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Weekend Wrap up.

1.  I am guilded again in a raiding guild. Pugs are becoming soul draining – peoples badness, and attitude, and all sorts of terribleness have got to an intolerable point.  I wanted something stable,  with better organisation = better experience and so on.  The guild I app’d to was after a Shadow priest, and after stalking  the recruitment forums for a couple of days,  I was competing against another Shadow Priest who ended up telling  the guild to go  “suck on a d*ck nerds” – so I think I was one up on attitude anyway from the start.  We see how we go.

2. I am going to start leaving pug raids that don’t use vent.  ” We know the fights – we don’t need to use vent.”  Says the dps not killing adds/spikes  – one run was pretty frustrating because there were several guild members from one guild in the pug who all refused to get on vent, and belittled in a quite asshatteristic  ( I made a new word)  way the raid for needing it. Of course none of them  did anything bar what was necessary.  My Healing Mod / I use also for raidframes –  VuhDo has the ability to read peoples ranks in a guild as  shown in in Hots & Dots Post Fun with VuhDo and some of then can be rather amusing.  What was interesting about this raid,  was the scrolling over revealed the GM,  and some officers of the guild in the pug.  It looked like they hadn’t managed to get a guild run this week.  The Irony in addition was that their GM  was on vent, and revealed with a slip of tongue that he was ‘on both vents”  so he had been relaying the instructions back to his raiders.   So much for not needing vent .

3. My Tank is leveling slowly.  My Leveling partner is US based, so weekends have really been the only time we get to run dungeons – she is 35 and a bit now – and got annoyed at losing, not one,  but two pieces of upgrades to a Pally who had queued as DPS.  ( Two different instances – luck  meant I got him twice)   You Yank it, You Tank it talks about similar frustrations in their recent  post Main Spec Veruses Off spec in Heroics.  I guess tanks  have to gear up somehow – and maybe the level 35 dungeons are a lot less significant  than the 80’s  – but my tanking set started with chosing quest rewards,  using greens,  my profession to craft upgrades, AH bargain shopping.  I’ve been queuing as a tank since level 20, I feel like my efforts in fulfilling my role has been shat upon a little because they are getting the gear the ‘easier way’  but if they had queued as tank,  they would also be competing against DPS rolling against them.  So I guess it’s a circle.

4. My 10’s Icc is now 11/12 we had to abandon some hardmodes to get there in the time we had,  and we had two attempts on the Lich King to see the fight.  That thing/man/demon  sitting on a throne, all casual like. Looking down upon the group of adventurers with disdain.  He is the reason for Wrath.   But I got there,  before the 20% buff,  and for our 3rd week as a regular 10’s we are doing ok.  Still needing to pug one or two people  due to other commitments.

5. Ah yes  – I told my GM I blogged in my interview – It’s up to them if they tell their officers, but I get the odd person  saying Hi to me now & than  on the realm from random places, and just in case it ever got mentioned. Oh  Hi  back!   /wave   it’s ok to say hello – I shall not bite,  and I wouldn’t feel quite honest if I didn’t give them an opportunity to be aware.  I don’t think I write anything that could be considered a  PR disaster.  I also mustn’t forget that some people don’t read blogs / are aware of the community, and so just don’t care, but it matters to me.

6. The website that was selling an interview on their site for gold – has not had a single post since.  I really hope no one was silly enough to pay for it.

DPS can’t tank.

LFG has long been a endless source of material to moan and complain about – but I think I’m getting cleverer.

Inserting Witty comments and the like. Right before I leave group.

On my Healing priest –  I could see the tank was out of range because my raidframes had him out of range,  and here I see this hunter shooting at meathook.  So I heal him, and I’m  keeping him up,  and then he stops kiting, and feins,  so someone squishy starts taking damage,  and he’s a little harder to keep up,  and its all going ok untill like 20% and everyone starts dying.  That’s when they realise OMG the tank was afk and didn’t rescue them.

My Tank Brynhild is now level 30  ( and having a short break,  cause I kinda got excited and now have outleveled my leveling partner ) but I am educating the dps about not pulling in most of my runs.  It’s an important lesson to learn.

We let one die.  ( I was in cahoots with my healer) that was a bad one.  Like he had been asked, told,  Pleaded with, and he didn’t even try to bring it over.

I am somewhat patient.  They get a couple of mistakes,  but -” please don’t pull” is usually said at least once an instance.

