting a dps set,  as dps are a little more accommodating if you have another toon that has the experience – just to get the achievement.

I have gleaned a few more things of wisdom from tankage.

Charge – not only does it generate enough initial rage to do your thing, it also puts distance between you and trigger happy dps that fire high agro salvos as their opening shots.  While charging too far ahead of the healers will pee them off ( as I have been pee’d off while trying to heal a charging warrior) it stops the hunter from multishotting before you’ve even hit the lead target.

I had a lot of difficulty early on when learning to tank some instances on multiple targets for this reason.  Hit target one with a shield slam for your threat,  then thunderclap before dps grab agro on the other targets. But trigger happy dps was hitting multiple targets before I could even hit one,  so Thunderclap as an opener for agro grab meant I was still chasing after loose mobs.  Charging ahead gives me a breather.   There is still a GCD between when I can thunderclap after my sheild slam has gone off, and everything else but using Challenging shout ( 10 yard enemy focus on you) is all single target.

I told one highly geared dps Boomy  that was single targeting mobs that if the “mob starts hitting you – stop hitting it”  I was told it was my job to get agro off him He had my vigilance, and I ended up taunting on cooldown. Really made running that instance a chore.

Stuff like MD’s/fades. and all the other agro reducing abilities  are just not getting used in 5 mans because of the facerolling. I might set up a poweraura for Misdirect so I know if the hunter is using it on me,  and maybe get used to poking them if they don’t use it,  and I think I need it.

The other thing  I have learned is also to be more aware of my Melee dps when positioning.  They all like doing it from behind. So moving the target sometimes to allow for them to get in behind  means they die less.

But even they can’t help when the healer decides to stand behind with them on Krystallus in Halls of stone, and blow them all up.  Pulling the Maiden of Grief back a little further from a Storm of Grief ( the black circles)  ( also from HOS)  means the melee dps don’t stand in it as often, and die less.  From my tanking I know that when your standing in bad stuff  with all the aoe, and spell affects and the like it can take longer to realise,  but thats not an excuse.   I’ve never melee’d dps but I would have thought that range have less environmental distractions so can be more aware of the ground beneath them by sight, without having to look at debuffs.

Raging Warrior

Introducing a new blogger, a raiding fury spec’d warrior with a tanking offspec

Raging Warrior

And also  so I can show off a new banner he was willing to subject himself to my creative interpretation

Wow Model Viewer, Gimp, and InteractImage  for the text 

While we are on topic of Warriors

Because I didn’t always have a Warrior on tap for advise,   I found  very handy.

It breaks down the most popular Talents, Glyphs, Gear, Enchants, and Gems by class and spec

I was unsure about picking up Glyph of Revenge for my warrior ( I had a slow weapon so wasn’t using heroic strike too often) but now I have a faster weapon, I’m generating rage quicker so really don’t care that my heroic strikes are free after a revenge.  So I picked up sunder armor instead.

Their Sister Site is also pretty awesome for finding the right enchants for your gear as well – the filters are simple to use, and you can do it by stats  (this was especially important when aiming for defence cap – and was /still am relying on chants and gems to get you there)

Weekend stuff.

Not a lot of raiding this weekend for me,  lots of warrioring though.

I tried for a 10 man ICC on my Shadow Priest Main  – but was kicked from group and told ” your shit, and I hate you” before I even left Dalaran  – an inquiry into the person who made that comment turned up that  they had ebayed some months back so they had no idea who was actually playing them anymore.

Either way it sounded like I was saved a torturous ICC run as they were still in trade an hour later filling group, and then an hour after that trying to replace people who left.  A friend of our guild was in the raid and said that they couldn’t keep people in the group,  so am pretty happy I dodged that painful experience, but stuff like that wears you down, but I am sure that if I had of gone, I would have been more peeved off.  So I guess I still won.  

Because I was looking for something to do a 6/12 Gdkp was going with “inspections at eventide” I rock up on my Holy priest  – I lined up for inspection, and get asked what my GS is. ” lol – I say you’ve just inspected me and you want my GS – as if that’s going to tell you more than what my gear/spec/achieves will”  Group was slow to fill. I gave up – thinking I probably dodged another bullet.

and as for Guild raids,  We killed RS on normal, but when we got to Heroic LK attempts Peoples net was fried.   So it was an early raid night.

My shining, pride and Joy of a Warrior – Zahrana. Now with more pointy things.   She ‘feels’ densely geared, if that makes sence.  I mean a mage looks squishy. My Warrior doesn’t look squishy.  She is looking the part of a tank.