The fun ones have been when they have gone off to other parts of the room,    ( eg 30 yards away in Gnomer) to pull, and then yell ” help”

It got so bad every time one run I was letting the healer drink  I was saying “Don’t pull”  incase they got trigger/dagger/random mage spell happy – that’s kinda funny.  The Tank having to tell them not to pull.

I asked why did you  pull

” Your too slow”

I replied “Healer had no mana”

” Oh”

I supposed if I am able to rely less on a healer.  EG  Keep a lot of Health pots on me,   I could go faster. I’ve gotten a few Oh Crap button cool downs now,  Last Stand,  Shield Wall  – so can survive a little easier.

I am finding with repetition comes a lot more confidence.  I found my Tank leading voice on my 5th or so run of Gnomer in a row.    “We are going to Jump,   aim for the middle of the Cog.”  and  now I have apparently outgrown Gnomer, so LFG has been sending me into Scarlet Monastary Graveyard.  Which is only a very short instance – I ran it four times in a row with basically the same group ( of course they were happy to requeue if the tank was)

There’s one thing that has been bothering me. I wonder if I should be displaying my Cloak? – you’ve heard of plummers crack?

This is Tauren Cow crack.

So you think that you can tank.

I think one of the main lessons I have learned about tanking so far,  is that your never going to make everyone happy.

Been told they were used to going faster.

Been told I was too fast

Been told my agro was bad  ( says the one in heirlooms aoeing)

I’ve out damaged the rest of the dps

Lobie rogues can tank, and they will.

Rogues like doing it from behind,  so you need to pull a group back so they can do their stuff and not agro the next lot.

People don’t listen when you say “Stay here”

Hunters will  autoshot and tab target

I’ve seen dps wanding the whole instance

Warrior dps  needing on spell power gear

People who pull for me

Healers I’ve had to tell to sit and drink.  ( they were OOM! ” Oh I didn’t notice..’ )

But I also understand the tunnel vision of not noticing  a healer is oom, hearing plaintive calls of ‘ I need more mana’ in the last stages of a fight.

Knowing when someone has pulled extra adds –

A pet  running off into the distance will bring what ever consequences it may.

I have learned that Cleave is stupidly slow with a 2.90 weap

Revenge rocks.

Agro is more important then damage.

Caster mobs are a pain when they are spread out.

The importance of confidence

The importance of stopping and asking for directions

/ignore saves drama

Not sure any of that is making me a better player though – if anything its just reinforced my ‘ she’ll be right mate” attitude.  Its ok. . the clothy can take a couple of hits and not die,   who cares if the hunters pet thinks its an offtank.  A couple of extra mobs just means a more fun party.   Sure pull for me,   I have a taunt button.

As my friend who has been running with me as healer on some of the runs pointed out – its all well and good now – that reckless conduct in instances may be ok now,  but it’s gonna get harder,  and they are learning really bad habits which are going to be harder to break

Tank Ergo Ego

I was told I had the ego for tanking.

and then promptly told that I wouldn’t be a good tank.

Do you need an ego to tank?   Should I roll a ‘tank’ and see?  It shouldn’t be too hard to get to level 20 and find a low level dungeon to have a go at.   Any  Druid,  Rogue, and Warrior of mine has never made it past level 14  – my Pally made it – barely.  So upset with my Pally I was – and how long it took to kill anything made me actually delete it in frustration, but I never tried to tank with her.

Someone come with me?  Preferably as a uber healer incase I let the dps die.

See I would have thought a tank ought to be quite humble. The idea of of turning my back on my entire party/raid – stick my face and weapon/claws into the immediate reach of one,  or multiple nasties – and trust that my healer will not let me die.  I see that as more a humble position, rather then a egotistical position,  you know you are going to take damage.  It’s not your job to worry about your health bar to the extent that a healer needs to worry – sure you need to know when to pop your cooldowns, but you do need to trust your healers.

 (I know your only figuratively turning your back on the raid – your camera angle should be set to show you the raid. )

See that would be my main issue – trust

If I were to tank I am just as likely to then stop and heal myself – not because I don’t ‘trust’ my healers,  but more that I would need to let go of control – and maybe thats where my ego lies.  I like control. The total abandonment of self reliance would be hard for me .  I see tanks abandon this all the time, more notably  charging up that tunnel in POS – responsibility for their own health bar – and even healer placement is nil – and I don’t think relying on other people – letting go of control of your health bar is an egotistical behaviour

I know I am posting more lately – but brain has extra things to brain dump

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