I have several things I need to replace, but she got some good pieces over the weekend.  I’ve greeded on some things from TOC5 ( and missed out)  I didn’t need because the drops were probably upgrades but more dps then tanking. I probably should have taken them anyway.  My GS is under 4k ( I know GS means twat, but I need at least 5k ( of the correct gear)  before anyone will take me seriously enough to try to sneak into some raids without achieves, and even then sneaking in as DPS will probably be easier, and cause less issues then a inexperienced/undergeared tank. (  I didn’t want to learn to dps on a warrior! I’m a tank damn it. )  I just want to try tank naxx/VOA though..    Promise I’m not even thinking about ICC  ( YET!)

She’s wandering around Guildless at the moment, and getting spam invites from random guilds. I ended up blocking one person because I would be in an instance, and suddenly ” Such and Such has invited you to *this* guild” more than once.  Not, hi or anything. So I responded with a  ” VERY RUDE” and /ignored them

She got Forge of Souls, and I didn’t move the boss away from the Orbs, on Boss one, and the healer was screaming gibberish,  I eventually worked out what they meant. ” Move boss from orb” would have been shorter and more to the point. Yes I knew that..  but still. Tanking Mentality is taking a little adjustment in some instances.

Not too long after she got Pit of Saron.  I was a little surprised, never  getting even normal POS – and I was thinking Oh crap, I don’t think I’m ready for this.  Well I died 3 times. Once on Ick,  Once on the ramp mobs after Ick, and then  on the skellys on the way to the tunnel  – I concede I was in over my head a little,   but I looked at what heals I was getting from the holy priest, and they didn’t seem to be trying, and what damage I was taking, and they should have been able to keep me up.  Shield, Renew POM  would have been a good start.  I was defence capped. I was using cool downs,  just not getting healed, and I have healed those pulls a lot.  They do require a little more concentration then normal, so while I guess I would have made their job harder. They could have tried more.    We only wiped once though, and the healer ‘dc’d’  one of the Dps went heals, and we had no problems after that.  The new healer told me  to get better gear before attempting it again.  It wasn’t my fault – It popped for me as a random – I’ve not padded my GS with pvp gear,  so blizz thought I was ready.

I do not want to touch HOR yet though so I’ve left the quest undone.

I failed at the Brann event in HOS twice.   The mobs killed Brann around the 3rd Phase.  I tried to keep them at the stairs,  but every time I got agro again, and tried to bring them back up, and keep the new mobs from getting the centre, I would lose agro and they would run at the dps, and  end up fighting them in the centre of the room.

So many things they could have been done to help me keep control,  I can only taunt so many things   and I was trying to charge, and collect as many of them as I could,  but they weren’t dying fast enough, and I couldn’t keep control.  Would like to try again  – I was fine on Normal and I did that several times,  Heroic, I guess is just harder.

I’ve not had  too many bad experiences so far as a 80 Tank.  Had  a group dissolve on me twice now  due to a wipe. I’ve gotten a couple of groups that are relived I am in tank gear ” because our last 2 tanks had none”  and I think I have done everything now at least on Normal ( besides HOR oh and HOL) pretty happy with her gearing pace.

I am scared when they want to do some of the harder achievements and am relived when someone says ” not possible with this group”  I guess I will need to try them at some point.  I care even less about an Alts achievement points then I do my mains, but for something different,  once I am more confident,  I guess I will be happy to try.

Weekend Tankage.

On My Human Warrior tank with her ‘sl*t pants’ as per someones comment in one run.

After checking to make sure I had enough defence rating  I ventured into Ramparts with an insta Queue.

Lock’s Minon is on aggressive and pulls the first two mobs as soon as we zone in. I tell the lock to take him off aggressive, and then ask him” is he off aggressive?”

While waiting for a reply the mage gets inpatient and pulls the next mob patting cross the bridge.

“Tank..  tank ” he says

I sigh – explaining “I’m waiting to see what other stupid things one of  you is  going to do” 

“Heal me ”  the mage crys kiting the mob around.

“I don’t heal stupid” says the Healer.  I fell instantly in love.

We move forward to the next pack.

Mage then threatens ” Heal me or I will pull lots”

I pause again. Expressing my concern for his attitude, and that I didn’t want to risk going ahead in case he deliberately tried to wipe us.

There were no other dramas, and we cleared the instance.

I fell in love again with a DK that would grip stray mobs in another instance and bring them to me, and I thanked him –  telling him it was much appreciated.   I don’t think I thank people who do well enough. I know I shouldn’t have to if people are doing their job- but making my job easier is so much of a relief. I thank groups for drama/fuss free runs.

I got a rogue that said ” Rogues at this level are almost like second tanks.. ”   You wish.

A high healer started following a mob pack instead of us in slave pens. Luckily he was the only one who died, and my cooldowns saved a complete wipe.

Did ramparts with 3 DK dps who rolled on any loot  I needed.  I’m going to start rolling need on Warrior dps gear I think.  I’ve been passing on stuff with hit on it,  but I keep losing tanking gear to Dps.  So I might as well start up a DPS set.

A hunter got pull happy after the 1st boss in Slave pens, near the ramp just before the 1st boss, while the rest of us were running under the ramp, he decided to mark and pull. I ignored him, and the mobs he  tried to kite around, focusing on the boss.  Hunter eventually worked out it was a good idea to bring them to me.

I hate people who enter the instance with rez sickness.

“you’re not hard to heal” a Resto Druid said in underbog – Pull more. I obliged and pulled several insect packs – and then ran around like a mad person trying to keep them all off the Dps who were freezing them in various places, and Aoeing before I could collect them into a big group. It’s not so much not being able to take the mob load.  But controlling the mob load.

Raid wiping to standing in fire on Ramparts on the Dragon boss, and a DPS not being able to find his way back in missing out on the kill.

Charging is Such bliss. 

and I’m now 64.

My play time this weekend was mostly on her.  Mix of Questing, Dungeons, and Bging.  

She more fun then playing my main atm – no one asks me why my dps is so low.  Got asked by a mage who was living bombing adds on H LK attempts why my dps was so low.

Arrogance abounds in Azeroth

I got both my tanks to 40 & 41 It means I am getting lots of tanking practise, or more how it’s become. Twice the fun.

Zahrana @ Level 41 = 75 man dungeons entered. She was in dungeons as soon as she was level 15

Brynhild @ Level 40 = 63 5 man dungeons entered. But was only in dungeons from about level 20 i think.

I was in a Ulduar run with Zahrana and these really sweet blue boots dropped off the trogg with the 1st part of the key thingy. I paused to check them against mine, and went yep. Massive upgrade. Need.

” Why did you roll need? You have boa stuff?”

” I need to wear shoes too” I say. “Would you like me to go barefoot?”
I then had enough time to type an offer to “strip down to all my boa gear”

“Oh I thought they were shoulders Chill Zah.. I’ve just had a lot of ninja’s in my groups” they explain.”

“think before you speak” I retorted. Majorly annoyed.

I pulled the next group and went on tanking. Later on, I said something, like ‘come this way’ and from the same person, got ” Wow, Arrogance abounds in Azeroth.”

“If someone accused you of being a ninja on the 3rd pull in a run wouldn’t you be pee’d off?”

“point taken.. ”

I like the LFG system – each group is full of new and exciting experience, and interactions with people – no matter the role, and I’m doing them now as Dps, Tank, and healer cross my toons, but I can go from boring to heal, to a bad tank – in a matter of 2 instances, because I can’t control the DPS in my own team.

The mobs are easy. The People are the hard part, but they are also the fun part. Especially the healer I got last night in a run, who on discovering I wasn’t taking too much damage spent the entire run philosophising about life in party chat, and replacing his s’s with z’s ” Iz a man really happy when he iz doing what he wantz” “Are we all zlaves to our own dreamz”

Maybe it is I that brings the weird out in people, and no I don’t make this stuff up.

I’m getting cocky – yes – arrogant, not quite. Hey I still admit when I get really lost, but I will tell you in capital letters DO NOT USE FEAR -as I see the wave of mobs running towards the party baying for our blood.  I try and interject some wisdom I have learned on pulls too. Hug the wall. Watch the runner on this pull.

I do get sarcastic ”  I didn’t realise rogues use spell power”   “What level do mages get decurse? Hint hint” ” Do you only have one spell on your bars?”  ( to the mage Arcane blasting all of RFK -that stuff is irritating blowing up in your face the whole time.)

I’ve refused run offers to level quicker on Zahrana, but I want to do this on my own. I know the game changes, and end game raiding, and even heroics is different then the lobie tanking I am doing, but this feels like the right way to get comfortable in tanking shoes. I mean everything that anyone can do to cause a wipe I’m seeing. I’m also paying more attention to what other tanks are doing in raids/lfg’s – cause I want at least one of these tanks to 80 before cata.

What a Satchel of Helpful goods should really be like.

Thats a DPS Que I mocked que’d for just to see what its like on the other side of the fence  – as a tank mine is practically instant.  Sometimes it varies as healers seem to have availability fluctuations in lobie instances as well.  The horror.  Making a tank wait for a healer for a whole min.

See It’s kind of unfair when chain running instances to not let the dps cycle through.     You requeing with that same tank means you stay at the front of the line, and someone elses wait is a little longer.

So I think of tanking a little as a community service,   I am helping make your wait times shorter.  Need to spread that tanking love around right?

I am getting a useless collection of crap from the Satchel of Helpful goods though.    I can’t seem to find a use for the Spellpower mail,  or wear then more than one pair of gloves at a time.

So  this is what I would like to see in my Satchel.  A couple of pieces of bread,  chance of a weapon, or a extra gold.  While I know what ever you get from a satchel is still really welfare loot, little things like maybe a health or mana pot, some stam food, chance of a novelty item  HAS to be more useful then 10 x one neck.   They don’t even vendor for much ><

Too fast – Too Slow :Let me know – Just let me pull

I rolled another  Warrior Tank over the weekend.  Zahrana  She is prot, and atm level 26, and has been doing Dungeons since 16. In heirloom Chest, Shoulders, and Weapon, and I am working on a trinket.

She is closer to home, so I can still listen to guild chat, trade chat, keep her financially viable, and geared up better than my other tank who is all alone on another realm.

I had to roll a 2nd ( sorry) because I am loving tanking, and getting to play my 1st Warrior is dependant on time zone differences, and I have been trying to be patient  but I want to see a warrior to 80, and I’m motivated now.  I intend on playing both!  They are a lot of fun.

We get plate at 40, but I don’t think that’s our strongest armor.  I’m not sure what the real armor is called, I’ve tried to come up with some names,   maybe thick skin, silent resolve, Patience, Seething rage, disparagement, it’s an armor against behaviour though,  not damage.

It’s good to be back in dungeons that I am familiar with  – and as a 2nd round of lobie tanking I have more confidence then when I first started.  I am also a little more assertive, and possibly  bordering on terse, and unfriendly on occasion.

I am saying don’t a lot. I am now zoning into each instance with a ” Too fast – Too Slow – Let me know :  but Let me pull.

Tanking adventures include

Dps pulls as we zone in.  I say ” Really…”     eg HINT HINT  Dps starts chain pulling. “oh well you don’t need me”  /leave instance

A Mage rolling need on mail greens. When asked why ”  I’ve only played this toon 3 times”  “Would you like me to explain the difference between need and greed?”  I ask trying to be helpful “Please do”  and as I am explaining in 3 lines. The Healer goes ” Just..  Pull”   

Shammy pulls, and then proceeds to tank Boss the second I zone in to party standing near the Turtle boss in BFD.  Seeing him cast I ask “What did you do to your last tank?”  “He was a retard”  they respond.   Shammy still tanking away. “Well it looks like you don’t need a tank anyway – Cya” /leave instance

“What did you do to your last tank?” I asked to a party in a WC in progress ” He had enough”  I then get whispers from the dps about the behaviour of the hunter.

”  why haven’t you done any damage in this run at all?” In Stockades,   Rogue was nearby, doing nothing, and we were working our way down a side wing, having already cleared the rooms in the front. Party goes ?    I link Metres.  Rogue hits one mob.  ‘I have too!  See!” Then proceeds to try to pull half the instance.   We survive.   He then rolls a level one on my realm to tell me to “cry more”   /ignore rogue  /ignore level 1

Perhaps I am being a little prima donna on occasion still.  If you pee me off in the first few pulls, and show me that I am going to have to fight you the whole instance for agro,  for planning, for pulling – for control – then I will leave. It’s worth the debuff. Especially since I do not have to wait for the debuff to cool down to queue up another specific instance – the extra xp and gold from completing a random  and the satchel of helpful goods is crap. Spell power mail,  4 x the same cloak or belt. Crap.Crap. Crap.

Just please, pretttttty please let me do the pulling

This tanks unladylike crime,  is not cow crack like my Tauren Warrior,  more like Human Cheek.  /shows cloak / Dons tabard  I almost changed pants when I saw the front, very glad I am not a blue haired Female Night Elf Warrior. Armor FAIL

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